Sweet Dance of Love(Sequel To “That Brazen Hussy!”)

lips of love

The glistening, gleaming head throbs with anticipation.

As she cradles it in her hand and begins with masturbation.

She strokes his swollen penis and sucks gently at his balls.

A fever pitch of sound escapes beyond the soundproof walls.

He arches back to reach for her; she must not make him cum.

His swollen member beats as though in tune with nature’s drum.

Her lips are ruby red and they are parted just for him.

He invades her hot little mouth as she takes him to the brim.



Bodies joined as one, hot and sweating from their need,

she cries for him to take her and to give her all his seed.

He fingers deep inside her, soft velvet to the touch.

Her legs wrap around him, he’s held tightly in her clutch.



He looks into her big brown eyes and sees the love she feels.

The sensation is a heady one from which he all but reels.

He gently strokes his member outside her woman’s mound.

As an awesome power grips him, inside her he does pound.



She cries out in the night and accepts and gives it back.

They blend into one being as the dawn begins to crack.

She is no brazen hussy, she is his forever more.

He will never let her go; she’s his lady, she is no whore.


Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

14 thoughts on “Sweet Dance of Love(Sequel To “That Brazen Hussy!”)

  1. Shelby, Thanks for another fearless, provocative post. Are humans weird or what? Not sure there’s anything besides sex that we load down with such a mind-boggling range of associations –everything from hatred to happiness to humiliation, rage to revenge to rapture, tenderness to terrorism to torture. How can any single activity be at different times loving and gentle, coldly commercial, or unspeakably vicious and brutal? And I don’t have to tell you women can’t win in our culture where sex is concerned … and many of us can’t even say the word ‘woman’ without dragging in some aspect of sex– and often a negative one. Seems like I will never understand people, not even with the aid of your powerful poems. But you bring me closer to it, so again thank you for pushing me to ponder more, at least. – Linda


    1. Linda, I look at it this way, I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t. So, I choose to DO! Sex between consenting adults who love each other can be a wonderful, wonderful and beautiful experience. Since moving back to Minnesota, I have re-connected with someone that I had left behind when I moved back to Virginia to care for my mother and he and I could not get enough of each other and that flame never completely blew out. As soon as we saw each other again, he practically kissed my lips right off my face. Now, having said that, I am not in any way claiming that the inspiration for both “That Brazen Hussy,” and this poem are from our…er activities. *wink* *wink* That would be telling on myself.

      Trying to understand people and what they deem as ‘taboo’ is like trying to understand why people hate each other over mere trivialities. Those people are to be dismissed. Live your life based on you and what brings you pleasure. If you put a lot of store by what others tell you, then you will never realize that things are not all black and white and that what is a fit for one may not be a fit for another(no pun intended).

      When I was a child, my mother put the fear of sex into us so bad that we were actually frigid in our later relationships. She actually told us that the ‘stork’ delivered us and we believed her for many years. The only reason she allowed us to have boyfriends when we had become teenagers is because she knew that we would not be sexually aroused because of the abject fear that she had instilled. Nevertheless, she denied me the opportunity to go to the prom, the ring dance. In fact, the only dance that I attended was the “Future Business Leaders Of America” dance and that is because I was to ‘man’ the booth selling cookies and soda pop for an upcoming trip. Shhhh! Don’t tell her, but I was able to sneak in one slow dance because some of my friends felt sorry for me and decided to act as ‘lookouts’ for her car when she was due to pick me up. I could not become a cheerleader. I’ll never forget that I had my eye on this gorgeous guy and he was captain of the football team and he asked me to the Shrine parade. My mother must have saw a gleam in my eyes because she refused to let me attend the parade with him IN Broad day light! And back then, teen pregnancies were practically unheard of. I wanted to get my education anyway. So, my point is that if we keep allowing ourselves to tote around the baggage of society and those who have instilled in us at a very early age that consensual sex is somehow degrading to women, then we will keep the yoke of sexual inhibitions around our neck. Eventually, I flung my inhibitions off, but it took time and that is why I can write about sexual situations and not be fearful of what people will think. To hell with the ‘holier than thous’, Most of them are not practicing what they preach and you would be quite surprised at what sexual deviance they practice while pointing the finger at others and exclaiming over what they’re doing.

      Life is just too damn short to be shortchanged. Hope that helps clear up why I seem to be ‘uninhibited’.

      Thanks Linda! You brought back some memories for me that now I can just laugh at!


      1. Oh of course, life’s absolutely too short by half, Shelby! And I’m also over most of the nonsense anyway, past worrying what people think of what I do, finally. But man it took so damn long! And as you note, the people who claim to care about us can make that process much harder than necessary. For our own good, of course. Lucky we do have brains, if we make the effort to use them. Ah well, as I too often say, ‘hell is other people … but so is heaven’. Or as the French proverb puts things, ‘to live well, love well, and let the others say what they will’. Sounds like a plan. – Linda


  2. All that I can add to that is this, “the French know how to live!” “Vive la France!!!!” …and I do so thank the French for their fine champagnes and cognac, Cognac de Napoleon!!!! Champagne to start the night and cognac to finish it. “Live well, love well and drink well!”


