A WorldWide Hostile Takeover

Does he know that he has become the new symbol of the government shutdown? SERIOUSLY?????
Does he know that he has become the new symbol of the government shutdown?

As I look around the blog world, I see quite a few people seemingly unable to figure out why we are where we are in this point in time, in regards to worldwide chaos, a global crisis of poverty, pain, struggle, fear and a loss of pensions and safety nets, worldwide amidst a Worldwide hostile takeover and why there has been no revolt in America while there have been mass protests around the world.

I shall start by way of explanation taken from a comment I posted on the blog:


The people who want a revolt are the same people who petitioned the government to secede from the union when Obama was sworn in as our president. Now, I hate the SOB too, but not for their reasons. That group has always been vocal and up-in-arms because they want NO government. Many of the Libertarians are happier than a pig in slop because of this government shutdown because they see it as testament that the show can go on without government all up in their business.

On the other hand, there was no mass protest when the WIC(Women, Infants & Children)program was defunded. There was no mass protest when Head Start was defunded. There was no mass protest when the Federal workers were furloughed. There was no mass protest when Housing Choice Vouchers were not released and people remained homeless. There was no mass protest even when millions of seniors and disabled people were thrown under this debt ceiling crisis bus and those people would suffer the most, next to the WIC recipients and the homeless. And if you look on the front page of MSN, you will see that a child standing before the gates of a closed zoo is what is considered the ultimate disturbing photo that went viral, not a photo of a senior citizen weeping over how he/she is going to eat and purchase meds, not a photo of a poor, working mother crying anxiously over her hungry baby because of the loss of WIC and certainly not a photo of a homeless person staring up at what would have been their home, had not the government shutdown.

I have heard more anguish being poured out over the closing of Federal parks than I have heard over any of the really serious issues that have been created by this government shutdown mess. Like I always say, I despair of us!

And next up we have another comment that I made on another blog which resonates with the point that I am trying to make here.

Seriously? Did others not of a dark skin pigmentation think that they would never feel the wrath of the aristocracy? It was only a matter of time before they would ‘turn on their own’. The Indians have been all but wiped out, the Black people are either shooting each other to death over drug turf wars because of abject poverty, disenfranchisement and a lack of jobs due to racism and as if that isn’t enough, they are incarcerated by the millions. So, now they have been dealt with and people seriously thought that it would cease with them? It is quite obvious that no one was paying attention to the Sunday morning sermon about “I am my brother’s keeper.”

We now have an entire world in chaos, poverty, war, strife, bedlam and pandemonium and there is not a thing that we can do about it. This mess has been allowed to go on for far too long and now that it’s hit the fan, there are those who are in shock. Well, too bad, so sad. That is what we get when we do not look out, nor care for one another. When we have the mindset of “I’ve got mine, to heck with you and yours,” then this is exactly why we are at this point!

On every continent on this planet, people have warred with one another, whether it was over land or religion or ethnicity, and it continues. We take from each other and destroy this planet, piece by piece in the process and then we have the unmitigated gall to wonder how we came to this? I do not wonder. I know why. Though some have kept their grasping hands within the confines of their own continent or country, others have ventured beyond their own borders to steal and kill from others and rape the people and the assets of their land. People have been confiscating the property of others since the history of man can be traced. Why should it stop now? How can it stop now? Yes, we will point to some little island with a few hundred thousand people and hold them up as a shining example that we can stop the powers that be in their tracks, but if we really think that this can be accomplished among those who would rather destroy someone because of the color of their skin, than come together, who are we kidding? When throughout all of the mess that has been caused with the shutdown of the U.S. government and we can point to a picture of a child standing before the locked gates of a zoo and say, “this is the REAL atrocity of this shutdown, then we truly are sick, pitiful, hopeless, stupid and deranged and most definitely hell bent on staying that way!

But hey! THE most important thing is that, a child can’t go to the zoo! The sad fact is that the child is already in the zoo, it’s called, “the planet!”

