Frustrated24Many times I have wanted to call it quits with regards to doing this ‘blogging’ thing and many times I have decided to forge ahead, to continue. Even though, like many, frustration kicks in because you put so much effort in before you click that ‘publish’ button. Some will get a few ‘likes’ and maybe even a comment or two and you think to yourself, “why did I go through all of the effort to research, to type and to find relevant images to display?” “Why has no one enjoyed the epiphany that I have experienced? Don’t they see what I see and if they do, then why have they not acted upon it? I’ve given them all the data they need in which to do what needs to be done.” Now, therein lies the problem. Do what? What can they do? What am I doing? I have been over this forwards, backwards, sideways, upside and down and there is just nothing that can be done to solve a multitude of the problems and issues that many face on a daily basis.

There will be no savior to sort this out for us. There will be no one person who will stand above the crowd and ‘fix it’. There will be no second coming of Christ, for those of you who believe in the first coming of Christ. We go on each day until there is no ‘next’ day. We open our eyes. We get out of bed and we do what we have to do to survive. This has been going on for centuries and it will continue until either we fuck this planet up to the point where it expels us all or we drop dead. GMO foods may kill us, a drone may kill us, or a vehicle accident may kill us, but either way, we will be just as dead. There is no way that we can fight every single battle there is. We are human and we are weak and fallible and the human body is going to seek sustenance over spirituality when push comes to shove. We can think that we have all the inherent goodness in the world, but if it came down to sacrificing ourselves in some way(I don’t know quite how) for the good of the many, what would you do? What sacrifice is worth it? What would be the point? What would change? History has shown us that even those who are held in high esteem, the ones who are in the history books for effecting change, what good did it do them? They sacrificed themselves to make people aware of the suffering and injustices perpetrated on others and look at where we are now? Not just here in America, but all over the world. What good did it do for the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., to step out of his comfort zone and get assassinated for his efforts when the Supreme Court just dealt a blow to all that he and others marched and protested, got arrested and brutalized for? What good does it do to quote Gandhi? What good does it do to quote Mother Teresa? What good does it do to quote Malcolm X? George Orwell? Or any other ‘visionaries’ who tried to warn us of where we were headed.

Yes, some people have awakened, took a look around and said, “we’re fucked!” But what else can they do? If they have not the money to build affordable homes for the poor, if they have not the money to purchase land to grow food for the hungry, if they have not the money to pay the medical bills of the uninsured or money to simply put to good use and help as opposed to aiding in destruction, then there is nothing that they can do except to try to not contribute to the problem. There are so many so-called faith based charities that are nothing more than tax exempt corporations who are not helping the poor, they are not mitigating the consequences resulting from a lack of housing, food and health care. They are in the business of lining their pockets with one hand and preaching bullshit on the other. It is hypocrisy. That is all I see when I look around, hypocrisy in the guise of charities and government officials who grandstand to win votes and then disregard their constituents needs and instead, sell themselves to the highest corporate bidder for their own selfish agenda. Self is another key word of today. Selfish, self-fulfillment, self-serving, self-centered, self indulgent, self-satisfying, self, self and self. It is all about ME, well isn’t it? If not, who is it about? Is it about YOU? What can I do for you? What can you do for me? You scratch my back and I will scratch yours. That is the mindset of today.

Why do you think that when the holidays approach, people will gladly line up and stand in freezing, below average temperatures and trample each other over what is considered to be an unbeatable bargain? Why are they like that? Why is it that they can somehow find the time to pitch a tent for a week or more in a store parking lot to grab that huge TV, but when it comes to lining up to protest against homelessness, hunger, lack of medical care, there are a few stragglers wandering around with signs while people pass by them in vehicles yelling at them to “get a job!?” No one yells at those who are lined up to buy the latest Apple product to, “get a job!” The emphasis is placed on materialism to the exclusion of all else. If you don’t have it, you’re a loser. There are going to be winners, but there are going to be so many more losers and the winners have the microphone. The winners own the papers, the media and they feed us Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber and Rihanna and we eat it up. When Kate Middleton or Michele Obama struts an outfit, there is a stampede to purchase said outfit. That is what is important? No, but it is to those who have been programmed by the people who control the media and who shove down their throat what is important.

