You Don’t Give A Damn About Your Grandkids!

Now take your damn foot out your lying mouth! A 'better' world, indeed! Shelve THAT shit!

Now take your damn foot out your lying mouth! A ‘better’ world, indeed! Shelve THAT shit!

“I want to leave a better world for MY grandkids!” No, you don’t. Because if you did, you could not look your grandkids in the face knowing all the while that you have contributed in many ways to the irreparable damage that is being done to their home, the earth. That which sustains us.

How many of us even glance up when we hear about ‘fracking’ or hydraulic fracturing? How many of us have actually went to a fracking site to act as a human shield until we’re hauled off? Can you just imagine what it would look like if every person who had ever uttered that phrase, “I want to leave a better world for MY grandkids,” actually showed up? Oh, yes! We are SO good at talking the talk, but when it comes down to doing a damn thing about actually trying to leave this godforsaken planet better off for our grandkids, we simply get into our SUVs and head to the mall to buy more useless plastic that we know is detrimental to the health of this planet, but we do it anyway.

Another new mantra, “go green!” And yet, we head to the gas station nevertheless. We crank up the heat and the AC because by doing so, we’re leaving a better world for our grandkids.

“I want to leave a better world for MY grandkids, honey!” Off to shop for the grandkids. Oh, they just need so much. They need a new toy, new clothes, new shoes, new cellphones, new tablets, new this and new that and we don’t even stop to consider that for everything we purchase, there is more than just the purchase price you pay. Some part of this planet is fucked up every time a purchase is rung up. When you hand over that plastic card, this planet suffered for it. Our health suffered for it. Your grandkids health suffered for it and you don’t really give a damn. Your useless platitudes don’t matter. Every time you turn a light on, a power plant has to make sure that power flows to your home because if it doesn’t, you are going to piss and moan about how you pay for service and by all the christians in hell, they’d better turn your shit on, quick fast and in a hurry or you’ll rain down hell fire and brimstone on their ass because you’re leaving a better world for YOUR grandkids, remember?

Who the fuck do you think you’re fooling with that shit you spout about leaving a better world? You’re not even fooling yourself because deep down, you know that once they plant your ass, that’s it, the grandkids can just fend for themselves. The only reason you spout that nonsense is to join in and ‘chorus’ with those who are just like you, the pretenders. Those who pretend to give a damn, but only up to a certain point. The point being when if it inconveniences you in any way, then to hell with the planet and the grandkids, but you’ve got to talk the talk as long as likeminded shits are standing around holding court with you.

Let us not forget that you really showed those grandkids how much you wanted to leave them a better world when they got everything that money could buy for Christmas and you strutted around like a peacock, all full of yourself because you made your grandkids smile when they came over and saw the piles of earth destroying junk underneath a tree that was dug up to accommodate your festive holiday spirit. Never mind that trees supply us with oxygen so that we can take our next breath. And now that tree is lying up against the curb, waiting to get picked up by bulk trash pick-up. How convenient. Much, much too convenient. Because that’s part of the problem. We’ve got too many conveniences and they’ve made us fat, lazy, complacent and apathetic, but we still intend on leaving a better world for our grandkids. We just haven’t gotten around to actually doing anything about it yet and the sad fact is that we never will!

“A mature leafy tree produces as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a year.” Here are some other quoted figures regarding the amount of oxygen produced by a tree:
“A single mature tree can absorb carbon dioxide at a rate of 48 lbs./year and release enough oxygen back into the atmosphere to support 2 human beings.”

“One acre of trees annually consumes the amount of carbon dioxide equivalent to that produced by driving an average car for 26,000 miles. That same acre of trees also produces enough oxygen for 18 people to breathe for a year.”

If we start to produce more carbon dioxide than the trees can take in and in turn, produce oxygen, what do you think will happen to that “better world,” you intend to leave for YOUR grandkids? You want new hardwood floors or do you want your grandkids to breathe? Right! You want new hardwood floors! Naturally!

7 thoughts on “You Don’t Give A Damn About Your Grandkids!

