This Is Just Side-Splitting Funny! Well…Isn’t It????

Dutch Facebook Page Aims To Save ‘Black Pete’ Tradition That Features Clowns In Black Face. See:

zarte pieten

Apparently, this is a tradition and is not deemed ‘inappropriate’ by those who participate or by the majority who uphold this caricature depicting whites in Black face with afro wigs and clowning around, playing the fool as they celebrate SinterKlass/Zwarte Piet.

SinterKass on his horse

SinterKlass surrounded by his Black clown subjects as he rides into town on his pure white horse with his so-called white skin and in all of his pure ass purity. For those whose skin is actually Black, think nothing of this, just get into the spirit of things and ignore the painful images. We are finally recognizing you, be grateful and thankful because for the most part, you are all but ignored except when we call you “allokhthon”, and means “found in a place other than where they were formed”. But no non-Dutch white person living in the Netherlands is referred to as allochtoon, only non-white people, Dutch and otherwise.”

Yes, SinterKlass or Santa Claus is coming to town. He is the jolly white man bearing gifts to all children, Zwarte Piet in the Netherlands and Black children in America and all around the world. He is the benevolent saint who loves all children, even the ones who are the brunt of jokes, it is all in fun. And to think that Black people embrace this shit that white people have shoved down our throats for centuries. Just as we have taken to believing in their white, blond, blue-eyed ‘god’ which was never a belief of those who were in Africa. Not one Black person in America would be worshipping some false fake ass idol depicted as a white man hanging on a cross if not for the fact that the so-called ‘Christian heathens’ dragged their ancestors across oceans to become slaves. Yes, let us celebrate the coming of the oh so benevolent jolly white man bearing his goddamn gifts that Black people have to work so much harder for to provide for their children then whites do and then turn around and have their children give praise to the white man for their hard work and struggles. No fucking thank you!!! Let us sing the Christmas songs, “Oh Come All Ye Faithful!” “Silent Night!” “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem!” Again! No fucking thank you! Black folks, you better wake the fuck up and realize just what the hell you’re doing. You are doing exactly what the white man wants you to do, give him ALL the goddamn glory that you worked too damn hard for and earned through blood, sweat and tears. Not only your forefathers who slaved to build this godforsaken ‘godless’ country, but those who followed are still being worked to death or starved to death while these ‘godless’ heathens profess to spirituality and to love and kindness. Piss on that!!

And now, one good turn deserves another. Who will find this to be funny?

Well now, isn't this perplexing? Shampoo for a dog or a white female model?
Well now, isn’t this perplexing? Shampoo for a dog or a white female model?
Dog hair or human hair? Doesn't matter! Use Sleeky Dog Shampoo and get the same results as your dog!
Dog hair or human hair? Doesn’t matter! Use Sleeky Dog Shampoo and get the same results as your dog!
On one side, I used Sleeky Dog Shampoo and on the other side, I used Pantene. Can you see and feel the difference? No! They both work wonders for the hair. Love your hair with Sleeky Dog Shampoo!!
You and your dog can get this hair using either Sleeky Dog Shampoo or Pantene
You and your dog can get this hair using either Sleeky Dog Shampoo or Pantene
Can you believe it? All three of us can use the same shampoo!
Feature me in the next Pantene shampoo commercial. Such luxuriant hair just gets you noticed!
Feature me in the next Pantene shampoo commercial. Such luxuriant hair just gets you noticed!

Funny yet???!!!! Don’t forget to check out the video. You’ll really think that’s funny.

14 thoughts on “This Is Just Side-Splitting Funny! Well…Isn’t It????

  1. Oh Shelby it’s a dog’s life if you ask Tubularsock. Hair makes all the difference.

    Last year Tubularsock saw a “black” Santa Claus being arrested in downtown San Francisco by six cops. May the Christmas spirit be abound. But it was so busy with people buying shit that nobody seemed to notice except me.

    Could you imagine just how fast that black face would be coming off if the cops started to chase them down the street? ……….

    And the image of a white guy climbing down your chimney and ending in your living room with a big bag and the response is a cookie and a glass of milk?

    But a black guy doing that ………… shitttttttt!

    Well it just goes to show you that the world is a funny, odd, crazy, nutty place and we are all just stopping by for a brief visit. The bus is always loading …… no ticket necessary.


    1. It’s a dog’s life alright. I insist on equal opportunity stereotyping and I will stand for nothing less. Whenever I see this shit, I intend to counter it with some more shit. This is a goddamn two way street. They bring it to me and I’ll take it to them. I have no problem fighting fire with fire. Hurt feelings, my ass! Who the hell cares about feelings these days? Not bloody many, that’s for damn sure!

      Oh, that does not surprise me to read of the Black Santa Claus getting arrested. They can’t have that. It is contrary to all that is holy and sanctified and glorified. How dare that Black man dress up as Santa Claus and give the little Black children something to write home about. There must be a ‘white face’ savior, doncha know? Black people do not come bearing gifts, only whites. Ask the Indians how the white Christians bearing gifts destroyed them. Let’s ask the slaves how the whites sailing over to Africa made their lives so much better bearing the gift of Christianity attached to slavery and rape and brutality. Yes, indeed, white Santa Claus went all over the world bearing gifts and we’re all the better for it. We are just ungrateful. How dare the Indians have a problem with the confiscation of their lands! How dare the African slaves have a problem building America and then getting thrown underneath the train and the bus for their efforts! Just what the hell is their problem? They should be thanking us, they should!!!

