Exit Stage Left AND Right!

exit stage left and right1




They can exit stage left and right, these clowns must be replaced.

The world stares in shock while America is disgraced.


Our house is not in order and the senate is a mess.

Obama’s in the garden where he’s lying to the press.


Exorcise these demons; someone please go get a priest!

Was it only last month, they were going to strike the East?


Congress is insane or they need some holy water.

Round them up and lock them up, don’t let them cross the border.


These lunatics are dangerous and hell would hesitate

in claiming them for sure since the devil closed the gate.


The fools are on this ship, bravely holding up a sign,

Saying, “open up the zoo or we will start to whine!”


The seniors and the sick were thrown beneath the bus.

And the parks are back in business since the fools put up a fuss.


Either this is an asylum or Titanic never sank.

We just might be both and you can take that to the bank.


Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

“It’s hard not to believe lunatics have taken charge of the asylum in Washington,” the newspaper The Australian.”

America is diminished by the standoff,” the editorial continued. “Government shutdowns, debt defaults and the shenanigans witnessed in Washington have no place in the world’s superpower.”

China, which is America’s largest creditor with $1.28 trillion in U.S. treasuries, went as far as calling for a new world order — a “de-Americanized” model.

“World leaders are saying, ‘Get on with it and get this resolved. It’s not just about you,'”

“This isn’t the time to be tap dancing to the mid-term elections in the U.S. This affects everyone.”


Countries all over the world are exclaiming over these pompous assholes playing their games while the stupid peons whine about visiting the parks and the zoo. Those in other countries are wondering if it is time to look to other countries for leadership and sanity because we just ain’t it, we’re just shit!




8 thoughts on “Exit Stage Left AND Right!

  1. ‘Either this is an asylum or Titanic never sank.’

    And no life jackets in sight … or straightjackets either. Anybody out there still know Morse Code?

    Thanks for another fine post, but I’m feeling decidedly seasick. – Linda


    1. Tubularsock knows a guy named Morse that when he wants another shot of whiskey taps his glass three times on the bar. That’s as close to a Morse Code as it gets.

      “decidedly seasick” covers it well Linda.

      Great poem, once again Shelby.


      1. Tube, I am with dude! Bartender, tap, tap, tap!! The situation is damned hopeless and those buffoons are even now strutting around as though on air because they’ve finally gotten the entire world to stand up and take notice and they’re actually proud of the reasons for it. That is one huge display of arrogance OR insanity OR both and I’m betting on BOTH!!
        Thanks Tube! With that iceberg dead ahead, I just might need to don my Reverend’s robe more often and fleece my flock before their pockets are to let!


    2. Actually, I was sick when I wrote this. Been to the doctor today and “Oh my!” I have a bad cold, so I beg everyone to forgive me for muddling this one up, even with the pic. Hopefully, I will soon be back to my somewhat normal self. Wait a minute, what is normal these days?? *shrugs*

      I can pluck out SOS in Morse Code and with the situation such as it is, I think that that will do!
      Linda, get prepared to sink to the bottom! Sorry, but I see no hope for a floater.
      Thanks for stopping in!


  2. Shelby,
    After reading this poem I have arrived at the stance that you are a genius. Literally. As a Visionary, as a Poet, as a Thinker. You have an amazing talent and strength and combination of these that is nearly unique. Please never give up writing and never give up the good fight, my dear friend.


    1. As always, you have no idea what reading your heartfelt words mean to me Sky! I am overwhelmed! And a simple ‘thank you’ is of course, insufficient, but I thank you all the same.

      Bless your heart!!!


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