    • The above comment? Now THAT’S what I’m fucking talking about!

      Tube, yours will be the ONLY comment because I’ve stepped on some damn pretending ass toes! I am not here to post what you WANT to read, I am here to post what you NEED to read! Read it and keep lying to yourself. ‘Humans’ are so goddamn good at that shit! A “better world for the grandkids,” my ass!


  1. Clearly one of the biggest problems we’re dealing with is big time denial on the part of the privileged upper middle class people who delusionally believe they will be spared all the shit that’s coming down. Don’t worry, their time will come. No one is immune to the effects of gangster capitalism.


  2. Shelby, Can someone with no grandchildren — and who will never HAVE grandchildren — comment here? I wasn’t sure I met the criteria. Well, what the hell, here goes.

    No question, most of us (all of us?) are better at lying to ourselves than about anything else. We are self-involved. And we are also incredibly short-sighted. Not always a great combination. Wanting a quart of butter pecan ice cream RIGHT NOW can easily make us completely forget that we also want to look great in a thong bikini NEXT MONTH at the beach. Conflict of interests? Mutually exclusive goals, at least for most of us!

    I believe that many people, maybe not a majority but a fair number of us, do want the world to be better for our real or potential grandchildren. Passively. As you say, until it means doing something inconvenient. Or NOT doing something convenient, or conventional, or fun. We tend to be rather like St. Augustine, with his famous prayer for chastity, “Oh Lord, make me pure … but not just yet.”

    It’s that road-to-hell thing — good intentions we don’t have the character to do a damned thing about. As even the christians might say, if we know what would be good to do, but fail to do it — that is indeed sin. As far as our mythical grandchildren and the planet are concerned, it may be the unforgivable sin.

    As a world-class procrastinator, I’m not in a great position to point fingers. I’m trying to do better, though it may be too little too late. Because for some reason I would like other people’s grandchildren to have a decent place to live. At least on the days when I think the continued survival of the human race might be a good thing in the long run. Some days, … I’m not sure.

    Then again … I really hate cockroaches. And what are the odds they’d do a better job as the planet’s dominant species? So all right — let’s make the damned world better, if only to spite those creepy little six-legged bastards! If we won’t do the right thing for love of our grandchildren, maybe we will do it because we fucking hate bugs. Why the hell not? – Linda


    • Linda, thank you for commenting!

      And on a lot of points, I agree with you. Babies come into this world, innocent and we didn’t all just start off rotten and go from there. We had to ‘learn’ it from someone. We were taught to be selfish, self-serving and self-centered. Yes, some kids most likely are the result of a demon seed, but not all of them are. I mean, I was, but I’m changing as having been a former ‘good’ Reverend will do that if you started off ‘evil’.

      It is just that when I look at an innocent child, I see so much potential for a changed world, a world that is so unlike the hell it is now, for so many people, children included. Children played no part in the fucking up of this fucked up world, not until adults pounded evil and hate and intolerance and greed and selfishness into them. I know that there is no ‘Utopian’ paradise, but with so-called ‘progress’, we’ve not ‘progressed’ hate and intolerance and greed out of us. We eat that shit for breakfast, lunch and dinner and then spit it at each other and teach it to our kids and then strut around announcing that we want to leave the world, a better place for our kids when we’re teaching our kids how to be just as destructive to this planet as we have been and are going to continue to be. I heard somebody say this shit about leaving the world, yada, yada, yada, the other day, I pounded unholy hell into their ears over that nonsense bullshit. We’re hell bent on leaving a burnt out, radiated shell to ‘our’ grandchildren and just who the fuck are we fooling? Ourselves? I don’t fucking think so! But we’ve just got to pretend and that’s what it’s all about. As long as we can talk the talk and pretend, then it’s all good. No, it ain’t.

      Tube said that I need some weed, so I’m going to go in search of some. I’ve never bought it so I’ll probably get arrested by an undercover. If you don’t hear back from me, then assume that I’m not high from smoking some good shit, I’m in the ‘clink’!

      Thanks again Linda! Always good to hear from you!


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