She’s A Nubian Queen!

Black is beautiful

Sun-kissed lady with the ebony skin,
so lovely on the outside as well as within.

She has high cheek bones in an oval face,
she walks with dignity and so much grace.

Perfectly beautiful just as she is,
loves her man and knows she’s his.

She’s a Nubian queen, an African bride,
and her smooth, Black skin; she will not hide.

She’s scorned the world over and she does not care.
She loves her Black skin and her curly Black hair.

She’s a model of beauty and a painter’s delight.
Her laughter is contagious, teeth gleaming so white.

She was centuries in the making and well worth the wait.
And she took her time to find the perfect mate.

He’ll treasure her love and her ebony skin,
and appreciate her beauty, both without and within.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2013 Shelby I. Courtland

12 thoughts on “She’s A Nubian Queen!

    1. Ah, thank you Prince! You’re giving me an even bigger head. My little dime store poetry is what it is. But as the inspiration comes, I’m gonna keep giving it a go!

      Again, thank you!


    1. Thank you for the compliment on this one Dr. Y. This one does indeed, continue to get a lot of attention and I am glad that it resonates with so many people or that they like it. Again, I appreciate your comment.

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  1. I love your poem. Believe it or not as being a Black female I always feel less. No matter how hard I try, I feel like I am less. White women are praised for their over all beauty. Latina women are praised the their sexiness. Asian women are praised for the cuteness and femininity( not being rude but they all look alike to me😂). Arab women are praised for their exotic appearance. But us as Black women we are never praised and if we are it is for beong strong. I’m tired of being like like they proclaim, the bottom of the barrel. I have white guys constantly hit me up like I’m some kind of sexual fetish. I have white guys who will hit me up when they’re not around their friends. I was dating this Black Guy and he introduced me to hia friends. They called me average. I looked at this fool and I asked him what is average? He replied,”Black chicks are reguar they aint got nun on Latinas.” I really didn’t give a shit about his comment. I’ve seen some latinas that look average as hell and I’ve seen some Ethopian women that are beyond average.

    It shows how black women are viewed. Like we are nothing. Alot of young black girls have low self-esteem.

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    1. Jasmine, I thank you for your comment and as much as I wish that I could offer up some words that should make you feel better about the situation, I cannot even though I tried with this poem, but the sad fact of the matter is that even the beautiful Ethiopian women are buying into the “White women are the most beautiful women” fallacy and even they cannot be shaken in their belief of this for they are busily buying skin bleaching crèmes and lotions in an attempt to de-Black themselves, I guess.

      And I know exactly where you are coming from. After work, me and several co-workers went to a nightclub and two of the co-workers were white women and when we sat down at a table, the Black men came and stood around our table just staring at the two white women with their tongues literally hanging out of their mouths. They even asked them to dance and both white women refused. In fact, both white women got up and left our table to get away from those Black men, who then proceeded to ask us if we could hook them up with the two white women. Unfortunately, ‘security’ had to be called to our table because we created that much of a disturbance. Those Black men really thought that we was going to try and get them dates with white women? Seriously? Where I am now, it is an epidemic. All I see are Black men walking around with white women and I have no idea who Black women are dating unless, it’s some tired ass old man who can’t get a ‘white’ woman because they are too sick and old and only need someone to take care of their dying ass. One such man, did indeed, ask me if I could cook because he’s looking for a wife and he looked like something that was about to kick the bucket any second. I think more of myself than that and no, I don’t date and I won’t because I am too tired to deal with this mess of today. I am thankful that I am waaaaay past my younger years when this would have bothered me, but back then, we didn’t have this problem so much.

      I only wish that there was something of usefulness that I could say, but even I am stumped over all of this.

      Once again, I thank you for your comment. Keep your head up!

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