“He Doesn’t Know I’ve Got A Gun!”

bliss to blast

He’s trying to hide his cheating.
And he thinks I’m in the dark.
Little does he know,
I’ve known right from the start.

Oh, he was careful, yes he was.
But a wife can always tell.
It’s the little things and they add up.
He’s putting me through hell!

I know exactly who she is,
and where they go to meet.
I’ve stood and watched them kiss.
I was right across the street.

Dark glasses and a scarf,
hid my identity
as I walked right by the car,
and watched with jealousy.

Since it does take two to tango,
why should I just blame her?
How could he do this thing to me?
The bloody, stinking cur!

I must be calm and think this through.
I don’t really want to fight.
And wonder if he’ll stray again
or sneak out in the night.

My trust’s been torn to pieces.
I never thought he’d play me false.
I know that I’m not perfect.
God knows I have my faults.

No, I don’t deserve this pain.
I’ll make sure he gets his too.
That bitch will never have him.
She picked the wrong man to pursue.

All the nights I’ve spent alone
when he called to tell me lies,
of unexpected meetings
just to give him alibis.

He mistook me for a fool.
And I played one for awhile.
Told him how much I loved him
while choking back the bile.

She can have him; yes she can,
but there’ll be a price to pay.
“I’ll take him for everything he’s worth.”
We’ll play that old cliché.

I’ve tossed it around and around
And I’ve concluded that we’re done.
I don’t want a cheating bastard.
And now, I’m off to buy a gun.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

2 thoughts on ““He Doesn’t Know I’ve Got A Gun!”

    1. Why thank you! I had written the perspective from the ‘other woman’ and decided to try my hand at writing about an affair from the ‘wife’s’ perspective, so I sincerely value your thumbs up on this one. As I’m flying blind here.

      Thanks again and I absolutely looooove your poetry!!! You got it going on!


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