So, just because we have not joined forces and somehow stopped a world takeover does not mean that all of us are simply sitting around awaiting the latest chapter on Tim Tebow, it is just that we are all limited in what we can do. I can volunteer. I can advocate on behalf of those who are suffering. I can even sometimes help house a homeless person. I can continue to keep the issues in the forefront. It does not matter if I never get a ‘like’ or a following. If I am talking to myself, so be it. The fact that I am sharing my thoughts, sharing what is important to me, sharing my frustration at the status quo may be all that I can do because I see no other way to get my two cents in, but I will not point the finger at another and say, “you are not doing enough.” I know not what they are dealing with and so I will concentrate on what I am dealing with and hope that I can somehow find it in me to help someone else, even if it is only one person. I cannot change the world. I can only say to the world, “we’re fucked!”

17 thoughts on “Frustrated!

  1. “WE’RE FUCKED!” Now how fun is that? That is something Tubularsock can get behind.

    Yep, frustrated is what change is about.

    Everything you said here Shelby Tubularsock has felt and yet I still get in line every morning to get my new 900″ HDTV with WONDER-VISION
    that can give me a direct line on the latest reality program that makes my reality-reality not worth paying attention to.

    And Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Orwell, Mother Teresa, Gandhi who in the hell are these people anyway? Not one of them had a fucking TV show! No, Tubularsock gets all his thoughts and wisdom from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. I guess we are all excited about the engagement. YES?

    Come on Shelby who couldn’t get excited about Kim’s new engagement ring. Gosh, it is so much like the one her 72 day marriage with Kris had given her which sold for $749,000.00 at auction.

    Now she has a new one …….. aren’t you just so excited?

    Tubularsock just can’t believe you can ever think about homeless people with Kim and Kris and Kanye in our lives. It gives an entirely new meaning to the KKK! Aren’t you overjoyed?

    Well, Tubularsock could go on but I have to polish my new Apple iPhone with tunnel-vision. It just narrows everything down so I don’t have to think. Now how great it THAT!

    But what ever you do don’t fret. No matter how bad it gets your government will fuck it up for you EVEN MORE.


    1. I absolutely LOVE the way you make your point using humor. I have a proposition to put to you. Drum roll pleazzzzzzz!!! Ahem!!! “Attention, I have never proposed to anyone in my life, but I am about to propose to Tubularsock.”
      I am gazing deeply at your hair twist when I say this, “Tubularsock, will you please be my ‘court jester’? LOL!!!

      Seriously, you have hit the nail squarely on its head with that comment and since I am not talking ‘sex’ here, it is appropriate to do that without causing anyone immense pain and agony. Just watch the lines when they form for the holiday bargains. I will be searching for you in the crowds! 900” HDTV, indeed!


      1. Oh Shelby, I’m so disappointed! How could you do this to us? With that ‘proposal’ talk, you had me planning a shower for you! And … thinking of an appropriate wedding gift. Then I read the next paragraph … such a letdown! Maybe it’s for the best though, for what could I give a couple who already own a spinnaker-size HD TV? Still, I would really like to be a flower girl someday…

        But seriously, this is an excellent post, you express our dilemmas so clearly, thank you! And you know, even if it’s hopeless, I see no good reason to give up the struggle now. Anything that helps us avoid Black Friday stupidity — and the beyond-self-parody Kardashians — can’t be all bad. – Linda


    2. No please, Tubularsock, say it ain’t so! Anything but the wretched Kardashians, for mercy’s sake! That embarrassing excuse for entertainment was on at my dentist’s when I had some fillings replaced (maybe because I grit my teeth and snarl too much?). And they would not, or could not, even mute the damned thing!

      I theorized that they hope it will make needles and drills seem less horrifying by comparison. But I worried that it could suppress my will to live, and then who knew what weird reaction I might have to novocaine or whatever?

      Oh well, your good qualities still outweigh this surprising weakness for Kim and her Kohorts. So … I forgive you for your feet of clay! – Linda


  2. The problem, in my opinion, is that even people who agree that society is about to go over the cliff have a wide variety of views what we need to do to save ourselves. The problem is complicated by a deliberate effort by the ruling elite to split us up and get us fighting one another. IMHO anything people do right now to get out of their lonely isolated lives by interacting with their neighbors and others in their community is a step in the right direction.


