Tears Stream Down My Face

tears I cry

Tears stream down my face as I take a look around.

So many I see struggling just to stay above the ground.

A human spirit fights but the blows are just too much.

The callous and the cold; no love will ever touch.

With frightened, pleading eyes, a child looks up at me.

She is only five years old and she’s called a refugee.

Her country is at war and she does not understand,

that people kill each other just to get the upper hand.

Another child across the sea is homeless in her way.

Her mother lost her job and the rent she could not pay.

With frightened, pleading eyes, a child looks up at me.

She is only five years old and she’s called a refugee.

Yes, tears are in my eyes and I hate the world I know.

Where little children suffer and are not allowed to grow.

When the sick are left to die and the greedy have no soul.

They never see the hungry when they hold an empty bowl.

A world in pain and agony; a world in mortal sin,

and everywhere you go; there’ll be a child who’s weak and thin.

Another world there is of pomp and circumstance.

No Cinderella’s ball; it is a never ending dance.

What jewels are on display; fountains flowing with champagne.

And a child looks up at me and her eyes are full of pain.

Yes, tears are in my eyes as I see no hope at all,

and above her little head, a bomb’s about to fall.

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

6 thoughts on “Tears Stream Down My Face

  1. For some inexplicable reason I am unable to like this excellent piece as the like button is not working.

    As usual Shelby, your work has brought both a tear to my eyes and as a result of your excellent and powerful descriptive powers memories from the not so distant pass.

    Many years ago I flew into Heathrow airport London on a journey to see friends on the south coast of England. Anyway, I proceeded to Victoria station to catch a train to a place called Hove. Whilst standing waiting on the very crowded platform, I spotted an elderly lady who stood to one side and alone, she appeared to be distressed. I approached her, and asked if she was OK. She explained that she had placed her bag down beside her on a bench whilst trying to attend to a bandage on her leg which had become loose. Whilst tending to the bandage two girls sat on the bench beside her and one offered assistance and refitted her bandage for her. However, afterwards the lady realized that they had stolen her bag, containing her pocket book, train ticket & credit cards etc. She had reported it to the transport Police etc, but was left with no means to continue her journey and had no money to replace her ticket.
    I purchased a ticket for her on my credit card & gave her what little cash I had (about £58) and we later parted to continue our journey.

    On telling of my adventure to my friends later that night, they broke out into uncontrolled laughter claiming that the elderly lady had effectively conned me out of the cost of a ticket home and £58. Finding it funny that such a simple ruse could have been used on me, and indeed that may have been the case.

    However, even if it was the case, I prefer to believe that this little elderly lady with the limp and bandaged leg was genuine and another person had come along and helped (at least in part) to ease the pain of being mugged. In fact, either way if the £58. had somehow made her life even only slightly better it was worth being conned.. 🙂

    Excellent post Shelby, from a human of genuine feeling for her fellow man (Woman), and that is something that is (like you ) priceless..

    Thank You


    1. T.J. people often ask me why am I handing money to a person who is purported to be homeless?, that I have no way of actually knowing for a fact that they are indeed, homeless. And I pretty much take the attitude that you took when you were castigated for helping that lady by your friends who basically said that you had been “had!” Well, it will be no skin off my back to help others and like you pointed out, you never know what change could come over a person that you do a good deed for even when they know that they are scamming you. I have heard stories of many people who have turned their life around because of the kindness of strangers and these were from people who were engaged in scamming. So all may not be lost.

      Oftentimes, people will tell me that I should give to charity. I have volunteered at the so-called ‘faith-based’ charities and they are anything but. I have walked out rather than cuss them out over their contempt and mistreatment of the homeless and the mentally ill. I have made it clear in no uncertain terms just what I think of ‘faith-based’ charities. They are wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing and if you check out the parking lot and see the vehicles of those who ‘work’ for ‘charities, you would not wonder why there are still so many people in need. It is because of where the majority of the donations end up. I have written on this subject also as I know first-hand what is going on in ‘charities’. Yes, I will most definitely give money or a gift card to the homeless before I would ever give to a ‘charity. And if a homeless person takes the money that I give to him/her and purchases an alcoholic beverage, why should that bother me? If I was homeless, I would most likely need solace in the form of an escape from that hellish plight. So, I refuse to cast judgment like so many do.

