You Filthy Corporate Scum!

corporate scum

You cannot be human.
You are metal; a machine.
You’re not a living creature.
You are gross and so obscene.

Not one to pay a decent wage,
no concern do you ever show.
You’re an assembly line prototype.
You were never an embryo.

You’re a stinking piece of shit,
and a pimply, pompous ass.
You waste the air you breathe,
though you think you’ve got some class.

The pitiful and the poor,
who struggle everyday
must never cross your path.
To you, they’re just a stray.

They say that karma is a bitch.
What goes around doth come.
Too bad you’ll never get your due,
you filthy corporate scum!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

I wrote this one because the rank and file workers are having a bitch of a time trying to make ends meet and yet the heads of corporations are raking in the dough and then have the nerve to wonder why so many people are not shopping or eating out! Seriously? They’ve got no damn money because wages are stagnant and unemployment for many is due to run out! Yet corporate scum never miss a beat even when they break the law as in Wall Street fraud and other criminal acts. Would that I could get rewarded for being a criminal, get away with it and get millions in compensation for being a damn criminal and what with taxpayers having to pick up the tab(food stamps and medical assistance) for the employees of Wal-Mart and other low wage employers! For the love of …..!!!!!!

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