    1. You are right! People do have a ‘wide variety of views’ of what we need to do, but with that having been stated, where does that leave us? Right where we are. Right where we have always been. Stagnant.

      It has been stated that many people have no idea of who lives beside them, much less are they interacting with them. Even those who live in apartment buildings never see their neighbors. We have ‘insulated’ ourselves to the point where yes, we are isolated. Even though we believe that we are interacting because we are online, that is nothing compared to the antiquated and apparently outdated, old-fashioned face-to-face contact. Eye contact and body language speaks volumes, more than mere words on a screen ever will. We have gotten away from actual physical connection with each other.

      Many people state that their lives are simply too helter-skelter and that there is no time to take a breather. But somehow millions of people find the time to take a breather to wait in lines that snake around a mall to get at a bargain. Maybe that is the answer. Get a bullhorn and while they’re waiting, get your point across, whatever it is. I think that that would be the perfect and only chance to have a completely ‘captive’ audience, but on the other hand, maybe not so much because like Tubularsock stated, he would most likely be standing in line ‘polishing’ his old’ Apple iPhone complete with tunnel-vision’ while patiently waiting to purchase a bright and shiny new model.

      Thank you Stuart. I hope all is well with you.


  3. Dear, dear Linda, alas, you will wait in vain to become a flower girl if you wait for me to get married again, I would rather do a run with the bulls in 18″ stiletto heels than walk down the aisle again. Just thinking about it makes me shake and shiver with something resembling the ague. Add to that, Turbularsock is just TOO materialistic to suit me. I mean, he is ALL in the know about the Kardashians and I never look at TV and we would just fight all the time because I would point out to him every single day, that he is just committing mental suicide by watching that endless parade of mindless drivel. Not to mention, when he decides to get in a line that snakes around the Mall of America, I would have the court officials meet us there and promptly divorce him on the spot. An annulment would soon be in the cards. Furthermore, Tubularsock would make sure that the marriage ceremony would not go off without several hitches as he would have me in stitches. The man is so damn funny that I would need a respirator due to laughing so damn hard that I would ‘fuck up’ my lines. Tube, I’ll leave ya alone now. LOL Love ya!!

    And Linda, just because I think the situation we are in is hopeless does not mean that everyone does. They may be looking at things from a different perspective. I am a born pessimist and a realist and I just see no way out of this conundrum. I really don’t, short of just trying my best not to be part of the problem and attempting in some way to help when I can. The vast majority of us are just plain foolish and wanton in our quest for all that is Hollywood and materialistic. That is another reason why I despair of us. What we prioritize is beyond ridiculous and we would have it no other way, many of us that is.

    Thank you so much for your comment and once again, sorry to disappoint you, but there will be NO wedding bells for me! “I’ll take ‘running of the bulls’ for $200 Alex!”


    1. Okay Shelby, I know what you’re saying about the conflicting values and all, and you are probably wise. But it still seems a pity, you’d be such a cute couple … maybe you could just live in sin? No, no, the good Reverend would never go for that, I’m sure.

      Well, too bad — I was all set to get a pink pair of Crocs for the occasion and everything. Never mind. But if you do fancy running with the bulls, be careful, and for goodness sake, please, please please wear proper shoes! – Linda


      1. Linda, you are a riot! LMAO!! Tubularsock refuses to even attend the most excellent services that I perform at my most esteemed ‘palace of worship’. He claims that I would ‘rob him blind’ and prefers to keep his money safely away from the good ‘Reverend Pick Your Pocket Give Me All You Got’ Courtland. Not that I can blame him because unbeknownst to the congregation, I have hired(at great expense to said congregation)experienced pickpockets to aid and abet me in relieving my flock of any change that they may have withheld from the collection plate. Of course, they dare not accuse the ‘palace of worship’ of engaging in criminal activity as that would most definitely interfere with their need to obtain an exclusive, sensational and permanent spot in the heavenly paradise that awaits them on the other side of this here earthly realm, once the ‘pearly gates’ open to receive them, that is. My sheep are so easily fleeced, it is like taking candy from a baby. Unfortunately, Tubularsock as has been duly noted, is ALL in the know, so I cannot pull the ‘wool’ over HIS eyes, so to speak.

