What The Hell Is Going On?

Pretty much self-explanatory, I would 'think', at least I still do anyway.

Pretty much self-explanatory, I would ‘think’, at least I still do anyway.

Is unemployment down or are they messing with our head?
If the jobs are just not there; might as well just stay in bed.

So, you’re moving in with mom and mom is moving in with me.
What the hell is going on? There are those who still can’t see.

The economy’s on the rebound; that’s what is in the news.
But my reality is so different from what the hacks effuse.

Stop listening to their noise; don’t buy into their shit.
Their rags are corporate owned, find the truth that they omit.

They falsify the numbers and they screw us every day.
It all just makes no sense. What the hell? They think we’re fey?

They’ll sell to you a smartphone which tells me that you’re dumb.
You’ve a brain inside your head, but it’s useless when you’re numb.

Your life is not your own, they’ve convinced you not to think.
They fill you with their pills and they send you to a shrink.

You never question this; they’ve hypnotized you well.
The drivel that you watch has you caught up in their spell.

They’ve studied you so long and sown you up real tight.
You’re their mindless, willing drone; who gave up without a fight.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

15 thoughts on “What The Hell Is Going On?

  1. ‘You’ve a brain inside your head, but it’s useless when you’re numb.
    … You’re their mindless, willing drone; who gave up without a fight.’

    Shelby, Thank you! Another fine piece with a bite to it. – Linda


  2. This is so true and so very nicely done. I love your sense of humor. I’m laughing and shaking my head at the same time.

    A conversation with the guy at the convenience store day a couple of days ago – he ran out of Coke and I said “what is wrong with you?” jokingly, “it’s summer for goodness sake” and he said “I rely on the computer and it told me I had enough stock to last three weeks!” He then went on to explain he has no brain any more, he just follows what the computer says. I told him that I work in IT and I know how these things are done, whenever the computer tells me anything in an authoritative tone, my response is always “Are YOU Suuuure? I don’t think I believe you.” He immediately turned to the computer screen and repeated “Are you sure, I don’t think so.” When I walked into the shop today, he said “Oh no! I feel guilty, I have no brain!” LOL


    • If cash registers weren’t ‘computers’, the cashiers wouldn’t even know how much money the customer is due to receive in change because the ‘computer’ does it for them. I’d hate to be standing in line if the ‘computer’ broke down. Might as well leave.

      Back in the day, when I was working at my cousin’s little country store, we had one of those old cash registers and you had to figure out change all on your lonesome. Not anymore and that has had a most dumbing down effect on the populace.


      • If my brain went as slow and ineffectively as a computer I would have been dead long ago. So I agree with you wholeheartedly. A lot of people don’t seem to realise that thinking is a physical function and it requires regular activity/exercise in order to function efficiently. Of course, I am not referring to mental chatter, which a lot of people confuse with thinking. Anyway, I have spent all day rassling my computer into submission – I could do with a drink!


  3. Nice bubble buster. I give up on preaching on smart spy phones. I just chalk it up to being jealous that I do not have one. I need all my energy to help (avoid) people only having eyes for their spy phones from bumping into me.


    • I don’t have one and someone was trying to give me one as a gift and after I told them that it would go right into the garbage, they gave up on that idea. My only expectations for a phone is to call and receive calls from it. That is all. Nothing complicated about that. I don’t need apps and saps and baps and bippity do da shit! *ring* *ring* answer call – dial number, call is answered. The end.


      • Yeah, I thought I could suspend my bs detector and pretend to be normal. It’s murder out there for sure.

        After learning certain truths there’s no unlearning them nor suspending them.

        I think I may blog about my torture.

        Thank god for my lovely tea, that smooths out so many wrinkles for me. I felt like I was insane out there. And such bad taste people have. I guess that’s what happens when get your opinions handed to you.


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