Tell Me AGAIN! Who Are The Terrorists?




Nearly 3,000 Federal Aviation Administration safety inspectors were furloughed along with most of the National Transportation Safety Board’s employees, including accident investigators who respond to air crashes, train collisions, pipeline explosions and other accidents.””

Does that give you a clue as to how concerned the government is about you being blown up by a terrorist when the government has no problem laying off those who inspect the airplanes that you are about to board? Oh, that’s okay, if your plane is blown up, they will just plant a fake passport from someone who is from Syria and claim it as an act of war. Syria get ready, Iran you too!

Where was I? Oh, yes, terrorism. Is not the U.S. government terrorizing women and children by ceasing their access to needed food? Where is the U.N. when we need them? Human rights abuses, anyone? A hungry child is not a healthy child and a hungry pregnant woman is not a healthy mother-to-be.

In Ohio, 3,000 children had already lost the services of the Head Start Program due to the sequester and now with this shutdown, let’s just say that the situation went from on life support to someone pulled the plug.

If you’re planning on starting a small business with a loan from the government, too bad, so sad. Those of you who were just about ready to buy that house with a government loan, I hope you didn’t turn in your notice to vacate your apartment. Oops!

And can you believe it? It is the 123rd Anniversary of Yosemite National Park and it’s CLOSED! How’s that for a 123rd  Anniversary celebration?

Government workers! Those of you with those great paying jobs and benefits, you’ve got some holiday time. Enjoy!

To the people not yet affected by the shenanigans of the U.S. government, just you wait. Your turn is coming, never fear.

This is such a shining example for what other countries should strive for, exactly what we have here. Partisan bickering, overpaid, pompous asses who will still get paid and for doing what? Not a goddamn thing but costing this country more money in shutting down and starting up the fucking fucked up government system run by these assholes who, not one of them has our interests at heart. Our tax dollars shut down whenever they feel like it. The blame game continues and year after year, we see this shit play out and what do we do about it? Not a goddamn thing. Being considered the laughing stock of the world should not concern us. What should concern us is the fact that if we think this is bad, just wait. You ain’t seen nothing yet! The U.S. government, apparently, has yet to strike real ‘terror’ in the hearts of Americans because we keep taking it in the ass without grease and beg for more! Can I get any more blunt then that?

36 thoughts on “Tell Me AGAIN! Who Are The Terrorists?

    1. What will NOT shut down of course, is the drone program, and the military. The claim is that MOST of the NSA has shut down, but for some strange reason, I am not buying what they are selling! There are drones and then there are ‘mindless drones’, if you get my meaning and I am NOT the latter.


      1. And what about the CIA, DEA, FBI, Homeland Security, ICE, etc. Are they shutting down? Not likely. More smoke and mirrors.


  1. Tubularsock, as citizen wants his money back. Last April I sent this U.S.
    of America Corp. my money but their product of freedom for all is down-right-shoddy. So, I want my money back. Sure, I know they have it because the military hasn’t been closed for business yet. So close the military and send my money back. Thanks.

    Now you can see how easy it is to do the hope and change thing. And I only want to look forward not back so I’m not going to send them anymore until the product improves!

    But am I scared? Not a bit. I heard at the employment office that there are several high paying jobs in domestic terrorism. I just filled out my application. Bombs away.


    1. I am turning ‘militant’ myself. I bought my camouflage and related accessories from the military surplus store. If we’re soon to be hunting for food alongside bears and mountain lions and other wild(four-legged) animals, I’d better prepare myself. Good luck on your new job!


  2. Jeff, that is what gets my goat up even more, the fact that we know that the agencies that are in place to spy on us, to train rebels and to plot to overthrow leaders of other countries are still up and running with no lack of funding. Who are they fucking kidding when they claim that there is no money and that our debt rating is about to take another plunge? If that was the case, then how in the hell could we fund another bombing mission in another country? Our tax dollars have already been screwed with(in the trillions)over that fiasco and the chaos we caused in Iraq, not to mention, Afghanistan. Why is it that there is never a problem coming up with money to fund destruction, but feeding and housing needy people is perceived as the problem? Oh, but now ‘Obamacare’ is the problem. Smoke and mirrors, indeed!


  3. “Government workers! Those of you with those great paying jobs and benefits, you’ve got some holiday time. Enjoy!”
    This cracked me up, Shelby, despite the sheer tragedy of the whole damn story.

    “Can I get any more blunt then that?”
    Yes we probably can. At least I am trying, this is why I call these s.o.b.s what they are: World Government. This is NOT the US government – a government by definition governs a community, but this group are robbing, mismanaging, destroying, etc both the US and the world.