10 thoughts on “A WorldWide Hostile Takeover

  1. As I shake my head in dismay, I also say thank you Shelby for this awesome post!!! You shake out the lull and wipe the viewer clean and slap mainstream! That last line stings! Touché and checkmate! Keep strong my friend 🙂


    1. Thank you Shainbird! I shake my head because we are so beyond help that it is ludicrous to even think that we can somehow find common ground on which to strike back against those who would enslave us all, not only to debt, but in actual physical servitude without compensation. We are still being pointed in the direction in which we had better look and it is even now, working. I have read comment after comment bemoaning the closing of National parks and zoos and hardly a peep about this mess recently created that could mean life or death for millions of people. A worldwide revolt? On the twelfth of never!
      I’m trying to stay strong my friend, but to do that, I just might need to unplug myself from the matrix.


  2. The divide and conquer policies of the ruling class have effectively diverted social tensions to focus on race to the exclusion of class. If we were to focus on class the disparities would be too glaring to ignore and so the elites avoid at all costs such discussions or discourse. Why do a fractional percentage of human beings and their interrelated families control a massive percentage of the Earth’s wealth and resources?

    By keeping us divided among racial lines we fail to unite along class lines where we could truly find common ground. One of the hallmarks of the hunger strikes in the California prisons recently was the calling of truces by the prison gangs across racial lines. This is their worst fear, that we’ll stop hating and killing each other and start to realize that the monsters in our midst can sit in corporate boardrooms and wear 3-piece suits.


    1. Well, the ruling class has nothing to fear because we will never cease with the hate. We will continue to hate each other based on something that we have absolutely NO control over whatsoever, skin color.
      I recently read that more whites were in bad shape than there were Blacks in bad shape, but that has not stopped them from voting against their own interests solely because of their stance with regards to what political party is perceived to be more against Black people than the other. The South is rampant with that attitude and is all in your face with it. They will grinningly admit their hatred even though those who represent them could give a rat’s ass about them. That does not bother them. They only believe that by hating a certain group of people, it will somehow show their superiority. They are consumed with hate to the exclusion of all else. Nothing seeps in but what they wish to hear and there is no shortage of like minded individuals or groups to aid and abet them in deluding themselves into thinking that they are somehow better than people of other ethnic groups. They do not see it as a ‘class’ problem. Everything is ‘black’ or ‘white’ to them and the vast majority of them will never see it as a ‘class’ issue.

      As far as the prison hunger strike went, yes they did put aside their differences because ALL were hurting. Much good it did them since a judge court ordered them to be force fed anyway. As I stated in the above post, we look at a few hundred thousand people in Iceland who turned their back on a global bank and decided to bailout their citizens and throw the bankers under the bus just as those in the California prison system decided to band together against a common enemy. The problem is that it never catches on, it never takes. The fraudsters on Wall Street never saw the inside of a prison, in fact they rewarded themselves for their bad behavior and yet, there are people who are sitting in prison for doing less than what those con artists and crooks on Wall Street did. They are still sitting in their lavish, private boardrooms in their three-piece suits and laughing while the rest of us are consumed with hate, directed at the wrong people.

      Thank you for your comment Jeff!


      1. One more thing to add. For every concession Obama wins he gives up two things in return. This is all about maneuvering to cut Medicare and Social Security, the bane of the ruling class’s existence. Food stamps and Head Start were just the start. They were just for poor people anyway but touch Medicare and SS and they might just have a fight on their hands finally.


      2. That the divide-and-conquer techniques of the powerful have all too well borne fruit is sadly obvious, as you have well pointed out. But, Shelby, please don’t give up hope — if we give in to despair, then we will lose for good. All the progress that humanity has experienced is the result of working people struggling for a better world. None of that happened without there being people willing to speak truth to power, so please keep speaking because out of understanding comes organizing.


