Making The Case For ‘Povertenza’

rich vs poor

I must thank Robert once again for bringing this to my attention.

Why the sudden onset of ‘fluenzas’? Oh of course, to keep young white asses out of jail!!!

We are all familiar with·flu·en·za
1.a highly contagious viral infection of the respiratory passages causing fever, severe aching, and catarrh, and often occurring in epidemics.

Now, we have quite another ‘fluenza’.·flu·en·za
1.a psychological malaise supposedly affecting wealthy ‘white’ young people, symptoms of which include a lack of motivation, feelings of guilt, and a sense of isolation.

When I tried to look up ‘povertenza’, this is what appeared.

povertenza – did not match any documents.

•Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
•Try different keywords.
•Try more general keywords.
•Try fewer keywords.

Surprised? Not a chance! You see ‘povertenza’ could be used as a ‘get-out-of jail’ and into therapy card for Black youth who live in poverty stricken inner cities. Of course, there will be no medical terminology associated with ‘povertenza’ because poverty in the Black community has been criminalized and so, povertenza will never be considered a medical condition unlike affluenza, that shit just cannot happen. I mean, who would we get to fill up all the jails and prisons, if not for criminalizing poverty in Black communities all across this country. We must have free slave convict labor and since rich white kids have affluenza, young Black kids have ‘criminalenza’ and therefore, must be put on lockdown, for their own good, of course. That is the ‘therapy’ for poor Black youth.

So, when a rich white kid commits a crime, he has a medical condition and it would be even more detrimental to his rich white ass if he was locked up with those who suffer from ‘povertenza’ and thus, he should just sit down with a psychologist who will offer him support and hope that he can somehow cope with being a poor little rich white kid who is just so isolated that he has no concept of right and wrong and when he does wrong, he must not be allowed to suffer the consequences of his actions, oh no! Not like the poor Black youth who suffer from povertenza. Affluenza is much more of a serious condition that needs treatment, not incarceration. We must have standards, you know! If we must invent medical terms to keep little badass rich white kids out of jail, then by all means, we will. However, this will not apply to those little Black kids in inner cities, who because they have been infected with povertenza, uh…well…there is just no excuse. They must suffer the consequences of their actions. This is Amerikkka you know.

Affluenza? Seriously? That is the most stupid shit that I have ever seen and I’ve seen a lot. White people never cease to amaze me with the making up of shit just to excuse their offsprings criminal behavior. They will make shit up and sling it until it sticks. This is a new fucking low even for this shithole called Amerikkka! More goddamn bullshit nonsense!

Public defenders all across Amerikkka, I double dare you to use this defense the next time a Black youth is standing beside you in criminal court on charges of stealing a loaf of bread. Cite povertenza as the cause and demand that povertenza be treated as a psychological malaise affecting ‘poor’ Black young people; symptoms of which include a lack of a quality education, feelings of low self-worth caused by racism, bigotry and prejudice and is a type of condition that needs therapy, not imprisonment and that if affluenza can be applied to rich white kids, then apply povertenza as opposed to criminalenza to poor Black youth. If that doesn’t work, tell the judge the Black kid stole the bread to sell for Nyquil because he had influenza. Hell! Try every fluenza in the book and out of it except for affluenza(we already know that one isn’t going to work)and see what happens. And get back to me on how well THAT defense goes over with the judge. Not that I don’t already know! I’m not that naïve! For the love of …!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 thoughts on “Making The Case For ‘Povertenza’

  1. This is a really powerful piece Shelby that unfortunately is true. I don’t pretend to know what it is like to be a Black person, but it still seems that as a country we have such a long, long way to go as you so eloquently say in your post. This is abundantly evident if one simply watches the news or reads a newspaper, I find it just awful and unfortunately I don’t know that it will change anytime soon. Only when we can eliminate racial separation will it change, which is easier said than done. I’m sorry that a piece like this is still needed, but it is.


    1. Thank you for your comment Dom!

      No, racism is not going anywhere, not in anybody’s life time. That shit must stick around and I have delved into the reasons why all over this blog. Black slave labor built this shithole so that rich white shits can get off scot free when they commit a crime and yet, people want to point the finger at what’s happening in Black communities all across this country and blame a ‘thug’ mentality on the ails of Black communities. Black communities are intentionally being stomped and shitted on just like Detroit, New Orleans and the list goes on because ‘For Profit Prisons’ are a booming business with the goddamn slave labor because they are filled with young Black men who are mostly locked up on petty charges. Minimum sentencing guidelines are helping that shit along.

