Another ‘Good’ Girl Gone Bad!

fuck the world

Here we go, another ‘good’ girl gone bad.
And yeah, I know; the fucking world’s gone mad.

This is where I say, “I don’t give a shit!”
Who am I kidding? That’s it! I quit!!

I don’t give a good goddamn anymore!
What the fuck? I can’t even the score!

And hell no, my halo ain’t slipping.
To this fucked up world; the bird, I’m flipping.

This time I’ve just stopped giving a fuck.
To those in need; you are SO out of luck.

How many ‘good’ days have you ever had?
When has the ‘good’ outweighed the bad?

Me? I’ll never be mistaken for a SAP!
Sad and Pathetic; to hell with that crap!

Yeah, yeah, yeah; I’ve heard it all before!
We’ve got to feed the hungry and look out for the poor!

Go tell it on the mountain and then head to Wall Street!
And sit your ass down and accept the word, DEFEAT!

Write it all down and sell it if you can.
You ain’t fooling me; I know you got no plan.

Re-write history and what about the lies?
Who conquers who? I won’t wait for that surprise!

And who the hell says there is a human race?
I’ve looked far and wide; there ain’t a goddamn trace!

Talk shit to the dead who got nothing to lose.
They’re sitting in church, so go light the fuse.

The puppets and the zombies all dance to one tune.
All are kept in line by the goon’s platoon.

Step one foot out and you get your ass shot.
You can ‘care’ if you want, but it’s all for naught.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

….and don’t come in here with no bullshit about how we’re ALL in this together. We’re not in shit together! We’re not doing a goddamn thing but pissing in the wind and as soon as you wake the fuck up and recognize, the better off your ass will be. It is fucking war! Ain’t no goddamn peace!!

25 thoughts on “Another ‘Good’ Girl Gone Bad!

    1. Now Tube, I thought you knew. There is ‘good’ bad and then there is ‘bad’ bad. I have been ‘good’ bad, but that shit just don’t cut it, hell nah! From this day forward, the ‘good’ badass is no more! No more writing about ‘tip-toeing through the goddamn tulips and all THAT shit! From now on, my writings are going to be unmistakably ‘militant’ and ferocious! I am not putting up with the bullshit and they can take it or leave it!! That’s how much I give a fuck!!! ‘Followers’? They come and they go, I write to suit ME and to hell with what ANYBODY else thinks!!

      Every fucking body reading this, got that???!!!

      Oh, and thank you for your comment Tube! The above sentence wasn’t aimed at YOU! But I won’t hold you to our PR contract because this shit is going to be too much even for you!!


      1. A contract is a contract don’t try to put out scare shit to Vinnie or Tubularsock! To date Tubularsock hasn’t seen any amount of shit too much for him. I have a side business in waste removal.


      1. Now wait just a minute Tube! Why just the other day, you were stating that I had not paid your PR firm for services rendered. Now, you wish to continue to represent me! Ha! Take it up with my lawyers and consider yourself SERVED! Here are your court papers. I am suing you for libel, slander and defamation of character. Now you got issues! Deal with it!!!!!!! And don’t even talk to me about Vinnie’s Cement Shoes….because Vinnie and I are real good friends!! Now, put that in your Popehat and light it!!! LMAO!!!!


    1. Robyn, thank you for your comment and for posting that! I had to listen to it twice. I hadn’t heard that one before! And I am shocked because Aretha is one of my ALL time favorites.

      As Tube stated, your comments ARE valued in here so long as they coincide with MINE! LOL! Robyn, I am just kidding! Hold your own and stand your ground(just not in Florida, if you come here for a visit, but that’s another issue).

      At one point in time, I was willing to try and do all that I could do for people, but when bullshit is being dumped in my face constantly, something’s got to give. I used to think that I was not like my other self-serving and selfish ass relatives, but the apple does not fall too far from the tree and so who am I kidding? Not myself any longer, that’s for certain. I am fed up and I am going to show just how fed up I am!

      I do so thank you for your comment and again, I SO enjoyed the music. Can’t go wrong with Aretha!


