Embrace Evil!

embrace evil

I hardened my caring heart and filled my soul with ice.
No longer will I try; I embrace a life of vice.

I surrender to the evil that has plagued man through the years.
The devil’s home is in my heart and for that, I’ll shed no tears.

To cry is for the weak and I am stronger than I think.
I’ll seek the pleasures of this world and lift my cup to drink.

Life is short and to the point; I want rapture all day long.
I will live to suit myself, and care not if that is wrong.

Who needs wings or crowns of thorns or delights of paradise?
I’ll take my chance that this is it, I’ll pay whatever price.

Judge me not and if you do, I’ll toss my head and shout.
“Give evil just one chance; you see, the devil’s got the clout!”

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

2 thoughts on “Embrace Evil!

    1. Not only have you embraced a life of ‘vice’, but you’ve embraced ‘evil’ by becoming ‘TubePope’! Evil is synonymous with the catholic church, doncha know!! You’re in the very pit of hell, corruption and vice(The Vatican) and from what I gather, wanting to remain there. “Here, have a sip from the devil’s cup, it’ll put FIRE in your veins!” Ha! Ha!


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