Who Is Who?

who is who

Photo credit: leaberkhman.wordpress.com
Photo credit: leaberkhman.wordpress.com

zarte pieten

I am cream, you are my coffee.

I am light, you are my shadow.

I am Black, you are my white.

I am heathen, you are my savior.

I am god, you are my servant.

I am pain, you are my pleasure.

I am cursed, you are my blessing.

I am adult, you are my child.

I am fierce, you are my shield.

I am ice, you are my fire.

I am free, you are my need.

I am slave, you are my chain.

I am me. Who are you?

Written by,

Shelby I. Courtland

© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland


Note: If you want to be Black so damn bad, then take ALL that comes with it! So, just who the fuck are YOU?

4 thoughts on “Who Is Who?

  1. Oh my. How much more blackface can I take?! You got all those imbecilics wearing blackface for Holloween in the United Shackles of Insanity. And in Hell Land white Pete gets ready for the Sinterklaas bullshit on December 5th! It is October!!


    1. This is nothing to what I’ve experienced.

      This happened on the job when I was living in the south, I got into a confrontation with a white person who had stated that “Black people have no table manners and no hair,” after which I threw six fits and had 71 convulsions, I was told, “why should YOU have a problem with what I’ve just said, I wasn’t speaking of you, you are just white with a tan, my cousin gets darker than you when she tans.” She then grabbed my hand, turned it palm side up and stated, “look how white your hand is, you are not Black.” Let me just say that the aftermath of Chernobyl looks like a lush, tropical paradise, compared to the explosion from ME on the second floor of that fucking building!

      Every supervisor on the floor headed down to Human Resources to have me fired. The Human Resources manager told each one of them to “get the hell back up stairs and not set foot back in his office complaining about Shelby.” You see, I had already given him a history lesson which apparently, he took to heart. I was the only Black person in the entire damn building that would speak out against racism when I saw it.

      A lady who worked with me did not even speak up for her own son who came to work as an intern along with a white male intern during the summer. After they both graduated, the white male intern returned and was promoted into a great position. This lady’s son who had the same qualifications as the white male intern was placed in the lowest position on our floor. I called the President/CEO and made an appointment, had a face-to-face with him and by the time I had gone back to my workstation, that lady’s son had been called into the office and received the promotion DUE him, the very same as the white male intern had received!! She was terrified of confronting those who were treating her son to racism and contempt.

      When I left that job and moved out of state, when I had called to speak with someone, when those who were close by heard that it was me on the phone, it was all I could do to tell them that since I no longer worked there, there was nothing that I could do for them. “Put your big girl pants on, put your big boy pants on and get busy standing up for yourselves” is what I told them. Ha! Like that actually happened. What the hell is there to fear? I just don’t fucking get it!!!!

      Like I have stated before, I will call this shit out when I see it because silence encourages it. Some say to ignore it and it will just go away. How many centuries has it been?


      1. You help one, and it becomes your job to save all of them. But who will help you when you need it? So, dayum skippy, you call them out.
        When it comes to office cave behavior I got some pearly white horror stories too. But, they are all about finding the Black person to sacrifice to be their Black Pete. Now, where did I put those notes…


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