      And I wish to thank you for that last statement, but I am so undeserving. I really am. It brought tears to MY eyes that I can never live up to it!

      Thank you T.J.


      1. The way Tubularsock looks upon this matter of handing out money to people who ask for it on the street and then being chastised for it by my friends as “being scammed”, “why don’t they get a job”, “they are just going to use it for drugs and booze” is this:

        How can I be anymore “scammed” by a person on the street “lying” to me to get my money than the government TAKING my money from me to use it to bomb somebody?

        There are people on the street that arrive every morning at 7am to a specific location seven days a week with a sign asking for a “handout”. Around 10am they fold up their sign and step back and have a smoke break and then go back and open their sign up again and stand there asking for a “handout”. They lunch break at 1:30pm and wrap it up at 6 or 7. EVERYDAY!

        I call THAT A JOB!

        As for drugs and booze that comment seem to alway occur while I’m drinking in a bar and discussing “homelessness” with friends ……….. need I say more?

        And TJ:

        I ran across a very similar woman in the train station in Amsterdam a few years back. She said to say “hi” to you. (that’s a joke) But I didn’t have enough money to give her very much but just on the chance that she was telling the truth I gave her some money. I never feel bad about possibly being “scammed” because I view those encounters as paying for a ticket to street theater and the show must go on ………

        And Shelby:

        I too have found a great deal of judgement about people that need help by the charities that are supposed to care. I think that is a major insult to people in need and one that is really sad to witness. Going off on the people who have that much lack of understanding
        would really be a waste of energy. If they can’t see what is right in front of them then yelling at them will do no good. It is a problem they have which is way deeper than that.

        But after all is said Shelby, your poetry IS the gift that keeps on giving!


  2. Thank you Tubular! How many people confront their so-called government representatives and ask them why were they still getting paid when they shut the fucked up government down? From what I hear, those government workers who received unemployment benefits during the shutdown, were told to give the money back because they would receive their back pay. Receive their back pay? What the fuck was they supposed to do as far as paying bills was concerned when they had not a clue as to when the useless fucks in Washington would get their fucking act together and start the useless shit running again? Talk about adding insult to injury. It was not the workers’ fault that those whom they work directly for are lower than asswipes.

    The stories that I could tell you regarding the shit that works in the so-called charities would curl your toes. Many of the ‘workers’ are related to one another to the point where many charities you would think, were family businesses. In many instances, the only time the homeless get a decent meal is when the inspectors come around and after that, it is ‘piss on them’ business as usual. It would take me about two years to speak on all the shit that I know that goes on in what passes for charities. People would do better to hand gift cards to the homeless who are standing on the OUTSIDE of a shelter after having been put out for the day. Trust me! They could really use it, as that would be the ONLY consideration and help that they will actually receive.

    And I am glad you brought up the fact that when people are castigating the homeless for drinking, that they themselves are inside a bar knocking ’em back. Talk about two-faced and pointing fingers while living in a ‘glass house’. Hypocrites just make me want to puke!

    Again, you are right! Begging ain’t easy! Especially when they usually get rewarded for their troubles by douchebags screaming and yelling at them to either, “get a life!,” “get a job!” or some other nastiness that they scream out. Like I always say, “I despair of us!”


    1. Thank you Skulz! But again, I must apologize because I went and ruined what was considered a beautiful poem, with my comments. I get angry too quick. So quick! Maybe, I need to sign up for anger management classes. The thing is, I’d probably cuss out the instructor and storm out! I’m SO predictable.


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