Let Him Know You ‘See’ Him!


If you see a homeless man,
let him know you ‘see’ him there.
Don’t glance away in rejection.
Tell the homeless man, you care!

For once think of his needs.
It should not be all about you!
Pretend that you’re in his shoes,
maybe then you’ll get a clue.

Never make assumptions,
you know that’s just not right.
When next you see the homeless,
let them know they’re in your sight.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

Even though, I no longer care due to the fact that this ‘good girl has gone bad’, for those of you who give a damn, show the homeless that YOU ‘see’ them.

6 thoughts on “Let Him Know You ‘See’ Him!

  1. Homeless — A few years ago I was in Washington DC for the second time in over twenty years. The first time the city looked like a blighted war zone. Urban blight was everywhere and there weren’t many people on the streets. The second time the city had been revitalized–and there was an incredible number of homeless people everywhere. You can not go far in DC and not encounter the homeless. They’re everywhere–but they’re kept a distance from that white house by the security folks. LaFayette Park across from the white house –lower case in order to make a point–is one park the homeless are not allowed to sleep in. I know because I walked the streets late at night and early in the morning at hours when the women working on the street corners were working HARD to make their rent. My thoughts were varied–but one thing never changed–“Here I am in a city with an immense amount of political and economic power and there are hundreds of homeless people in every direction I walk. There is something seriously WRONG with this country and the people who ignore and create this homeless problem. There is NO reason anyone should live on the streets –unless by choice.” I have indeed spoken with men who want to be FREE of everything and find that out there. They are a very small the minority of the homeless–at least I think so.
    I’ve taken a breath and am wondering how to proceed. Maybe I’ve gone far enough for the moment.
    Imagine how many people could be OFF the streets if the WAR budget put to use caring for people who need care in america.


    • The Department of Defense pissed away more money than was the entire budget of HUD, Housing and Urban Development see:https://shelbycourtland.wordpress.com/?s=America%27s+priorities.

      I have spoken with officials at HUD or should I say, cussed them out because I asked them how in unholy hell can you sit all up in your nice, fine offices and then proceed to your nice, upscale homes knowing that you work in an agency whose sole job it is to house people when you pass by homeless people on your way into HUD headquarters in Washington, DC and out of HUD?!!!!! Seriously? I am told that they are just ‘underfunded’. I would be in jail because if I was Shaun Donovan, Secretary of HUD, I would have pulled one of Obama’s big ass ears and told him, “are you listening to me goddamn it???! I need to ‘house’ these homeless people who are dying for lack of a home and YOU, you son of a bitch, say that we need more missiles?? For what? Who the hell is threatening us? Maybe, if we kept our damn nose out of other country’s business, we wouldn’t have so many damn haters! Now give me more money to house the homeless who will die for lack of a home. I am HUD, goddamn it!!!!”

      See, that’s how I would kick it and that is why I would never get a position like that. Yes, I hear you. There are so many poems and essays about the homeless issue that I have written. There is much that I have done and continue to do to try and house the homeless. I will be participating in the annual ‘Homeless March’ that we have every year to remember those who have died because they were homeless. I am so fed up! You have no idea!

      We have homeless tent cities in America that would rival a refugee camp in a war torn land and the sad fact is that this is indeed, a war torn land. It is a never ending war against the poor. As I say so many times, I despair of us!!

      Thank you so much for stopping by. It was certainly nice to meet up with you on MisBehaved Woman’s blog!


    • Thank you for posting the link Stuart. Yes indeed, it is a sewer, filled with corruption and those criminals never see the inside of a jail cell, much less a prison. I do not wonder why there is a lack of affordable housing. I do not wonder why even with the budget that HUD has, there are still so many people lacking a safe, decent and sanitary dwelling. No one is concerned about anything other than lining their pockets. As I have stated before, GREED rules the day and to hell with the plight of the poor and the homeless.

      Millions of Americans will soon rue the day that they ever turned their back on the poor and dismissed them because the shit has not yet hit the fan. No, not even close!

      Thank you again for your comment and for posting the link. You always find the most relevant links to post and I certainly head on over to read the content. Was I surprised at what I read? Not at all.


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