Target Shoppers, I Tried To Warn You!


It looks like hackers hit the bulls-eye with the recent unprecedented hack of Target credit and debit card information.

Not only was the digital heist huge — up to 40 million consumers might have had their data stolen — but the degree of difficulty indicates another step in the security arms race between criminals and merchants.

The hack affected customers who shopped at U.S. Target retail stores between Black Friday, Nov. 27, and Dec. 15

I told you that those huge HDTVs would still be there in January. You didn’t need all that shit you went out and got slapped, head-butted and kicked over and you thought that that was all you had to worry about. Turns out you were so wrong. Now over 40 million shopping fools have had their credit and debit card information stolen and now they are WHINING because they cannot get through to complain to Target. What do YOU want Target to do? What can they do? You bought into the Black Friday Madness bullshit! You bought into the “let’s have a cashless society” bullshit and now you’re WHINING about the choices that you made. You chose to go out on Black Friday and beyond to indulge in what has now become the NEW and unimproved version of ‘Christmas’. You didn’t think that with the touting of spend, spend, spend until your credit card drops bullshit and then spend some more, that it wouldn’t get the ears and eyes of HACKERS???!!! They wanna buy stuff too, ya know! If you weren’t still snoozing off tryptophan, why should they? The hackers got the Black Friday Madness shoppers by the balls credit cards. HA!!

If you just had to go out and buy a new smartphone, discounted, 50%, ya should’a took C-A-S-H along for the fun! Now, your credit may be adversely affected. You may become a victim of identity theft which could cost you even more penalties in increased interest rates IF you can get another credit card so that you can go out AGAIN for the next Black Friday Madness sale and get hacked AGAIN!!! Please do, you stupid foolish ass, clueless, materialistic drones who do everything you’re told without question. If someone tells you to shop on Black Friday, there ya go! If someone tells you to use your credit/debit card, there ya go. And now that the shit has hit the fan, you want answers. Well…too damn bad! Over 40 million of you want answers and there just ain’t that many folks at Target manning the phone lines because guess what…they’re all at the check-out stations ringing the purchases up of more likeminded asses who are most likely about to join you in whining and complaining that their credit/debit card data has been stolen/hacked. You were not just asking for trouble, you were BEGGING for it and baby you got it!!!

…and this is for the dude with the 50″ inch LCD HDTV, enjoy!, because the headache that you’re gonna get from purchasing that TV is gonna be even bigger than your TV. LMAO!! But to show you guys, ALL 40 million of you that I am in the ‘christmas’ spirit, I am going to leave you with a little pick me up!! Enjoy!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Target Shoppers, I Tried To Warn You!

    1. Linda, they’re in ‘damage control’ mode now.

      Target Corp. is offering its 10 percent employee discount to shoppers this weekend following a massive breach of its customers’ credit and debit card information.

      Yep, that should just about do it to appease the over 40 million pissed off shoppers attempting to phone Target for some answers. The sad part is that some are SO dumb that they are going to go back into Target saying, “Oh my gosh, I’ve just got to take advantage of this huge gigamungus 10% employee discount that has been so graciously ‘gifted’ to those of us who have been ‘hacked’ already. Wow! Isn’t this fantastic! I’m SO, like, there!”

      Linda, don’t you know that people don’t EVER learn! Not ever! They’re on some crazy shit these days, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result because this scenario occurred last year. Just insert different name of store. Ridiculous!

      Thank you for your comment Linda!


  1. Five years ago, due to circumstances and choice, I tore up my only credit card and began a comprehensive plan to reduce my necessary expenditures and unnecessary spending. I don’t owe anybody anything. My vehicle is completely paid for. I’ve gotten my monthly expenses down to about $1100/month. I pay by cash, check, and occasionally by debit card. I moved all my funds into a local non-profit credit union. I am not rich, but I live comfortably.

    I have not, nor will not, spend any money on Christmas this year. Instead, I make my own gifts such as home-cooked items, give out copies of my sci-fi novel, and convey my wishes to family and friends through personalized communication. I’ve had it with our mindless consumer society and ain’t doing it no more.

    The values I cherish are epitomized by the “golden rule.” I admire individuals who create through their own skill and initiative, I have little interest in material things, and have no respect for corporate automatons and opportunistic yes-men. I celebrate those who courageously stand up to the egregious ills in our society and inevitably pay a personal price for doing so.

    Happy holidays, from a fellow cultural contrarian.


    1. Bravo! Bravo! Robert, I applaud you and give you a standing ovation! I have not bought a single gift this year and don’t intend to. People know me by now, meaning they KNOW not to expect a damn thing from me during this charade of a holiday. The last place anyone would look for me this time of year, is in a damn mall or shopping center weighed down with shopping bags. Unthinkable! I refuse to engage in the materialization of this so-called holiday to celebrate the birth of Christ which in other words means, shop until you drop or get dropped or hacked.

      All year long, I make beautiful afghan throws or blankets and gift them to people. My cousin taught me how to crochet and I just love doing it and people know that a lot of time and effort has been put into the making of the crocheted blankets and afghans. Many choose their color scheme and I get to work on them. I’ve been doing this so many years that my fingers simply fly in a whirl. Like you, I have gotten out of debt. My van is paid for. I have a wonderful and honest mechanic who keeps it tuned up and in great condition because I’ve let him know that I am not going to go in debt to purchase another one. I live simply and inexpensively. I refuse to buy into this endless debt cycle, buy-buy-buy bullshit nonsense. The corporate asses aren’t getting rich off of me, that’s for sure! I don’t even own a smartphone or a TV and I figure, I’m the ‘smart’ one on that!

      And thank you so much for commenting and a “Happy holidays to you and your family!”


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