      1. There was a time when I fully believed all the crap. Like you, I did everything I could for people and I still fall into that trap constantly, however, no matter how stupid I become temporarily, I also bounce! Truth matters to me, acceptance doesn’t. That Aretha song is the soundtrack to getting back to who I am, so I have to listen to it regularly, I am far far far from perfect. It took me ages to understood why they keep the black people subjugated. They NEED us, they have lost touch with what makes us so friggin’ invincible – we have the good stuff – the good energy – the open hearts – the irrepressible spirit – the defiance of the bullshit . WE are of this world, are one with it, and we KNOW it. The only way they can see to get their hands on this good energy, this connectedness, is to keep us down. But the joke is on them because we are taking them UP – to the next level – probably kicking and screaming all the way, but I don’t care. They can walk hand in hand or they can get dragged along by the hair, it doesn’t matter, we are going to succeed. More power to you, sister!


  1. Robyn, go with your heart or your gut or whatever makes you tick. That is what I am going to do. The shit in this world is not going to continue to stomp a mud hole in my ass and I keep turning the other cheek. Hell no! Ain’t gonna happen! And this is MY way of making that fact known. The shit that gets in my face on a personal basis has had to learn the hard way to back the fuck up off of me. Hell hath no fury! So, online and off, I am going to stay true to who I am and all of this lollygagging about with regards to writing ‘feel good’ poetry, that’s out! That is NOT who I am and never will be!

    So, stay true to yourself and never let anyone try to change you or make you into what they want you to be. You are a beautiful person, both inside and out! Don’t let the shit in this world hurt you! Stay strong!


    1. Well, the poem made me feel pretty good… I have never said anything like the above before, but I haven’t had the experience of “we” before. Your poem just cracked me up and even if I was a contributing factor, because I got all upset the other day, I am so fucking proud to know you.


      1. Believe me Robyn, you were definitely NOT in my thoughts when I put this poem together. I am awfully sorry if you thought you were. I do realize that on that other post, “Making A Case For Povertenza,” I was mad as all get out, but not at YOU! Never at YOU! I could not respond to any further related comments because I had just about exploded over the sheer magnitude of the shit that we are supposed to just accept because some racist son of a bitch says so. To what amounts to making up shit and then toss at us and say, “here ya go, but it’s not for you to claim.” That shit’s the end of enough!

        In a ‘good’ way, this poem is SO not about you! I am giving notice to this racist ass society that it is ON!! Both online and off!! I have had more than enough of their shit! Like I’ve stated, I will no longer write about ‘tulips and daffodils’, hell no! Nor will I bend over backwards to point out the need to help the less fortunate. That shit ain’t working and I am not going to waste anymore of my time on that! Again, like I stated, it is fucking war, but not with you! I really am sorry that you thought this had something to do with you. I have read about what you are dealing with in your neck of the woods and trust me, we ain’t got it good over here, no way, no how! And again, I have had more than enough of their bullshit, just so THEY know!!!! ‘Good’ girl HAS gone motherfucking BAD!!!

        Compared to me? You’re a sweet, little innocent. Just know that the wolves are always circling, always!


  2. Don’t show me no stinken’ badges! Fuck your lawyers. You may want to reconsider ………

    Tubularsock knows about your “real good friend” relationship with Vinnie and Tubularsock also knows about your philandering with Brother Thlug! And YES I HAVE PICTURES!

    You may want to pay up your past due bill and renew your contract with Tubularsock’s Public Relations Firm, LTD. Like always “we’ll make it sound like you mean it”. That is what PR is all about.

    Warm wishes and remember sign the contract or look for the photos on the front page of the Evening Star – “the family newspaper”. Just sayen’!


    1. “Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!” I best get to signing that damn contract. I got to remember, I am STILL the ‘good’ Reverend, regardless of my ‘breaking bad’ status here! Have mercy! Here I am, trying to get all mellow and shit with some fine French champagne, listening to some Aretha while I’m at it and get all in the groove and you want to discuss business? How the hell am I supposed to concentrate on 50 different goddamn things at one damn time! “Ahhhhh, this champagne is delicioso!!!!”