        I must say that I am most sorry to have inconvenienced you in any way. That would never be my intention, as how were you to know that I find the idea of marriage to be quite appallingly repellant, indeed. Getting gored by 30 bulls would be nothing compared to wedded ‘blitz’! Let me tell you! Once again, at the very thought, I am struck by another fit of the ague. *shiver* *shiver* I am not a bit afraid of running with the bulls in my 18″ stiletto heels. And ready! Release the bulls!!! LOL!

        Thanks Linda, you are a true wit!!


  4. Ahhh. That fickled-finger-of-fate! One second Tubularsock is on top of the heap, a promise (proposal) of a job as Jester. My dream …….. a job with a three month paid vacation, an expense account, a limo with driver, a top floor corner office, a secretary and office staff ………. YES and the kitchen sink too.

    But, alas ………….. then thrown down upon the coastal rocks at low tide to flounder like a fish out of water.

    One moment a place in the Court of Courtland and next thrust away like a forgotten flower girl (so sorry, Linda). The shame of it all ………

    Then on top of everything …….. running with the bulls in 18” stiletto heels followed by a flower girl in a pink pair of Crocs yelling that you, Courtland should wear “protection”.

    And add to that the flower girl in a pink pair of Crocs suggesting that somehow the “Reverend” should perhaps live in “sin”!

    This all sounds a bit kinky to Tubularsock. Just what happened to that flower girl in the dentist office the other day? …….. perhaps they turned-up the Nitrous Oxide a little high.

    With 18” stiletto heels, a pink pair of Crocs, and “sin” Tubularsock opened “the good book” (The Walmart Christmas Catalogue) to receive some type of solace. Yes, when one needs comfort, relief and support there is nothing better than a retail catalogue because as we all know …….. YOU CAN BY YOUR WAY TO HAPPINESS!

    But all is not lost. Tubularsock is going to keep the $800,000.00 ring that Courtland gave him because in 69 days Kim will dump Kanye and Tubularsock will cast his lot with Kim by presenting that ring to her.

    What could possibly go wrong with that plan? Isn’t life just one Disney film after another?


    1. ROTFLMAO!!! And gasping for breath!!! Tubular, I have begged you to please, PLEAZZZZZ take your show on the road and make Minnesota your first stop!!! Tears are actually streaming down my face and again, in a GOOD way! Hell! I cannot believe that just a few days ago, I was writing about tears streaming down my face and here today, you’ve caused the actual poem to emerge only for different reasons!

      After having said all of that, I intend to get my ring back. Do you dare suppose that I would relish the fact that you intend to hand MY ring over to Kim Karslutshian? Kim Kartrashcan will never receive that thar ring if I have to sue you and eventually re-own my ring, but also relieve you of your beloved 900″ HDTV and brand new Apple iPhone that you so lovingly polish every single day. Get out of that corner office immediately! There will be placed on the door, a sign stating that the “previous occupant has left the building, if you see him, send for Brother Thlug and Brother Mafio and handle business!” LOL!! I promise to leave you so broke that you will not even be able to fondle a Walmart catalogue, much less console yourself by perusing one. Walmart would become too expensive and I will also relieve you of the ability to stand in a long line for the next bright, shiny object that will be jettisoned down the pike to relieve you of the frustration of your failed attempt to woo Kim Karruption! How’s that for revenge? Floundering? I will see to it that you will not have the means to even eat Flounder! Hell hath no fury!!

      Linda, see what you’ve started? Tube and I were once considered to be an excellent match and now we are worse than at loggerheads. See, what the thought of marriage can do to a traumatized former inmate of that most hellish and unsanctified institution? Just funning’ with ya. This has been most excellent fun!

      Where once we were a couple and then we lost our minds,
      there came a time when both of us did share our awesome finds.
      We gave up treasure troves and diamonds, oh so bright,
      to gaze upon the stars to Hollywood’s delight!

      Tubular, you are awesome dude!!!!!! 10 thumbs up on that post!!! Whenever I feel down, I’ll just have to come back to this one and laugh until the tears freely flow!!!! Bless your awesome heart, dear Tubularsock!!!