    1. Sky, you are correct! What happens in America, has a rippling effect and many have already stated that we are being set up to be ruled by a World Government with one currency that I guess is supposed to be stamped on my ass! Well, my ass is tender and I am not about to get branded with some bullshit. Hell! I don’t even have a tattoo!

      Seriously, it IS funny! It is funny because we allow this! That is what is so funny about it. We put up with this mess and tote a sign around telling congress that we are going to vote them out. Vote them out? And who is going to take their place? More pompous assholes who are corporate whores? Because the only way to get elected in this god forsaken shit hole is by corporate backed SuperPACs who shall remain nameless thanks to the ever so helpful Supreme Court, helpful to the aristocracy, but not to the average American citizen, since the Supreme Court is bought and paid for also. America, the new Titanic! And away we sail!!! Damn! I see an iceberg, dead ahead! Have we crashed yet?


      1. You can see it all very well, Shelby. It is so sad that sometimes all I can do just laugh at it. I don’t believe my eyes, yet it is there.

        What you see is exactly what I see here as well, on the other side of the Atlantic.
        The same pompous ass-holes in the leading positions, all of them corrupt to the bone, lying to the teeth, and the same brain dead and paralysed audience are applauding them.

        This “US government shut-down” is lab rat experiment done by these global villains and they are laughing because not even now the people are in the streets. And after this huge success they will march on with the destruction.


  4. Yes, indeed, they will march over our stupid prone bodies and the one or two protest signs and keep right on going. They will pay us no mind at all. They’ll have bigger fish to fry. The cowering, frightened peons over here are not a challenge to those who are hell bent on shaping a World Government, the New World Order. We have been ‘whipped’ into shape, doncha know! The writing on the wall is this shutdown. It is a spit in our face to show what they can do without hesitation and without consideration. They have shown us what is important and it is NOT our wellbeing. But we have Facebook still up and running, so it’s all good! We ain’t sweating it! George Orwell, eat your heart out!!


    1. Very well said.
      The project is a piece of cake for these WG reps. At this point there is almost no one left to be whipped into shape because the majority, the libertarian brain-dead masses are actually happy to see “the evil budget-eating government” down. They really think this is the beginning of their “freedom”. When Einstein said human stupidity is infinite he wasn’t joking.


      1. Einstein was indeed right! There is nothing ‘finite’ in human stupidity, more’s the pity! All the government needs to do to get us into an internment camp is to announce that they are giving away the latest Apple product, smartphone or what have you, on Black Friday or hell!, any day and we will line up like the stupid, little proud fools we are and head straight for our annihilation. It could be done just as easily as that and the powers that be know it! They know what moves us, a fabulous new bright and shiny gadget and voila! We are instantly hypnotized. Or better yet, tell the Americans, the TRUE Americans, that hundreds of thousands of Mexicans have crossed the border into the U.S. and are stealing our jobs and we are going to turn our full outrage and outpouring of anger where it has been directed. Never mind the fact that thousands of Mexicans could not work here if some corporation was not hiring them. That sad little fact will escape the ‘loonies’ in this here loony bin. Or scream about gay rights and then you have the ‘christian’ loonies in an uproar, shouting down fire and brimstone on all and sundry. Or simply state that the Blacks are demanding ‘reparations’ for slavery and the insane hate groups will rally and commence to try to stomp a mud hole in every Black person they see. I really don’t think I need to continue along this vein as I do believe what I am getting at is quite clear at this point.

        Are you getting the picture of what we have to work with over here? Are you still wondering why we have not collectively kicked the government’s depraved and filthy ass? Just re-read the above paragraph and there you have it in a nutshell!


      1. I am positively euphoric Tubularsock because we are getting exactly what we have sat by and idly waited decades to get. We haven’t even begun to ‘get it’ yet and we eagerly await the next chapter in what the government or the powers that be have in store for us.

        What some people fail to realize is that the homeless are the true survivors, those who didn’t succumb to the cold or to their ailments(and there have been quite a few who have) because many have managed to survive without care and without a home for 10, 15, 25, 30 years and when those of us who have led a very sheltered life, find ourselves out on the streets, I so hope they threw some change into the cup of a homeless person because if they didn’t and they looked askance at them, chances are the homeless will not share with them, their secrets for survival when everyone around them ceased to give a damn about them!
        How’s that for positive?


    1. At this point one can only move to a non-EU European country like Iceland, or to Ecuador, to experience real freedom and democracy. Although my bets are, the next presidents in these two countries will be also replaced with someone whom these Grandfathers will appoint …

      The solution is still to keep educating people.

      As yesterday a friend on Twitter shared:
      “Nothing is more important to a democracy than a well informed public” Halifax, Nova Scotia


      1. Say it ain’t so! I have already sent my application for citizenship to Ecuador and now you tell me that that country’s president could be replaced with more of the same shit we have here? Again, say it ain’t so!