  3. “For years, there have been so many attempts to weaken Social Security to the point of destroying it. For decades, each Administration has raided the Social Security Surplus and spent it as if it were their own personal credit card. They’ve even attempted to balance the budget on what they’ve ‘borrowed’ from Social Security. Social Security would be solvent if the government thugs had left the program alone, but no, like I stated, they used it for their own nefarious purposes and now with an aging population retiring or about to retire, this is a new attempt to get rid of this program that people paid into their entire working lives and because assholes pissed the money away, the people who paid into it are now to be told that your money is not there and there is not a damn thing that they can do about it. Make no mistake, this is not about a fiscal cliff or a government shutdown, or even an ‘economic shutdown’, this is about gutting the hell out of programs that were put in place to help those who paid into it. If the fight over the PPACA was all this was about, then why did the focus quickly turn to shutting off the program that is keeping some of the most vulnerable citizens, the elderly, afloat? Why not curtail military spending? Why not shutdown the drone program? Why not defund the spying program, the NSA? Why not shutter Guantanamo? Why not cease funding to U.S. funded ‘terrorists’? Why not shut down the CIA’s program of training terrorists?”
    Taken from: https://shelbycourtland.wordpress.com/2013/10/08/strike-terror-in-the-hearts-of-senior-citizens/

    But yes, you may be correct in thinking that the government’s intention to strike the hell out of Social Security just might get beat back by the millions of seniors and baby-boomers who are set to retire. They could most definitely have the fight of their lives on their hands if what they intend should play out, actually does. The seniors are not going to go down without a fight and their efforts need not be in vain.

    During the Bush Administration, we heard about privatizing Social Security and that did not set well with the baby-boomers and neither will any other attempts at dismantling the program. Yes, they are going to have one hell of a fight on their hands if the Obama Administration decides to throw Social Security to the wolves(the republicans)and winner takes all! We shall see!

    Thanks Jeff! Excellent comment!


  4. “All the progress that humanity has experienced”

    Systemic Disorder, I mean this with ALL due respect, but what ‘progress’? I am out in the trenches every single day and I have yet to see any indication that ‘progress’ in any shape, form or fashion is about to descend on us, quite the contrary. People are failing and they are failing fast and more are joining them than ever before. We are in ‘free-fall’ mode. If we have made progress, then why do we have tent cities in America? Why have we allowed the situation to get so completely out-of-hand, that it seems hopeless to so many. The poetry that I write comes from what I see and that is why it is never uplifting because there is no upside to poverty, to homelessness, to drug addiction, to rampant police brutality, to wars, to hunger, to pain, to lack of health care and the list goes on and on and on. If we gave a damn about each other, we would not need people to constantly blog about the issues and protest, get hauled off to jail for merely demonstrating because we are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

    I am fed up! We are told to “keep on keeping on.” For what? To talk to myself, to continue to preach to the choir. We, many of us that is, are saying the same exact thing and we keep saying it, over and over again and we wake up the next day and more shit has hit the fan. We are pulled in so many different directions that it is impossible to even keep up with what is going down at any given moment. Those of us who would give of ourselves are stretched so thin, we’re basically broken. And yet, here you speak of ‘progress’. There are NO signs of progress, only clear signs of regression, depression, suppression and oppression.

    But I thank you for your comment.


  5. I can only think of three things to say in reply:

    (1). You see through the Libertarian BS right off the mark!
    (2). You understand Man (& woman) regardless of color or race and most important, you have just called out all the spineless, mindless, self loving, TV watching sheep & hopefully shook them up enough to wake them up to total injustice.

    (3). Thank You my Sister….



    1. You are welcome. However, they will be just as spineless, mindless and self loving tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow as they are today. They refuse to look at the big picture. They cannot see the forest for the trees because they do not wish to. Wallowing in hate is something that they will continue to do and no amount of wishful thinking is going to change that. How else can it be explained that so many see no problem with holding up a picture of “I can’t go to the zoo!,” and exclaiming that that is THE real atrocity with the government shutdown and debt ceiling situation versus a picture of “I’m homeless, my baby is hungry and my Social Security check is not coming?”

      A Shakespearean quote pretty much sums it up!
      “And all our yesterdays have lighted fools the way to dusty death. Out, out brief candle. Life is but a walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. It is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying, NOTHING!”

      Truer words were NEVER spoken because as we can see, the world is overrun with fools and idiots and both, by their deafening silence, signify nothing!


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