      So, you gotsa the goods on me, eh? Fed Ex will be at your door tomorrow(with the check for services rendered). You’re still at the Vatican, right? LMAO! I mean, the last I heard you were planning on remaining there even after the holidays, so what gives? You the Pope now or what? My bet would be that you’ve got too many irons in the fire. Musn’t spread yourself too thin, what? I give you THIS round, but the battle ain’t over! Because we ALL know what’s going on in the catholic church these days and it will only be a matter of time before…um, I get the goods on you, TubePope!! I’d get eyes in the back of my head, if I were you! Quick, fast and in a hurry!!!!


      1. Shelby, I just hate it when people fight. I’m so glad you and Tubularsock are working things out! This is more like it — mutual respect, mutual affection. Or … Mutual Assured Destruction …

        Why am I seriously considering just staying inside that big tank I borrowed, at least until the smoke clears? – Linda


  3. Damn I think I came in at the end of some sort of major battle! Is there a rewind or directions back to specific cause and effects or should I just blunder along in search of clues?

    As for the Pope, another corrupt political power grabber. Get the people under your thumb anyway you can and the sociopaths and psychopaths do exactly that.
    But, wait there was that pope who gave the finger to the Soviets in Poland, But he was a Polski so you’d expect him to do that….Okay, sorry, I got detoured by the references to the Vatican.

    Hey, great rant-vent poem. 🙂


    1. Thanks whitebuffalo! Tube and I go a ways back and in here, there are many days when some of us act just like family. This all started with my essay on “Frustrated” and continued with my alter ego, “Reverend ‘Give Me All You Got Courtland.” It’s not in any chronological order, but we have been having fun with it and even taking it on to one another’s blog. Tube can always be found playing many roles and he’s now the ‘Pope’, so that is why that little bit of play is going on.

      Well…I think they’re a bit pissed off at this new Pope because of his stance on the poor, among other stances. However, the catholic church, regardless of the scandals, seem to ‘weather’ them and keep right on plodding along. I would have taken myself out of that mess so fast, heads would be spinning, but when the ‘masses’ have been brainwashed for so many years, I guess the thought would never occur to many.

      And thanks for the thumbs-up on this one! You’ll find that I’m great at ‘ranting’. I’ve perfected the art! LOL!


  4. “Or … Mutual Assured Destruction …”
    LMAO!!! There you go again! Yes, we are ‘MAD’, Tube and I(and yes Tube, I am speaking for YOU!!) ROFLMAO!!!!!!! I declare! There is just NO body out there like you!! You are one in a gazillion!!! If I have said it once, I have said it(or written it)a million times, if you can’t double someone over with laughter, no one can!!!! And I stand by that!!

    Linda, you are a blessing in disguise! I am so glad that you pointed this out to Tube, the fact that he doesn’t want to ‘go there with me’! Unbeknownst to him, there is an ‘imposter’ at the Vatican, other than TubePope of course, and as I type this, I am getting the ‘dirt’ on our Dear TubePope! You see, unlike Dear, Dear Tube, who has sooo many irons in the fire to the point that he has spread himself much too thin, I don’t have that problem. Dear Tube will shortly find, to the detriment of his sturdy limbs, that he has picked a most worthy adversary who is so underhanded and devious, that nothing is off the table. Tube would be wise to reconsider his threats. He may wish to retract them and the sooner the better. I hate to mention Brother Thlug’s name, but he isn’t too pleased with what is going down, not pleased at all. But I musn’t say too much, don’t want to alert the enemy. ‘Tis best to keep them on guard as surprise attacks are the most yummy! And I daresay that Tube can appreciate the fact that I am, at the very least, giving him fair warning. You see, I have the ‘armor’ of the ‘righteous’ being a Reverend and all. Tube is just some jumped up pretend pope with delusions of grandeur. Yes, he IS M-A-D! LOL!! I love it!!!! I smack my lips in anticipation!

    Thanks Linda! You made my day as always!!!


  5. Yes. Thank you Shelby. You can speak for Tubularsock anytime you have kinds words about Linda ……….. she is one of a kind.

    She’s trying to keep the peace it seems.

    As for the Good Reverend, Tubularsock is a bit concerned.

    I believe that Baby Bush, Jr. used these same terms when he was going to bomb Iraq …… “ I have the ‘armor’ of the ‘righteous’”.

    Has Good Reverend Courtland become REPUBLICAN? Just say’en.

