Love Is Not A Game



My feelings were untouched until you came and broke the seal.

How can I forgive you when I had no time to heal?

You took from me my all and then led my heart astray.

I believed your many lies until the day you went away.


I have loved and I have lost so many times before.

I could never play another just to even up the score.

The pain is never less when each new love is gone.

As love is not a game and a heart is not a pawn.


Heart strands are torn apart as if entwined by fragile rope.

I look towards the heavens for just one glimpse of hope.

The nights, they are the longest with none to fill the void.

No light shines through the clouds, my trust has been destroyed.


Who knows if I will love again with a heart in mortal fear.

As I place the broken ruins upon its sacrificial bier.

Forgiveness was not mine to give; I tossed no love aside.

Who will comfort you at night; you with your everlasting pride?


Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland





4 thoughts on “Love Is Not A Game

  1. The only love you can secure
    Is the love within yourself.

    You can not afford another
    to fulfill that void or else.

    For love is given outward
    Don’t get confused with that.

    It often’s not returned
    And that is simple fact.

    But one should never flounder
    And lose the sight of that.

    Because love is always positive
    And why not go with THAT!


    1. I am wildly applauding your poetry, you upstart!! How dare you upstage my poem and render it to the dustbin of obscurity! LOL!!! Just funnin’ with ya Tubular! That was pretty good. You wear so many different hats, i.e., war correspondent, poet extraordinaire, producer, director, and so forth and so on. How will you surprise us next? Hmmmm?

      Take care, my friend!


  2. You are way too kind, Shelby. My kindergarten poetry is what it is and I stand by it but you are the true poet and we both know it! But thank you.

    My hats are many, only because I have a short attention span. You are too sweet within you lovingly hostile self!

    Thank you my friend, Tube


    1. My darling Tube, have you not heard?, we are in the midst of a “worldwide hostile takeover,!” and I just had to ‘get with the program’. I chose to become a ‘hostile militant’ rather than become a ‘hostage in the worldwide hostile takeover’. I am going to man the ‘Gatling gun’ when we go out foraging for food. That should really stir the deer up! *wink*


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