      And yes, why don’t those in ‘black face’ come on over here and clown around up and down these damn streets and see how fast they’d get shot 100 times by racist ass cops! Those left alive would be crying, “foul!,” so damn fast, it’s not even funny!

      Now why can’t a Black Santa Claus come down the chimney into a ‘white’ living room? Why should THAT get a reaction? I mean, we’re supposed to tell our kids that is okay for a white man to come down ours. Hell! It’s been programmed into us to accept that stupid shit and we ate it up and passed it down.

      Yes, indeed, this is all just so goddamn funny! I just cannot stop laughing!!


  2. The fest-evil-ties just started, and I am already tired of it. Like I said last year, the more attention it gets the bigger it becomes. White Pete has no shame to shame. White Pete is all out calling misses Shepherd a fraud. The way they see it, she volunteered to be their UN Black Pete.
    It is war. Peace.


    1. It will always be war, No Black Pete, always! You are right, they are shameless as they have no conscience to even permit a shred of shamelessness or decency to seep in. How can they, when they are the devil’s own! Godless, soulless bastards!


  3. I agree totally with your opinion on the ‘Black Pete’ Tradition and frankly cannot understand the reason such a (so called) tradition would or should be carried on. OR for that matter why it ever begun! It’s stupidity of the highest form in my humble opinion !



    1. Thank you T.J. No Black Pete provided excellent coverage of this. No Black Pete did not become as emotional as I did over this and I am not even over there, No Black Pete is and has been dealing with this mess for quite some time. It is a sin and a shame that people are subjected to this gross display of disgustingness and are hell bent on keeping it going, knowing full fucking well that it is offensive, but they could care less because as No Black Pete has stated, they are shameless! Well, I am not the one to be nice about it! I answer like with like and to hell with the consequences.
      Thank you for your comment, but as you can see, I am all riled up again!


      1. Well if one wishes to get riled up over continual traditional bull shit you’d better throw Thanksgiving and Christmas into the mix. This year Tubularsock is going to wear “Indian-face” on Thanksgiving and “Jesus-face” with a long white beard on Christmas! Ho-ho-ho!

        Tubularsock loves “shameless” and is “hell bent in keeping it going”!


  4. Well, you of course, can have fun with this because how many ‘traditions’ fuck with the caucasian persuasion? Not a fucking one! Your like(for want of a better word) are always perceived as the benevolent and oh, so great dictators who are just not fucking appreciated for all that they do for those whose land has been confiscated while the original inhabitants are herded onto reservations and have their children indoctrinated into the heathen’s way of life just like the Indians and Black people here who are worshipping the same ‘god’ that brought these ‘godless’ fucks over here to steal, rape, kill, and savage people who they claimed were ‘savages’. For real???? I know who the real savages were AND are!! Your ‘like’ are the ones who claimed to have made life better for the African slaves in America. What’s all the fuss about? Who minds a little whipping and rape while a shackle is on the foot? And while your ‘like’ is at it, why not take over every Caribbean nation, claim it and proceed to whip those slaves into producing sugar cane to enrich plantations. All profits and no hard work for the godless heathens who control all. Yes, I will continue to get ‘riled’ up because unless we call this shit, just what it is, then that means that we silently condone it and I for one will NEVER silently condone it. The hell I celebrate thanksgiving or christmas or any of that other bullshit that was shoved down my throat.

    When little children have to look at that and then wonder about themselves and wonder what it is that makes them the brunt of jokes all in the name of tradition, someone should have a goddamn problem with it and become riled up over it. Let it be YOUR children who are subjected to that racist shit and then come talk to me about why get ‘riled’ up over ‘continual traditional bull shit’. Become the front, center and brunt of it and then you’ll know the hell why!


    1. No Black Pete, some people have all the goddamn nerve in the world. Let them walk a damn mile in my shoes and see what the goddamn fuss is all about. They’d realize it quick, fast and in a fucking hurry! Those who have NEVER been subjected to pure, unadulterated racism have the goddamn nerve to tell me NOT to get riled up when racism is being pissed all up in my face and then I’m told that it’s not piss, it is merely rain???!!!! Seriously!!! Think I’m not going to call that shit out! Not get riled up? Not get riled up?!!! Who the fuck are they kidding? If the only thing that I can do about it is to call it like I see it, and sprinkle some sugar on shit, gift wrap it and send it the hell back to ’em, then I’ll ‘git er done’!, but damn it if I am going to sit shyly on the sidelines and have no fucking problem with a fucked up ‘tradition’ that is racist from one end to the goddamn other! I, for one don’t like bullshit candy and have no problem making that fact well known! If I see some more ridiculous racist traditional ass bullshit, I’m fucking calling it out and getting riled up! Anybody got any questions??????!!!!!

      Trade fucking places with me and like I stated, walk a goddamn mile in my “bearing the brunt of racism’ shoes” and then fucking come talk to me about getting riled up!!! You’d shut the fuck up quick fast and in a goddamn hurry!!!!!


  5. Uhm, nope. No questions left to ask. I do not even want to trade places, and we might have been wearing the exact same shoes. LMBAO. When is this mofo madness going to end already? Why are we trying to make chicken soup out of chicken shit?! Hmmm. It does go nicely with the bullshit and sugar. That much is true.


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