    Somehow, Reverend Coutland has made a common “business activity” into some type of rivalry and has framed herself as a “most worthy adversary who is so underhanded and devious, that nothing is off the table”. Tubularsock’s scared.

    Tubularsock is dealing in a variety of “business opportunities”, is true. Yet, NEVER underestimate a do’er! Tube at the Vatican will end once TubePope turns a profit for turning the Vatican into a religious strip-mall and amusement park ….. say like a name like ….. TubePope-aganza. Slated for completion by March, 2014.

    The Tubularsock Public Relations, LTD keeps me pretty busy just trying to keep certain Reverends awake to the simple business adage, “a contract is a contract”!

    And then Tubularsock’s subsidiary, Vinnie’s Pizza And Concrete Shoes, Inc. of South Chicago having to deal with “family matters”. Who would have known that Linda was tied in to all these shameful encounters with Vinnie and you Reverend Courtland!

    Best regards to Brother Thlug. Brother, Tubularsock too knows what it is like to be used and abused ……… say hi to Reverend Courtland for me.


    1. Keeping the peace? Doesn’t sound that bad, if only. Sigh. Maybe I’m just too old for cutthroat babysitting, and all my family’s shady business deals any more. But though they’re still tempting, I’m no longer sure threats or violence get us very far.

      And you know, I’m getting a little worried here. If we’re not careful, we might end up with … a pope and an anti-pope, just like the Middle Ages. Can’t really see that ending well.

      Hope all this doesn’t start more damned religious wars. I really hate the stupidity and hypocrisy of killing each other to support some god of truth and love. Maybe I just don’t have the proper xmas spirit this year. Ho, ho-hum.

      TubePope-Aganza? Doesn’t sound like my kind of place, but why the hell not. – Linda


      1. Linda, alas! All is not lost(except for Tube that is)! Tube has conceded! He has waved the white flag of defeat. There will be no war; religious or otherwise. Tube couldn’t best me, not in his wildest dreams. I’ve had much more practice since having ’embraced evil’. So, when you’ve got the devil’s own ear, a measly fake Pope doesn’t stand a chance. So don’t worry, Tube knew when to back off. He’d never met a challenge like me before and I’ve got him on the run.

        And don’t feel bad, I don’t have the ‘christmas’ spirit! Everybody’s been getting a bah humbug from me, as usual. And TubePope-Aganza’s’ production was shut down before he could heft the shovel for the ground breaking ceremony! HA! Serves him right! You’ll not be attending THAT opening Linda, but don’t worry, my palace of worship is expanding and we’re going to rock it on our grand re-opening day! You are SO welcome to attend. Can’t wait ta see ya there!!!


    2. Tube, I proudly proclaim that I am a ‘republiCON’. Dick Cheney is my best bud! I mean, since I found out that I am, GASP!!!!, ‘white’, I have been wined and dined by Dick the Twit and Shrub and the big ‘figs’ at Halliburton and gosh and golly gee, I’ve met all the ‘schmonkers’ at Boeing. I am in ‘prime’ company these days. Remember to never judge a book by its cover, at least not until the DNA test results come back!

      As far as your not being ‘scared’, pffft! Who cares? You’ve nothing to fear from ME! But that’s saying ‘nothing’. LOL! If ya know what I mean! And I have it on good ‘authority’ that your little ‘religious strip-mall and amusement park’ thingy is a ‘no go’ due to the overwhelming outpouring of outrage by parishioners who think that you are pissing their money down the toilet with your wild and inane ideas. From what I hear, you’re being banished. Good thing you’ve got that PR firm to fall back on or we’d be taking up donations for you. And since you lose friends faster than flies cover shit, what a conundrum you’d find yourself in if you had to depend on someone else to ‘rescue’ you from your everlasting debacles. I could take pity on you and help you out, but then again, you’ve not been exactly ‘nice’ to me lately. So, you’re on your own dude!! Remember, the ‘good’ Reverend always gets the last laugh! Ha! Ha! Stick THAT in your fake TubePope hat! I am THE real deal!

      Dear Linda tries her best, but she doesn’t get that we are enemies, not ‘frenemies’! LMAO!!!


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