Keep Using Those Credit/Debit Cards!

credit cards

I just heard that Neiman Marcus was targeted by hackers. Anyone reading this shopped at Neiman Marcus? Or were you at Target? If you seriously think that only Target and Neiman Marcus were hit, think again. Other stores have been affected, but they’re just taking their own sweet time in informing the brain dead Americans that they are most likely going to be victims of identity theft and fraud and whatever else, you name it. You see, the stores that Americans shop at will not have to unduly worry about their reputations because they know that Americans are shopaholics and are going to shop no matter what. Americans have to consume, consume and then consume some more. That is vital to their survival because what else keeps America running?

Never mind that most European countries have souped-up their credit/debit card data security, not so with the American stores because’s just too expensive and after’s YOUR credit that will be impacted and not that of those great American stores that Americans just love to flash that credit/debit card in and spend, spend, spend into debt, debt, debt.

Not to forget that when those 70 million Americans, oh yes…I almost forgot. They’ve upped the ante and now Target is saying that up to 70 million shopping fools may have had not only their credit/debit cards hacked(over several months!) but that hackers also have their telephone numbers, addresses, security codes, the whole nine yards. Isn’t it just great to be an American shopper? Still got the ‘holispend’ spirit? Yes? No? Who are ya gonna blame? Target? Neiman Marcus? Kmart? Wal-Mart? Macy’s? Bloomingdales? Go right ahead and in the meantime, start gearing up for the hassle of getting your hacked information, repaired. Oh, and good luck with that! You’re gonna need it!


3 thoughts on “Keep Using Those Credit/Debit Cards!

  1. I saw an MSNBC report today stating that it was not 70 million Target customers who had their data stolen, but 110 million – about half of all adults in America! The guest contributor said people should examine their statements closely; and when paying by debit card, use it as a credit card so you don’t have to give out your security code on the back of the card.


    1. Wow Robert! 110 million? I missed that one. And from what I understand, they’re saying that the hacking started several months ago and that this could very well be the biggest hacking incident in the U.S. And unless this is taken seriously, this is going to become more prevalent. I seriously believe that we have not heard the actual number of stores that have had credit/debit card users information hacked. It would greatly surprise me if Target and Neiman Marcus were the only two. Especially since it has been stated that it is just too easy to hack into America’s credit/debit system setup due to the ancient technology used to so-called ‘protect’ the customer’s information. Apparently, America hasn’t kept up with the new technology that is out there that makes it so simple to hack into these systems.

      Thank you for your comment. This is truly mindboggling. It would certainly make me think twice before sliding that plastic card.



    Sigh!!!!! I’m right again! It seems that I’m going to have to look into whether or not I really am related to gypsies. But then again, common sense would point to the fact that hackers have the ability to ‘hack’ into each and every data card system in the U.S. since merchants basically use the same technology to keep the American shoppers credit/debit card information, dare I say, “safe?”


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