      And along comes the ever-so-helpful whitey and his bullshit psychiatric nonsense for some little white rich piece of shit who is just so misunderstood and lonely and we’ve got to bend over backwards to get this little shit the help he so desperately needs, but to fuck with the Black communities and the ‘malaise’ that is affecting them. That’s not a ‘medical’ condition, they’re just fucking criminals. Newsfuckingflash, so is this little shit that killed those people! They can call what he has shitfluenza, but he’s still a goddamn criminal!


  2. God bless Amerikkka! Only you can send me into a fury and laugh my head off at the same time. Thank you for remaining true to your tagline and for pointing out the absurdities, inequities and downright stupidity that seems to be in endless flow these days. Not saying that previous days were any better. That boy needed to go to jail for so many reasons. Although I find it extremely amusing, I’m not so sure about needing povertenza as a defence, it would further disadvantage black youth because in human reality, you do something wrong, you do what is necessary for redemption, you grow up and never do that shit again. We are strong enough to do that, those whities with affluenza, they are just making themselves weaker and sillier with every new trick.


    1. No, Robyn, they are making ‘us’ weaker. I have read blogs by brothers who are down on themselves because of this shit storm that is their daily life. If you go back and re-read a comment on “I Am Cursed,” you will read a comment from a brother who has been reeling from what has been flung at him, relentlessly. People have no choice but to be affected by this never ending racist shit. Whites can be as weak as a newborn baby, but they’ve got all the ‘affluence’ and perks of their complexion to soften their weakness. What the hell do we have? Up in our face with it, knock us down and drag our ass to prison shit, that’s what we’ve got.

      Black people are arrested for ‘driving while Black’, ‘standing while Black’, looking cross-eyed while Black, ‘doing nothing but being Black’. They’re heading to jail because public school education is laughable and sadly lacking in providing them ANY sort of education.

      If the whites can have some stupid ass defense called ‘affluenza’ why the hell can Blacks not have ‘povertenza’ as a damn defense? It is no more ridiculous than their bullshit!

      Thank you for your comment.


      1. I have no experience of what it is like to be black in America, perhaps the black US people are accurate when they say that what happens here is absolutely nothing, and that I should stop complaining. Anyway, I deeply regret opening my mouth although it’s too late now.


  3. Affluenza is RICH. Just read the article and Tubularsock has to point out that in Texas they just see things differently is all. But Shelby “povertenza” is a great idea. I just can’t believe that the judicial system wouldn’t back your logic. Isn’t Amerika great.


    1. It is just as ‘logical’ as their ‘affluenza’ shit! ‘Povertenza’ is just as due for recognition as ‘affluenza’ is. They keep flinging shit and I keep flinging it right back. Why shouldn’t MY shit stick?


  4. For starters, please activate the tweety bluebird for me who is just figuring out how to use these tools. I like that info flow tool so far. It’s silly but it can be effective. Yes, I want to tweet this blogpost. Unless you have some reason for NOT advocating the use of the little bluebird. If so, that’s cool.
    Hi New Bad Girl. )
    Inequality in the illusionary justice system indeed. There is no end to the BS a defense lawyer will come up with. Nor is there anything a prosecutor and judge will decline to do as we’ve seen regarding the prison industrial system. There is one point I’d like to raise for consideration–from what I’ve seen this shyte goes beyond race and color to Economic Class in the states. It’s Money that has drawn certain class lines as well as the color of a person’s skin. And European history shows that you can be the same color and still get shat upon heavily by others with power and money.
    Oh Shelby, you’ve got FIRE going in your soul! )


    1. I hear what you are saying about the class lines and that is a problem also, but when people have to deal with racism and classism that is a much tougher burden to bear, in my opinion of course. And as far as I am concerned, the criminals who run the criminal ‘in’justice system are hell bent on subjugating and enslaving Black people as there are over 2.3 million incarcerated and two-thirds of the incarcerated are Black. That is no accident.

      Oh, and thank you! Yes, I’ve got the devil’s own fire in my soul! LOL!


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