Strike ‘Terror’ In the Hearts of Senior Citizens


In a government  shutdown, Social Security checks still go out on time. In an economic  shutdown — if we don’t raise the debt ceiling — they don’t go out on  time,” Obama said. “In a government shutdown, disability benefits still  arrive on time. In an economic shutdown, they don’t.”

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Now, let me get this straight. ‘Terror’ has already been struck in the hearts of children who were enrolled in head start programs all across the United States. ‘Terror’ was also struck in the hearts of working mothers who need WIC(Women, Infants and Children Program)to help them feed their hungry babies even though they are working at companies that make billions in profits but refuse to pay them a ‘living wage’ for an honest day’s work. Apparently, this ‘terror’ was not deemed sufficient and we come to the seniors and the disabled.

Uh…AARP…where are you when the seniors need you? Poor nana and grandpa worked hard for so many years and now it is THEIR turn to get thrown underneath the ‘government shutdown tug-of-war debt ceiling show down bus’. The Obama Administration has played a ‘trump’ card in attempting to strike ‘terror’ in the hearts of poor seniors and disabled people by stating that there will be no checks mailed out next month. Seniors, Obama is saying to you that he is going to use his leverage against you in a ploy to get what he wants and that your hard work and sacrifice never counted for much. Just because you paid into Social Security your entire working life does not mean that you can now rest easy in your golden years because you are to be used as a pawn in this back and forth struggle for the ultimate power in Washington. Those of you who are disabled and unable to even care for yourselves because of traumatic brain injury, well, that is just too bad. You need to get your act together and realize that just because you are unable to pull your weight, your disability benefits are going to be held hostage in this debt ceiling crisis bullshit because Obama did not get his way with bombing Syria, but he damn sure will get his way with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act(PPACA). Obama said, “by golly if I have to deny the sick, their disability benefits to get them health care, then I will do just that!” “I am going to deprive you of a roof over your head so that I can make you feel better!” “Take this placebo, but don’t call me in the morning because that is when I’m golfing!” And even though businesses have been given an additional year before they must comply with the PPACA, individuals are not to have this option. By all means, we must ignore the fact that during Obama’s first two years in office, the democrats had control of both the House and the Senate. They should have put that to good use, but it was not to be. The ‘pee party’ was voted in and that was that.

Now, we have ‘terror’ here and ‘terror’ there, ‘terror, ‘terror’ everywhere! It is quite obvious that no one is to be spared when this ship sinks. And it looks like women and children and seniors and the disabled go first, no not into the lifeboats, but into the cold, frigid waters of a made-up debt ceiling crisis. Yes, I said, ‘made-up because has the military shut down? No! Have drone strikes ceased? No! Is the CIA still training rebels? Yes! Has the NSA shut down? No! Is Guantanamo closed? No! Are all the troops out of Afghanistan? No! However, if you are in the military and you die, no telling how long you will have to wait for the funds to be made available for your military burial. Your country can get nothing else out of you, so you are of no use. Join the children who were in head start. Join the mothers who need the WIC program and join the seniors and the disabled.

Is a clear picture developing here? Is the writing on the wall? The most vulnerable in society are once again to pay the price for the disgusting and immoral behavior demonstrated by those who were voted in to represent them. Some representation, eh?

“Here’s to terrorizing kids and making anxious seniors fret.

I’ll stomp on all the poor and destroy the safety net.

They’ll all be held for ransom ’til I get what I decree.

And discard them at a whim like some smelly ole debris.

Don’t mess with me, I’m not the one and everyone should know,

I’m the bully of this playground; I’m the lowest of the low.

Congress leave my shit alone; you’re trying my fucking patience.

Initiate my healthcare act; protect these goddamn patients!”

Barack ‘Insane’ Obama

Note:You do not ‘protect’ someone by first destroying them! For years, there have been so many attempts to weaken Social Security to the point of destroying it. For decades, each Administration has raided the Social Security Surplus and spent it as if it were their own personal credit card. They’ve even attempted to balance the budget on what they’ve ‘borrowed’ from Social Security. Social Security would be solvent if the government thugs had left the program alone, but no, like I stated, they used it for their own nefarious purposes and now with an aging population retiring or about to retire, this is a new attempt to get rid of this program that people paid into their entire working lives and because assholes pissed the money away, the people who paid into it are now to be told that your money is not there and there is not a damn thing that they can do about it. Make no mistake, this is not about a fiscal cliff or a government shutdown, or even an ‘economic shutdown’, this is about gutting the hell out of programs that were put in place to help those who paid into it. If the fight over the  PPACA was all this was about, then why did the focus quickly turn to shutting off the program that is keeping some of the most vulnerable citizens, the elderly, afloat? Why not curtail military spending? Why not shutdown the drone program? Why not defund the spying program, the NSA? Why not shutter Guantanamo? Why not cease funding to U.S. funded ‘terrorists’? Why not shut down the CIA’s program of training terrorists?

The U.S. government continued to kick the Social Security can down the road, knowing that it had been wiping out the program’s trust fund while at the same time being well aware of when the babyboomers would start reaching retirement age. So, it is now time to make those who are innocent, pay for the shenanigans of those who were elected to do the right thing with our tax dollars and since they didn’t, again, the innocent must be forced to pay.

2 thoughts on “Strike ‘Terror’ In the Hearts of Senior Citizens

    1. Indeed it does, Clarie, indeed it does! And I have been screaming and I will continue to do so, apparently, because we will continue to be inundated with our corrupt ‘leaders’ bullshit. We all should be screaming.


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