“Hail The New World Order!”


They sat around complaining that they were a dollar short.

Then they turned upon the poor and beat them just for sport.

The Inquisitor arrived and ascended to the throne.

He begged freedom’s pardon as he cut her to the bone.

An eerie cry was heard to echo ‘round the chamber,

It awakened sweet justice from her deep and dreamless slumber.

The banshee wail of death bespoke of her demise.

Freedom was removed; the world would be the prize.

A battle for the throne was fought without delay.

Hail, the New World Order, they’re about to put in play.

The peons saw it coming but kept up with the pretense.

The knights were on their steed, their stance bespoke defense.

The courtyard erupted with the clash of steel on steel.

As the fiercest battle raged, there was none who would not kill

to reign in freedom’s stead and to grasp the scepters head.

The rivers soon would flow with the blood of the dead.

I awoke from this dream, believing we had gained some sense,

Alas, what was I thinking, we’ll just keep up the pretense.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

©2013 Shelby I. Courtland

6 thoughts on ““Hail The New World Order!”

  1. Oh yeah,it’s coming sweetheart. It hasn’t gotten bad yet. Years from now we’ll look back at this time as the “good old days”. They’ve been building up to this moment for over a decade. Too bad many of us still have our heads buried in the sand. I suggest you warn your family and friends for the coming storm. Pray for the best–prepare for the worst.


    • No point in warning my family, they are the ‘Pretenders’, pretending that this is not their fight. They have money and I was disinherited because my beliefs were not their beliefs and never the twain shall meet. Yes, those who are left will be looking back on these days with loving nostalgia.


      • Really?? I’m sorry to hear that. I know families will always have their disputes. But I think regardless we will need all the help we can get in the future. I think they should let bygones be bygones. Whatever beliefs you have that are different than theirs will seem meaningless when the $hit hits the fan. Black people seriously need to wake the hell up! Things are going to get ugly,trust me. I’ve been preparing for whatever may happen. I’ve stocked up on emergency kits,canned goods,guns,seeds,water, solar powered radio,tents,flashlights etc. We can’t rely on the government to help us in the end. You might have to fight against your neighbors for food. You don’t know what may happen. If you stay ready—you don’t have to get ready.


  2. Well for Tubularsock, and to each their own, but for me the biological family is bull shit. Talk about the height of “slavery”. You don’t have a choice, you are born into some people’s on going lives,and in many cases you really don’t belong with them BUT NO ONE ASKED!

    I have seen multitudes of friends that “insist” on “making it work” with their biological families. And I have had a few that never had to even “work” on it. But we are talking 70-30 here.

    Move on as soon as you can if it doesn’t click and you will find your true family along the way. This is called Tubularsock’s Life Lesson Number One.


    • I am Shelby Courtland and I approve Tubularsock’s message!!

      I wholeheartedly agree with you Tubular because if I had had a choice with regards to picking my family, I would not be in the family that I am in! That is a fact! Those self-serving, selfish, no good heathens would not be claimed by me if I could help it. I have watched them turn on each other. I have watched them shun family members who they felt were beneath their contempt. I have watched as some have researched our family tree and some have even gone so far as to contact the whites they have said is connected with our family demanding that they recognize them. It all has to do with money. You know the saying, “you can never have enough?” Well, that is why they are constantly riding around with their nose stuck in the air as if their shit couldn’t possibly stink and they don’t want to smell any other person’s shit either. I have had knockdown drag-outs with some of them because of the way they are and the fact that they have the nerve to act sanctimonious, holy and heaven bound. When in actuality, they are so low, that you would have to pull hell up to look at them.

      People set so much store by family and yet many do not realize that most families are not ‘picture book’ material. Hell! We’re like the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s of the south, only we are ONE family that feuds outrageously. Am I bragging? No! Just sayin’.


  3. Prince, thank you for your kind words, but there are some things that are just not to be. My family place material things over people. They fight amongst themselves over everything. They would step ON a homeless person rather than walk around her/him. I was just like them at one time, bigheaded and thinking that I was better than others. It took an abusive marriage for me to get out on my own and find out that there was a cold and cruel world and that people have it rough. Yes, I have gone back when I’ve received calls that my dad was dying and I did for him and left when he died. When I received the call that my mother was seriously ill, I returned and did for her until she made things absolutely impossible. She is being taken care of, just not by me. I am done with them and I never intend to look back. My sister just recently passed away and someone else other than my mother had to call me and let me know this. That is how bad it is. I have tried to work with them, but I am waaaay past that now! I will look out for me when this shit hits the fan and they can do the same for themselves.
    But I do thank you for your concern. Bless your heart for that.


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