I’ve got everything I want.
And I’m still not satisfied.
I thought it’d make me happy,
but I’m only mystified.

What use are worldly goods?
And when dreams have been fulfilled,
what point is there to all of this?
Not one that fits the bill.

I’ve got it all and still I yearn,
for what I do not know.
A life of ease I have,
and a sound portfolio.

I’ve never helped a soul,
as ‘Selfish’ is my name.
Some think that I am weak.
Oh hell! Society is to blame!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2013 Shelby I. Courtland

*shrug* Gotta blame it on something!!

11 thoughts on “‘Selfish’

    1. “Blame it on the sunshine, blame it on the moonlight, blame it on the boogie!”

      The above is lyrics to some song that I just cannot remember the name of. But anyway, THAT’S what I’m blaming it on!

      Thanks Tube! Hang in there dude! Hope ALL is well with YOU! And ‘buck’ up, it’s almost New Year’s!


      1. Or blame it on Cain? I was an only brat, which made it hard to evade responsibility for things. But when I was 3, I developed an imaginary twin named Bessie (don’t ask me why!), that only I could see. She would do all kinds of naughty things, then disappear, leaving me to take the rap. Which I still resent, actually. Does that account for my deep loathing of all forms of injustice? Oh well, as long as nothing can possibly be my own damn fault, life is good. – Linda


  1. Linda, I was the first born and so I got the blame for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that my siblings did. They were to look up to me, but when I’m hell on wheels, and they’re attempting to follow in my footsteps(and were unable to keep up, I might add)I mean, gosh and golly gee! It’s not MY fault don’t they see?!! LOL!!!

    You should have told me this long ago and I would have just blamed everything on your twin, Bessie! Damn! I am always late to the party!!!!

    Thanks Linda and here’s hoping that the New Year finds everything looking up and looking great for you!


    1. You know if you wait long enough in the same place all answers arrive!
      Forget blaming it on the weather, the sunshine, the moonlight, or the boogie.
      BLAME IT ON BESSIE! How simple it has all become for Tubularsock. Thanks Linda.


    1. There are far too many of the ‘selfish’ around these days, that’s for sure. And thanks a lot for the ‘thumbs up’! Much appreciated! …and if you feel too lonely, just head on in here, oftentimes something’s going on to liven things up a bit. Never a dull moment in here. LOL!


      1. Funny thing: I never feel lonely. I’m naturally introverted, I’m an only child. I don’t want you to think I’m some kinda shut-in over here. My life is full and I’m happy.

        Thank you.


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