Now, Listen UP!!!!

freshly pressed bullshit

Perverts!,(most likely christian perverts) I am directing this one at you! Yeah, you! Get some damn help and stop sitting around, jerking off and searching for ‘homeless prostitutes’. I am so sick and damn tired of every single damn time I view spam comments that are not caught and on viewing my stats page, some damn indecent shit about ‘cock sucking homeless prostitutes’ is all up in my face. If you put the time and effort that you spend searching for ‘homeless prostitutes’ to suck your cock, to better use, you’d wouldn’t have time to be searching for homeless prostitutes. Yes, I know that it is some filthy shit out there, but for the love of….get some holiday spirit and go out and get trampled at the damn mall. It would be no great loss for whoever is sleeping next to your perverted ass at night, if ANYONE is!

Yes, I wrote a poem about ‘Homeless Prostitutes’, but DAMN!!! I had no idea that it would garner the attention it has, nor would I have imagined that I would get bombarded by horny ass skanks searching for ‘porn’ sites and ending up on mine, which is NOT porn, by the way. Just to clear THAT shit up!! What miserable degenerate would be so desperate as to type in a search for a ‘homeless prostitute’? Never mind, I don’t even want to begin to know!

You should be ashamed of yourself for searching for a vulnerable homeless woman to satisfy your sex needs. No, I am not YOUR conscience as you are sadly lacking one anyway, but be that as it may, attempt to try and show some damn class by at least searching for an ‘escort’ or a ‘call girl’ if you MUST!! But why the emphasis on ‘homeless cock sucking prostitutes’? I just don’t get it? What is the attraction? They’re homeless and therefore, more biddable to your perversions? You little sick, twisted shits! Get a damn life!!

how prostitute choose cock to suck
homeless prostitues

homeless cock suck prostitute

…and what’s a ‘prostitues’? You can’t even spell prostitute, so that gives me some idea of how lacking in intelligence and schooling you are. This is most definitely some Freshly Pressed Bullshit!!!! Congrats on having the dubious distinction of winning this award!!!!

6 thoughts on “Now, Listen UP!!!!

  1. Shelby ……… pay attention: which will garner more hits on youtube

    1. Tits

    2. Drone strikes in Yemen

    Get how it works? There are a huge number of dumb shits out there. Now you’re meeting them.


    • Uh….let me see! Hmmmmmm…I’ll take 2. for $200 Alex. Did I get it right?

      Oh! I thought that read ‘tints’. I gotta get some glasses! I..uh…see your point!!!

      I must say that I am waaaay past sorry that I even wrote that poem. I should have known better. What was I thinking? That we had ‘evolved’, perhaps? Nothing doing, eh?


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