        We cannot educate those who do not want to be educated. I have been trying to educate people for decades and am amazed at their willingness to continue to remain clueless except for what is going on in their own tight little circle. Some people never look up, nor out and others will never want to hear the truth especially if it shreds the illusion of their ‘Utopian’ fantasy that they’ve managed to surround themselves in.


    1. Thank you Shainbird! I do my utmost to get at the heart of the matter and shed light on all the lies and hypocrisy. It is an uphill battle, but I am told that I must plod ever forward to enlighten the masses who choose to remain in the dark.


  5. You started out so polite. And then donkeys and m-asses got tossed up. LMAO. How to put a positive spin on this utter bullcrap? To expand the prison hunger-strike to everyone else? Instead of saying that we have no money for food, we claim to be on a diet? That bottle of ibuprofen might start to look good at about the end of the week…
    Well American patriots, enjoy your hungry… uh, silent war. Peace.


    1. No Black Pete, I try! I really try to curb my impulsive, profanity laced fingers to cease their tirade, but it is to no avail. The fingers move via the thoughts emanating from the brain and my brain is cussing voraciously over the entire shit storm that is descending upon us. Hallelujah!! Hell! Even the Reverend is trying to speak this morning!

      To call what we’re doing about this new ‘spit on us’ campaign by the powers that be, even a ‘silent war’ is to give us more credit than we deserve. We are complacently bent over and demanding to get screwed without the lube more. In fact some behind me are screaming, “harder! Is that all you got?!!!!” But we thank you for your sentiment, we really do, but right now, we don’t think we have a problem. We have not called ‘Houston’ yet!


  6. No Black Pete, even if we could call “Houston,” there would be no response because they are busy trying to determine if there is water on Mars so that they can send this shit up there, colonize it and then wonder why they are finding themselves about to be annihilated yet AGAIN!! They’ll never understand that even WHEN World War III starts and somehow, a ‘human female and a human male’ survive, it will only take a few years to get right back to square one which is exactly what you see now and I’m even giving them a few years. Evil, apparently, is inherent in the majority of us, that and greed and there is no indication that that will change in the foreseeable future. It is quite obvious to me that evil, is our default position.


  7. “Say it ain’t so! I have already sent my application for citizenship to Ecuador and now you tell me that that country’s president could be replaced with more of the same shit we have here? Again, say it ain’t so!”

    Wow, Shelby, are you serious? It is actually the very best idea at the moment. Ecuador does seem to be the safest place (unless there are some processes behind the scenes) and the least likely to be taken over by these tyrants, whereas Iceland is dangerously close to the highest placed mf sobs sitting in the EU.

    You are probably right, the US and the whole Western narcissistic society is one huge hopeless case. The people of Ecuador may be different at least in the sense that they have learned a lesson or two about democracy. So probably they are aware that democracy is a system that one needs to work 24/7 to somehow keep it alive.
    What this means, if you manage to move to Ecuador – and I do cross my fingers! – even in a genuine democracy like that the awareness of the constant danger imposed by the World Government needs to be kept alive. Your enlightening poetry may just serve the very best mission there.
    I am wondering if you have watched this documentary “Debtocracy”, in which the case of Ecuador has a central role, or you have got the hint of moving there from somewhere else:


    1. I am SO serious about moving to Ecuador! I would pack up my poems and my writings and no one would see me for the dust. I absolutely hate it here in the U.S. A friend of mine moved to Ecuador and we have been talking back and forth and though there is no perfect ‘Utopian’ paradise, I am not a ‘high maintenance’ person, nor am I materialistic. I see no reason why I cannot adapt to the changes that I would find in Ecuador. In fact, I love a challenge and nothing is ever going to change for the better in the U.S. Even I know that. The people here are who they are and that is that, but that does not mean that I have to put up with it as long as I can get accepted elsewhere and it is definitely what I am aiming for. And I thank you so much for wishing me luck. One day, I hope to post stating that I’m on my way!!! You have no idea how I long for that day!
      Thanks Sky!


      1. Shelby,
        It is heartbreaking to witness that such a wonderful person, knowledgeable, compassionate and caring someone like you have to endure a life in that overwhelmingly indifferent, ignorant and cruel society. Please believe me I can imagine how you feel. {{{HUGS}}}
        I absolutely understand both that you wish to move out of the US and to Ecuador.
        Yes, indeed the US is probably the worst place to be at the moment, – right after Middle East or any place directly targeted by WG military.
        When I press on with my attempts to make suggestions as to trigger some tangible changes, and wish to target a *global* level is because that’s the ONLY way to fight against the *global* government.
        We need to gather large masses all over the world to help this cause …


