We Gave Up So Easily!

This is what getting your ass kicked looks like. Get used to it.

This is what having your ass kicked looks like. Get used to it.

There was a time when I believed in the goodness of mankind.
But ‘humans’ have no goodness and to this, I am resigned.

We gave up so easily and now we look the other way
if they beat the poor and homeless; we don’t even show dismay.

When the truth is just ignored and the battle weary die,
and if we say that we will fight for them, of course that is a lie!

Who is outraged, or angered, or crazed enough to act?
When we sag in helpless misery; that’s our answer to the smack.

If the jobless lose their homes, no help can they expect.
The people’s voice was silenced, dissent was put in check.

When the hungry go without and the wealthy kick their ass,
they divide us into groups; the middle and lower class.

We eat that shit and run with it and sling it against the wall.
There’ll never be a movement where we stand for one and all.

We’ve lost and we must recognize that we did this to ourselves.
There are no trophies for the losers, just empty, dusty shelves.

When all is said and done, they’ve got us on the run.
Dark days are dead ahead and you’ll forget there was a sun.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

From now on, I am going to write about sex and foolishness because we have had our asses kicked and kicked royally. And what do we do? We whimper and we say that we are fighting? Really? How? When? Where? Who? Oh, that’s right! We’re going to vote! Wow! Yep, we really win when we do that, don’t we? Isn’t that why we’re in the sinking boat that we’re in? Because we vote for thugs and then re-elect thugs? Correct me if I’m wrong, but what have we really done to fight back? Hmmm? The world is in chaos! People are fucked up in _________<—insert just about ANY country and a bell will go 'ding! ding'! Actually, we are ding dings because we are practically comatose since that IS how ya fight isn't it? You just close your eyes, fall down and the bully will go onto the next. That's what's happening isn't it? I mean the Americans gave up and decided that it was in their best interest to get felt up and radiated in order to keep the shadowy bogey gubmint made up terrorist at bay and board that airplane, isn't that right? Americans piss about drone strikes and spying and war crimes and whatnot and then when the gubmint looks in their direction, they simply close their eyes and fall to the ground in helpless surrender. A budget deal was reached that included untold billions to keep wars going and uncontrolled spying, but somehow, the American gubmint just couldn't come up with a bipartisan plan that included extending benefits for those 1.3 million Americans who make up the long-term unemployed. And as much writing as I've done on the plight of the homeless, can you actually see me attempting to put poems together to cover even half of the 1.3 million Americans who will end up homeless right at a time when food stamps have been cut? And the rich? Well…never mind them. We love 'em. Meanwhile, we're 'Wowed'!, over the SAG awards, the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the whores of Hollywood, the playoffs are on and the Super Bowl is in a few weeks. So, we're good!

4 thoughts on “We Gave Up So Easily!

  1. @H3nry. We’ve got nothing to fight with. What are our weapons? A pen that is no longer ‘mightier than the sword’ when the media is controlled by corporations that are our mortal enemy? We don’t even have the weapon of a ‘vote’ because who do we vote for? More of the same? People are slaves to the corporations. That is a fact. The people hold no upper hand because they have been cowed beyond belief. Those who sacrificed themselves are either dead or imprisoned and the beat goes on…. And what do we do? We preach to the choir. We express our outrage over and over again over each and every new atrocity and then it is on to the next. So, what are we really doing? Not a goddamn thing! We are bleeding to death. There is no one fighting and if there is, how many are there? 5, 6, 10 because most are just trying to survive and not doing a good job at that.


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