The Truth Just Gets Ignored

"My guess is that they heard that 'Jesus' was inside! Nah! It's NOT all about HIM!"
“My guess is that they heard that ‘Jesus’ was inside! Nah! It’s NOT all about HIM!”

My bed is in a manger,
to the cold, I am no stranger.

I’m the shivering, aching poor,
a ‘thing’ that you deplore.

I am in good company.
You see, Jesus died for me.

He was poor and homeless too.
Didn’t he also die for you?

The truth just gets ignored,
while you buy the things you hoard.

At the mall, did you find a soul?
I doubt that was your goal.

With credit card in hand,
the world’s at your command.

You’ve got the means to buy,
all that glitters to catch your eye.

But what you need the most
is not on what you’ve overdosed.

The things that money cannot buy
and what merchants can’t supply,
is the essence of humanity
and love expressed, unconditionally.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
© 2013 Shelby I. Courtland

As the shopping season wraps up, people have no idea why we even celebrate this so-called ‘holiday’. When will you hoard what is important? When will you stand in lines that snake around the homeless, demanding housing? When will you trample on bullshit laws that are passed to take away our human rights? When will you stampede the offices of legislators who craft bills to harm the poorest of the poor? When will you stop selling your soul for all that a plastic card can buy? What do you do with all of the shit that you scream over and grab for in stores every single Christmas? Where is all of the shit that you bought last year? In your basement? In your closet? In your garage? Collecting dust? And so you need more worthless, fake shit to impress who or whom? Me? Your neighbor? Yourself? If you are a ‘christian’ is Jesus impressed? Never mind, I am talking to myself as you’re still at the mall buying last minute impressions.

Wigs knocked off, ass hanging out! That’s what it’s ALL about! This IS the ‘essence of humanity’!

8 thoughts on “The Truth Just Gets Ignored

  1. Not so. Tubularsock is reading this right now and admiring his pink and plastic icon of Jesus ridding Rudolph. All I need now is a fake tree with an electric candle and all will be good.


    1. Isn’t it ALL just SO ridiculous? Those ‘people’ don’t have a damn concept of what we’re even supposed to be ‘celebrating’. ‘Human’ nature in all its shiny glory! Pullllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeezzzz!

      …and you cut that out! Your anti-bullshitometer is not working. Give it a vicious tap! ‘Pink and plastic icon of Jesus’ indeed! For shame!

      ..oh and have a “Merry HumanFilth Day!”


  2. Yeah, it’s drag this whole hellidaze thing. I went to the mall with a “friend” the other day, and I felt so outta place. I couldn’t shut my bullshit detector off long enough to enjoy my rare outing. I’m still in recovery from that little trip.

    Very good sis, this one hits home as the Christmas season is nothing but a few weeks of stores trying to make up for sales. It’s really just outta control now, and I glad I don’t any children, so I don’t have to play this game. But of course my children would know from day one that we don’t do this.


    1. Thanks HLJ! Out of hand, it has gotten! And tomorrow, they’ll render a blessing for all that’s underneath the tree and they will forget about the lunatic behavior that they engaged in to get a bunch of useless shit underneath a supposedly ‘symbolic’ tree. If anyone forgot a last minute ‘impression’, I hear that Walgreens is open on ‘Christ’mas Day.

      Thanks again HLJ! …and Happy Hellidaze!


  3. A tragedy or a trick being played on humanity, reminds me of that episode of the Twilight Zone, “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street”. The system that has caused this insanity and the failure by these insane not to fall prey to such tactics are humiliating to the whole of humanity. Wise words, may God bless you Shelby for your honesty and heart!


    1. Thank you Shainbird! And I remember that episode of the Twilight Zone. A keen example of typical ‘human’ behavior. What is so ridiculous is that this same scenario plays out ‘religiously’. There were so many videos of this lunacy, it was not hard to pick one and just go from there. Watching it just rendered me speechless at the fact that we have the nerve to continue to call ourselves ‘human’, but I am talking about Americans after all who are in my opinion, the worst of the lot, so go figure.

      Again, thank you for stopping in and enjoy this day!


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