      2. Shelby, I truly think that you can ask for asylum on the basis of being of African descent. I’m serious. I think African-Americans should start testing countries like Ecuador by using the huge body of documented evidence that proves you are in danger and/or are discriminated against in this country. If not, you can just GO there. They don’t require much of an income in order to keep renewing a three-month tourist visa. Oh, I’m sure you know more about this than I do…I know that Costa Rica requires only $650 U.S. dollars a month, which you sure can’t live on here!There are English language newspapers throughout Latin America and if your’e willing to write nice features about cultural events, historic locations, education, etc, I think you could do so without betraying your political values. Even if you lack experience as a journalist, you can succeed because you have strong writing skills. You can collect a “portfolio” by writing about some equivilent themes here and sending them to U.S travel blogs. That way you’ll have it to submit to the English language newspapers and/or websites in Ecuador. I don’t know where you live, but there are interesting places everywhere – and if they are not conventionally interesting, your perspective can make them so. THAT catches the editorial eye.
        If my advice is dumb for your situation, please forgive me and accept my sincere apologies. I just really want you to be able to go.
        I am thinking very hard myself about going to Venezuela to help defend it against the coming CIA-backed military junta. The only thing really holding me back is the poor condition of my spine, which limits my mobility and might make me more of a liability than an asset to that struggle.


  8. @Sky, you have reduced me to tears! You are such a thoughtful and caring person! As you know, I am still fighting and I will continue. You know of my frustration with people just accepting the status quo and thinking that there is still something left to lose. I just don’t know who they are kidding. Themselves, I guess. And yes, I agree that we “need to gather large masses all over the world.” I am attempting to form a group to encourage those who are aware of what is going down, to help build the momentum. Hopefully, in the near future, the VERY near future, I will have more to share with you about that. Together, we CAN do what needs to be done!


    1. Claire, thank you for that valuable information that you gave in your previous post. I am so sorry to read that you have a spinal problem and I do so hope that it does not cause you an awful lot of pain as I know that back pain can be extremely painful.

      You have given me some ideas because I have done some freelance writing and there is an organization located in New York that had asked me to submit some of my writings. I am now located in Minnesota and what you suggested is something that I can very well do. I also want to thank you for the comment on my writing skills. I much appreciate it. I could certainly curb my profanity if I am not writing about this political mess here. I do have a friend who lives in Ecuador and I really don’t have anything or anyone to keep me here. I’ve always been one for the road, so the next trip I take, I had best get on with it. Life is too short to be totally unhappy because of where I live and I need to leave BEFORE I become ‘criminalized’ by this police state that the U.S. has become. So, you’ll likely be hearing of a trip in the not so distant future. I am working on it!

      And thank you again! Your comment was indeed, most enlightening!


  9. I’m an American psychiatrist and political activist who emigrated to New Zealand in 2002 – in part because I was fed up with the FBI harassing me for working with 2 former Black Panthers, in part because I was sick and couldn’t access health care because I had no health insurance, and in part because I was fed up with the disgusting complacency of the American middle class who still refuse to see what’s really happening. (I write about my decision to emigrate in my 2010 memoir The Most Revolutionary Act: Memoir of an American Refugee.)

    Although New Zealand is definitely less free than Iceland (we have just learned the NSA funds a staff position in our intelligence service), organizing is much easier here because we have no middle class (they have all left for Australia and the UK for better salaries). For the first time in my life I find myself surrounded by working class intellectuals who understand exactly what the US government is trying to do propping up the corporate state with their disinformation and social engineering.

    As an 11 year member of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand, for the first time in my life I’m not alone standing on the street corner handing out leaflets. It feels great.


    1. Bless your heart and I am glad that you made it out of this shit hole and most likely would never WANT to come back!

      You are so right, the ‘middle class’ refuse to see that it is only a matter of time before they will be looking ‘crosseyed’ from trying to find out where their next meal is going to come from, in trying to figure out a way to put a roof over their head after we have another government shutdown debt ceiling crisis bullshit because the only thing that was resolved with this recent crisis was nothing. They only pushed the can down the road with a three month reprieve and they’ve actually managed to lull the ever so willing to be lulled peons into a false sense of ‘all is well’. All is not well and will not be well, not until we are all sitting out on the streets begging for crumbs and realizing that there is none to be found, the rats have gotten to them. I am being brutally honest, no point in beating around the bush. Many who are considered to be in the ‘middle class’ have yet to come to terms with the fact that what the abject poor are going through, it will eventually come around to them. They are living in a ‘fool’s paradise’. They’ll feel it allright, but by then it will be too late. As I’ve stated before, when everyone else has had their ass handed to them, who will be left to speak up on their behalf? Apathy and complacency? There will be not one soul within screaming distance. And they will get exactly what they deserve.

      Once again, I am glad that you were able to make it out of here and I hope that you are not merely surviving, but that you are actually thriving in New Zealand.
      Take care,


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