‘Tis The Season To Help The Homeless….Uh, Charities!!!!

tis the season for charities

‘Tis the season to be homeless and to give to charities.
The homeless; they get recognized and you bring your checkbook please.

All year long, they get the shaft; the poor should not be seen,
but it’s time to dress them up, with some polish and some sheen.

We’ve got to help the homeless; it’s the right time of the year.
And when the season’s over, get the homeless out of here.

We preach about what good we do and how we need your money.
The ‘bible’ says to help the poor; most days we find that’s funny.

A good thing, yes we know and that is why we love Thanksgiving.
We can fleece our christian flock; that’s how we ‘earn’ our living.

So, homeless folk, you gather round; you’ll get a decent meal.
Instead of chicken broth, we’re serving up some veal.

Smile for the camera; show your need for dental work.
We’ll get some more donations; your plight will be our perk.

When Christmas rolls around, what joy for us there’ll be.
The homeless get a scarf and we get a shopping spree.

I’ll splash a homeless man as I drive my brand new car.
And serve him bread and water while I feast on caviar.

What a lovely time of year to head a Christian charity.
I’m no smelly homeless person bogged down by poverty.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

The ‘faith based’ charities have the homeless out ringing bells and looking their most ‘homeless’ right in time for the season of good ‘tithings’, uh…I mean..good ‘tidings’. Time to get your checkbook out BEFORE you head out the door and give all your money to the merchants. Remember, the homeless, I mean…the charities NEED your donations to help themselves, uh…I mean to help the homeless! Don’t be stingy now, ya hear?

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