To The Hackers Who Targeted ‘Target’, You’re MY Hero!!

hackers are heroes2

Hackers, thank you ever so much! I am so grateful that you got into the American version of celebrating the birth of Christ by deciding that no one should be left out of the fun and that since Americans are stupid and predictable, each and every single year, you know what to expect around this same time.

My sincere hope is that you ‘target’ every single store next year. I encourage you to up the ante and include Wal-Mart, Kmart, Kohl’s, J.C. Penney, Sears(if they’re still open), Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Abercrombie & Fitch, Louis Vuitton; just ‘google’ every single American store and simply go down the list and get to hacking. Soup up your hacking gear so that you can ‘target’ more stores.

Don’t worry about the Secret Service getting called in to hunt you down and though they have assumed that you’re not in America, I wouldn’t worry about that because the Secret Service is practically useless these days anyway. As much as they stay in the news for engaging prostitutes in whatever country they happen to find themselves in while covering the Americans piece of shit, hypocritical, lying ass, drone striking president, they are of no consequence.

Bring American corporations to their knees and in the process, wake the drones the hell up because the ONLY way to get their attention is through their credit/debit cards. That is THE very essence of America, “spend baby, spend!” So, if you can grind that shit to a halt, you’ve got a fan for life. You’ve already caught over 40 million ‘spend drones’ and by golly that’s a whopper. Well done! Even though, 40 million stupid, clueless shopping drones are most likely hating on you right now, I’m not because I wasn’t stupid enough to buy into “Christmas is all about shopping, fuck the savior’s birth and all that shit!”

Americans advertise, ‘religiously’, when they are going to be out in droves to spend, spend, spend and so hackers, please gear up for the next holiday spending spree and that will on be Valentine’s Day. Keep this date handy, February 14th. Flowers are the No. 1 gift and candy is right behind it. You know what to do. Check the American calendar, that will show you every holiday that Americans spend money on.

Last but not least, ‘target’ Black Friday Madness each and every single year. Americans never remember, “a fool and his/her money are easily parted.” You see, Americans have short attention spans and this will all have blown over and been forgotten by this time next year. The ads will be out touting deep discounts, so come and get it and the silly Americans will do just that! Be prepared!

Much LOVE…oh and enjoy the holidays!!!!

12 thoughts on “To The Hackers Who Targeted ‘Target’, You’re MY Hero!!

    1. Tube, I hope he continues to ‘hack’ the ‘hell’ out of ’em!! This is SWEET!!! I’m lovin’ it, in case ya haven’t noticed!! LMAO!!!! ‘Good girl gone bad’ than a motherfucker!!! Shut MY mouth!!!!



    Hackers! I thought that this might interest you! Your ‘target’ Target is looking cross-eyed. It seems that their Facebook page is filled with complaints and whines from disgruntled shopaholics who can’t seem to reach anybody to complain and whine to. Duh…!!! They can come here and complain and whine. I’ll be SOOOO sympathetic, I promise!

    Oh, and you’ve most definitely done some damage! Keep reading!

    “How the hell am I suppose to monitor my account if I can’t get into it,” another customer wrote on Facebook. “No excuse you have is good enough.”

    Isn’t that a cute comment? LOL! The customers and the merchants saw ‘Black’ on ‘Black Friday’ and now both are seeing ‘RED’! LMAO!!!

    “Tried several times to call credit card company for Target card,” one customer wrote on the company’s Facebook page. “Rings then hangs up on you. Finally got through 56 mins on hold then they hung up on me. If you are aware of this issue why wouldn’t you get the man power to answer the phones. This is our credit you are talking about.”

    You bet your stupid ass, it’s YOUR credit ‘Target’ ain’t trying to hear about!
    Awww! I feel YOUR pain! Actually, I don’t!

    Other customers had similar complaints, with many writing they were “disappointed,” while others vowed to avoid shopping at Target, or to cancel their cards — as soon as they were able to access their account or reach a customer-service rep.

    Do they honestly think that they’re going to reach a ‘customer-service rep? Really? The shopping season ain’t over. There are NO customer service reps to be found. They are ringing up ‘hacked’ purchases, doncha know?!! LOL!!

    “Will [th]is affect my decision to shop at Target even though Target is the store that I primarily shop at? YES… screamed with caps! Target has lost the thousands of dollars I spend there every year,” Waters wrote in an email to CBS MoneyWatch. “Target knew before they made this announcement that 40 million [people] would be freaking out so how could they not be prepared and have extra call center [people] hired and ready to go?”

    They’re freaking out! They’re freaking out! Target, ya better DO something! You’re LOSING your customer base!!

    Bring in the clowns!!! Hot damn!!!! This is TOO much fun!!!!


  2. Like it’s a real thing, an important thing. Like it’s life or death. Sigh. If people weren’t screwed up, they might have no character at all.

    When the most cheerful news stories are about massive institutional hacks … well, I guess that’s the new normal. – Linda


      1. Exactly Linda! There are people out there who have nowhere to sleep tonight. There are children who are wandering the streets with their mother hoping to get inside a shelter. There are people who are sick and cannot afford to seek medical attention. There are people that have empty stomachs for lack of food and these selfish, clueless, thoughtless clowns are all up in arms over something that they brought on themselves. This ‘hacked’ shit happens every year and every year, this same mess gets played out and the fact that it’s done on an even grander scale is something that should have been foreseen by these clueless, selfish ass fools. When it is being advertised all over the place that people are going to be shopping in droves, is it any wonder that hackers are going to be ‘hacking’ like mad? Tis the season to hack’! If this is not the ripe time, I don’t know when.

        Those millions of morons will get no pity from me! That’s for damn sure!

        Thanks for your contribution Linda and as always MUCH appreciated!!! Happy Holidays!!!! I am actually getting into this ‘holiday’ spirit! LOL!


    1. HLJ, if anyone lost any money in the timeframe of the Target hacking issue, they will not be ‘out’ anything. They cannot be held responsible for fraudulent purchases made on their account due to no fault of their own. The reason that I am so gleeful about all of this is because it points glaringly to the problem of pure and unadulterated, outright greed in this country; that of the ‘consumers’ and the merchants. Target knew about the breach to their system long before they let the fact become known to the general public. They needed to rake in as much as they could because they knew that once the breach was known, that would affect their year-end total sales.

      This also points out the serious deficiencies in American corporation’s security systems for credit/debit card purchases. It seems that card purchases are vaguely protected using 20th century technology when most other countries have put in play, 21st century technology to combat the attacks by hackers. But because it would cost money(that these corporations in America could well afford)the corporations in the U.S. do not want to pay for the upgrades to their systems. So, they’ll pay in one form or another. That is a big part of the problem, like I’ve already stated; sheer, unmitigated greed at the cost of confidential credit/debit card data hacking of the overzealous American consumer. The fact that this happened on such a grand scale should be a wake-up call for the greedy corporations and for the American consumers who most lustfully swipe those cards and who were not aware that their credit/debit card information was not as protected as it could be. If nothing else, the ‘hackers’ provided glaring awareness of the problem and the fact that corporations, even though they rake in the ‘dough’ are too cheap and unwilling to protect those who cushion their bottom line.

      Hope all is well with you and thank you for your comment!


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