  3. Just had a flash back, to a Catholic Nun beating me & a young lady up a corridor toward the office of the Parish Priest.
    We were apprehended, assaulted (several times) and frog marched by the Nun for the crime of making out on parish grounds. I might add for making out with a young woman who some years later became my wife.
    Now let me add at this point, that it was in no way as adventurous or successful as your excellent piece suggests it should and could be. Unless the innocent and amazingly awkward fumbling of a 14 year old boy on the shirt of a more mature (15 year old) girl :-), whilst attempting to leave an impression on both her and her neck in the darkness of a bicycle shed can somehow be claimed as adventurous.

    Anyway, on reaching the office of the parish Priest, the Nun at the top of her voice announced us to the Priest and two middle aged ladies who worked in the office as: “This little shit and that dirty little Hussy “, she went on to explain the situation she had found us in, in the bike shed and with absolute glee and some sort of warped satisfaction, described my fumbling on the shirt as (I quote) “ this animal sucking the neck off her as she moaned tossing her hair in a way that would encourage even the Devil himself”.

    The Priest (a quiet man) showed embarrassment equal to both mine and my Devil tempting friend.

    To cut a long story short our punishment (apart from the Nun beating) was to confess our sins on Sunday in the confession box and we were to confess all.
    But then the Nun piped up again, saying : Shouldn’t their Parents be informed of such sinful behavior she demanded. So my Father a Military man and my Mother a steadfast Catholic along with the Hussy’s parents were told all about our little fumble… 😦



  4. For the love of ….! The good Reverend is about to give a sermon! Hallelujah!!
    T.J., even though I was not raised in the Catholic religion, my mother was fanatical about the Southern Christian Baptist religion as preached from the Christian ‘buybull’. We were taken to church from the minute we could walk and we each had to hold an office in the church. I was the Treasurer of the Sunday School Department and a Sunday School teacher. My middle sister was the Secretary of the Sunday School Department and my baby sister was an assistant teacher. After Sunday School, of course there was church service. We had to hear about how hellfire and brimstone would rain down on our hell bound heads if we sinned and even children understood that sex was a “no, no!, a big sin.

    To make us even more frightened, we had to sit through a film, supposedly of what would happen to us if we sinned and I remember it very vividly. The screen showed flames all over the place burning our souls and maggots were eating rotting flesh. Now, remember, we are children watching this and getting the ‘bejesus’ scared OUT of us instead of IN us. I decided right then and there that as soon as I became of age, that I would never step foot inside a church again and the only times I have gone inside a church is to attend funerals.

    I have witnessed the reverend feeling up the ushers, I have witnessed the reverend’s wife throw open the doors of the church and scream about the affairs her husband, the reverend was having with not just members of the church, but all over town. The ushers had to drag her forcibly out of church and the only thing that would calm her down was a cruise and new clothes, oh and new shoes!

    The reason why I am writing this is to show you that people, the world over are subjected to horror after horror when they grow up in so-called religious environments that do more harm than good. The very ones who are castigating us for our sins are the ones who are trying to shield their sins from the Almighty that they claim to worship, but are doing anything but.

    What you wrote, struck me because it was so very wrong. Young adults as teenagers are having hormones raging and they need an outlet for them, even if they are engaging in just a bit of harmless petting. That nun was so furious at the both of you because she was probably wishing that the young lady that she found you with, was her. Those who claim to dedicate their life to ‘God’ are still human as witnessed by all of the abuse suffered by children at the hands of the Catholic priests. Those nuns are not immune to sexual urges and that is why she took great delight in making sure that the two of you suffered. It was retribution. I am so glad to know that you did not let that incident warp you and that you got past it and became stronger for it by realizing that what you two were doing, was nothing more than what your bodies were responding too, a natural part of being human. It should not be stifled, it should be encouraged. And that concludes the sermon of the good Reverend ‘Give Me All You Got’ Courtland! Word!

    Stay true to yourself, always! Let no one, in the church or outside of the church make you think that love and sex are sinful and wrong when it is so very sweet!


    1. Indeed you are of course correct.

      That girl later became my wife of over 10 years, until our divorce. Despite being divorced we have remained great friends and very often talk still today.

      As for Catholic church, I left the church at 17, and have never looked back to be honest. I consider myself a Taoist (non-believer) similar to Buddhism. my ex-wife is also no longer a believer and claims it was as a result of that day in question.

      I say this only to prove your point as to how something so stupid and in retrospect humorous can affect or as you stated warp a young mind for life. Indeed I know of former childhood friends who have hangups regarding sex even today.

      I went on to study anthropology, in particular tribal cultures of the Natives of the US, South America, Australia. New Zealand, Middle East and Asia etc, where I happened upon Sexual consciousness more commonly known as Tantric sex. If that Nun was still alive today she would probably want to kill me 🙂

      I look back on the incident (now) as being both the height of stupidity on their part and at the same time somewhat amusing. That said If my Daughter or Son was faced with the same incident I would, like you, be very angry because the whole system was indeed terrible and as you learned and witnessed and we have all since learned about clergy abuse of children, very hypocritical!

      Thank you for you reply and your Kindness

      Always a Fan


      1. Bless your ever loving heart, T.J.! Churches everywhere are nothing more than centers for brainwashing the masses and where a majority of hypocrites, abound, outside of governments that is, especially the U.S. government, but that’s a different subject.

        Take care, my friend!


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