    2. Oh damn Tubularsock, now you’ve got me worried! Maybe that Kardashian overdose did mess with my brain cells — and I had none to spare as it was. All this does sound … surreal at least.

      And sorry if I somehow blew the court jester gig for you, that sounds like your dream job! Can I plead diminished capacity or something? Hope I won’t get caught up in this impending cat-5 lawsuit… wouldn’t like becoming collateral damage …

      But … couldn’t you keep Shelby laughing too much to litigate? Seems worth a try. It sounds like you’d better give the damned ring back though, if nothing else. Better luck next time, dude! – Linda


  5. Hi Shelby,
    Oh how often I have felt EXACTLY the way you have expressed in this post, add to this other issues that one experiences in ones life and no doubt it sure looks like the chips are well and truly stacked against us all.

    However, we must take solace in the knowledge that upon our death beds, we will at least be able to leave this world in the knowledge that we have at least done our best.

    Doing ones best does not need quantifying, it does not require the saving of the millions but simply the betterment of some. That said, Please remember making only one persons life even only slightly better is an act equivalent to the power of 1 to 1 (you one person). Make two of more persons lives better through an act of kindness or support and the power equation increases = 1 (you) to 2 or 3 or 4 etc.
    Now I understand your frustration, but just imagine if every time you help someone or several persons, they in turn as a direct result of YOUR kindness also help one or more persons (in 80% of cases this is true), very soon your kindness which initially helped 1 person increases in power to the point that every act of kindness YOU have done increases to the power of hundreds if not thousands. 🙂 THIS IS FACT!.

    Regarding your gift here on your blog, the same applies. Just as you might give $5. to a guy in the street for a cup of coffee, yet never see him drink the coffee. It does not mean it did not happen. Likewise, although you write and give away your gift here (like $5. for coffee) because they don’t comment or like, this also does not mean that you have not reached them. just like you didn’t see the guy dink the coffee.

    Those of us who like and comment are the equivalent of the people YOU help who in turn go on to help others.

    Finally, I have officially become one of tubularsock’s TOP FANS!. You just gotta love that humor (quote) “with Kim and Kris and Kanye in our lives. It gives an entirely new meaning to the KKK! Aren’t you overjoyed?” LMAO !!

    Always a Fan & Friend


    1. T.J, I get what you are saying but to me, it seems that I am doing too little in trying to alleviate the suffering that I see. So many people are truly hurting. So many people are dying for lack of a home or proper medical care and yet, we have the money to randomly drone strike people in other countries because we have deemed them to be a terrorist when WE are the terrorists. And there is not a damn thing that myself and others who absolutely abhor what our government is doing, can stop it. We feel so helpless and it all seems so hopeless. When we think of the money that is allocated for the military to kill people and yet, there is a fight brewing over attempting to dismantle the programs that help people and that people have paid into their entire working life, is ridiculous. And we just feel that our voices are not heard because well…they are not! Like you stated on your blog, we are ruled under a fascist regime and there is no getting around that. You can see that we live under a ‘police state’ here in the “Land of the peons and the home of the afraid!”

      People are pepper sprayed by the cops for peacefully protesting and it is open season, not on deer, but on minorities by these racist cops and hardly a damn peep out of the mainstream media. Some filthy mess is going on over here and millions of us were conned into voting for that lying, depraved, hypocritical puppet Obama. I could kick myself for voting. We are damned if we do and damned if we don’t. And there will never be a viable 3rd party because the status quo has seen to that. I reiterate, I am totally frustrated!

      I do sincerely thank you for your comment though.

      P.S. Tubularsock is most entertaining! That he is! If you like this, you’ll love his blog! I have laughed myself silly reading it. “Tube, sorry sweetie! I do take you seriously, but with the amount of humor involved, I just gotta laugh!!” Love ya!!!!


  6. Once again, I commend your voice of reason. All we can do is focus on what matters most to us, not just individually but as a people, and take action. We get a plan and do what we can. Nice post!


    1. Thanks 1EarthUnited, even though I know that all is lost, just because I’m stubborn I guess, is why I keep laying it on thick. Also, I do it for the hell of it! I am SO bad!

      Thanks again!


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