What Are You Waiting For?


The jobs are never coming back.
So while you sit and wait,
the rich are loving life,
while you bemoan your fate.

They’re fracking in your yard.
The water’s not fit to drink.
Your food is processed junk.
And so into gloom, you sink.

A Shakespeare play, you live and breathe,
what will you give to Caesar?
When everything you own was sold,
and the bank declined your Visa?

Your world looks stark and bleak.
It’ seems you’ll lose your mind.
The bills are overdue.
And a job, you cannot find.

Too ashamed to ask for help,
you’ve reached your breaking point.
The loaded gun is in your mouth.
Oh yes, you hate to disappoint.

Your epitaph will say it all.
“He tried and somehow failed.
Did society kill this man?
Oh no! He gave up and he bailed!”

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Who will make it into the headlines next? Who will be the next one to simply give up and give us another version of a ‘bailout’? Who will it be that either join the ranks of the homeless or will put a gun into their mouth? With suicides on the increase, how many more will commit suicide while waiting on the ‘leaders’ of this world to recognize that greed is leading us where no SANE person should ever be forced to go? There are those who are right now, teetering on the brink of committing suicide/homicide because they see no other way out. Many take entire families out before killing themselves because they feel that it is not in their families best interest to be left to plod along as they believe that ALL is hopeless. How many people have to die before the foolish leaders of this world recognize and realize that corporations have a strangle-hold on people, the world over and are using this leverage to deny jobs to older workers who are skilled but cannot find a job for the ‘life’ of them and are forcing young adults to work at minimum wage jobs with no benefits? What about those who have spent years in college and have amassed a mountain of debt in student loans and cannot find a job that will even begin to pay for those loans, much less keep a roof over their heads. This is the ‘new’ reality for many.

Many times, a number of accidents have to occur at a certain intersection or interstate junction resulting in death before steps will be taken to prevent further occurrences. Will this be the case with those who’ve lost it all? Will it take the suicide of a few hundred? A thousand? A million? Before we realize that we have a problem, a really BIG problem and to solve it, we need some BIG changes or else get reconciled to suicide becoming the new ‘bailout’! It has been said that people are a ‘slave’ to debt and though they ‘toil’ every day, they cannot seem to make it out of debt. This is by design and it will continue. Make no mistake. Many societies were built on the backs of slaves and as much as I could say that ‘what comes around goes around, even I am not THAT heartless! Is there really a difference, Prison Industrial Complex Slavery as opposed to Corporate Worker Slavery since we ‘toil’ to pay the corporations for the right to breathe, for the right to purchase and eat the Monsanto Corporation’s genetically modified trash. Either way you look at it, we are ALL in prison! Either we ‘toil’ or we die! You don’t have to actually ‘see’ the bars to know that you are indeed, in prison.

What are YOU waiting for?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which published its findings in the May 3 issue of its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, more people died from suicide than from car accidents.

A recent report found that financially related suicides increased by 40 percent this year.

The stresses of recession and unemployment triggered by the global financial crash of 2008 led to a spike in suicides among men in Europe and North America.

Higher Numbers of Americans Take Their Lives than During the Depths of the Great Depression
Suicide rates are tied to the economy.

What are YOU waiting for? More proof?

2 thoughts on “What Are You Waiting For?

  1. This US working class is very thoroughly conditioned to blame themselves (rather than political or social injustice) when things go badly for them – when they get laid off or evicted or can’t quite pay their bills. This is the message they get constantly from the ruling elite – that they’re stupid, neurotic, or don’t work hard enough, or don’t budget properly. It starts very early in primary school.

    Some how we gotta find a way to convince people they aren’t personally responsible – that things aren’t working out because they’re being brutally exploited and oppressed.

    I’m not sure how we’re supposed to do this, but in the early labor movement they got African American organizers to come in and teach this to white blue collar workers. Although I’ve seen African Americans unfairly blame themselves for a lot of stuff, most are very clear about the injustice of racism. I guess this makes it easier for them to identify other forms of depression.


    1. Thank you for your comment Stuartbramhall! I can’t figure it out either Stuart, I really can’t. With nothing to lose, apathy and complacency refuse to leave the American mindset. I believe that it is firmly entrenched in many that they must take their own life because it can ONLY be their fault that they are NOT making it. They are also shamed by those who still have a job into accepting that it IS indeed, their fault. As I’ve said, “what comes around, goes around,” and those who think that this shit storm will pass over them, better think again. Because it won’t. We’re all going to get swept up in the devastating global collapse of a tsunami that is just hovering off the horizon.

      Some actually think that the rich are just going to all of a sudden, develop a ‘heart’ and that the politicians who work for the corporations are going to realize that there are NO living wage jobs to be found and that they will continue to extend the unemployment benefits, forever. That is delusional thinking and then there are those who say, “what can I do, I simply cannot go to jail!” They don’t even realize that they’re all ready in jail. Jails don’t have to have actual bars, but we are imprisoned, all the same. I read today that those who have barely made it out of high school are suffering from depression because they cannot find a job. And yet, they are expected to amass a tremendous amount of debt by going to college with the hope of what? A part-time job at McDonalds? Stuart, let’s face it, the powers-that-be did their homework and people the world over, are so meek and subdued that the white flag of defeat cannot even be hoisted, it is simply lying next to the defeated billions who occupy this fucked up planet.


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