All News Is Bad News And I Am Sick Of It!

reading the news

A fellow blogger wrote a poem, a sonnet, and it got me to thinking(and to all of you who think that I don’t think, zip it)and questioning, “why am I ‘following’ blogs that just paint a most horrid picture day after day and it seriously becomes depressing?” I take a look and I must admit, that more than half the time, I cannot even get through a third of it because I’m like, “damn!, I can’t take more of THAT shit!” Why are we so drawn towards the negative even when we are living the negative, many of us that is? Those who have lost their jobs, they don’t really need to keep reading about the fact that jobs are hard to find, so there’s no point in looking. They know that already. The hungry don’t need to know that food prices are skyrocketing, they see the prices at the grocery store. Those who have lost their food stamps know that they’ve lost their food stamps. They were the ones who were getting them, remember? The homeless don’t need to be told how bad it is to be homeless, they are living it remember? And they’re certainly NOT reading about it on a blog, at least not many are. Do we really need to know that we’ve got shitty ass politicians? I think most people are aware of THAT fact by now. And since no one has yet come up with a solution to ANY of this, why keep pointing out the obvious over and over again? It gets redundant.

I must admit that I am also guilty of hyping up the bad and downplaying the good. Okay, give me a few minutes and I am sure that I will be able to come up with the ‘goods’ on the good. I guess what I am trying to say is that I don’t want to see a bloody picture of dolphins being slaughtered for whatever reason. I don’t want to see a picture of what ramen noodles do to a stomach. I don’t want to read that we are headed for an even bigger collapse than the one we’ve just recently suffered, i.e., the Great Recession. If we’ve not had our head buried in the sand for the last 20 years than we’re good on knowing this.

So, for the next few weeks, I am going to go out of my way and attempt to find uplifting stories to blog about. I am going to attempt to find it in me to shake off all the negativity if only for a few weeks and attempt some ‘feel good’ poetry because every once in awhile, people need a little ‘pick me up’ because life really is too short to just look around and get bombarded from all sides by “woe is us,” stories. If there is no hope at all, then what is the point in continuing to post horrifying story after horrifying story? We get it! Now, I am off to find something funny or inspirational.

Cya on the flip side(and no, I’m not flipping you the bird THIS time!)

12 thoughts on “All News Is Bad News And I Am Sick Of It!

  1. Good thoughts, Shelby. We do need to focus more on what is good and share those stories (as I get distracted by another social justice issue).


  2. Bloggers such as myself who focus on the ills of society do so in order to educate the public. If people are unaware of the serious problems we face, there will be less pressure on our political leaders to address them. It isn’t negativity which drives us, but the commitment to – and the importance of – activism within a democracy. Each of us have our own limits for how much negative news we can stomach. I’m so thankful to those who bravely fight for social justice in a frightening world where the odds are increasingly stacked against them.


    1. Robert, I understand your point and I get what you are saying. All I was attempting to do was to point out that there is just so much that is negative, so much that is wrong and we all get that. It doesn’t matter whether or not it is due to the reasons for climate change or what is happening with regards to Fukushima or if the politicians are pissing on us AGAIN and telling us that it is raining. The point that I was trying to make is that, something, ANYTHING GOOD would at least relieve the unrelenting deluge of horror upon horror and corruption upon corruption and homelessness, hopelessness, hunger, sickness and so forth and so on.

      But, what the hell was I thinking?


  3. @Robert, it’s not really you guys fault. Just because you put it out there doesn’t mean that I have to read it. This is just my way of letting off some frustrated steam. You know that I value our back and forth and if I have offended, I apologize. And I thank you guys for being so understanding when I become overwhelmed by bad news especially when it seems that we just prefer to roll over and play dead. It is just frustrating beyond belief that we are for all intents and purposes, hovering between being catatonic and comatose.


  4. Since I am late to the post – as usual – I hope the mood has eased a bit for you, Shelby. I’ve hit the same point more than once…even blogged about ‘feeding the wrong wolf’ because it felt like I was the Grim Reaper of blogging news…my posts depressed/scared ME…wtf was I spreading? All fear, all the time. The bad news won’t ever stop and short of withdrawing to a cave without WiFi, I don’t think we can avoid it; just gotta try to keep a balance so’s you don’t fall over into a pit of darkness. I still feel drawn to look at/post about the bad stuff but try to break it up with silly/happy/uplifting stuffs like painting elephants or good tunes. Balance. It’s a bitch but I hope you find yours and keep yer head up. Your words matter and it would totally suck in the blogosphere if you stopped putting them out there.


    1. I am getting over a cold and have not been in the best of moods since I just never, ever get sick. But I guess with the unrelenting cold snap we’ve been having and I just insist upon being out in it, I’ve gone and caught a ‘chill’ and when you don’t feel good, everything just irritates you. Hopefully, in a few, I’ll be back to my usual obnoxious, kick ass, fuck the world and all that shit bad ass!! I hope!!

      And thanks so much MisBehaved for taking the time to come here and comment. It means so much to me!!


      1. I’m glad to know it was a mood that’ll pass and not your total resignation from writing about the human race. I caught the crud exactly 24hrs after the hollydaze company cleared out of my space…the timing made me feel worse than the actual crud did, I think. If I have to be sick, can I schedule to a time that suits me better?!

        Winter blahs, blues…too much grey, not enough warmth. I’d love to be a bear and just sleep through it all, wouldn’t you?


  5. I gotta tellya MisBehaved, I’ve always thought of myself as a lover of all things snowy, cold and frigid, but even I’m fed up past my 20 foot snow drifts. The trail that leads down to the lake needs a trail cut. I’ve not been able to even get to the lake. If I could, I’d trade in my rugged outdoor boots for my thigh high boots, but they’re attached to 18″ stiletto heels. Who in the hell can walk around in the snow in thigh high boots with stiletto heels, what a sick joke is being played on women throughout the world. It seems that we’re always supposed to be fashionistas even when attempting to make it through mountains of snow and ice. Geesh! I’d dearly love to give a well aimed stiletto heeled kick to the balls on one of those old randy fuckers who come up with this bullshit dress code for women.

    Hopefully, I’ll crawl my way back to just plain Crazvyville from InsaneHellLand.

    And I read about your dear father over on Tube’s blog and I as SO very sorry MisBehaved.

    There was a homeless guy that I was trying to house when I was in Baltimore, MD and an organization that I contacted knew of a landlord who rented apartments to extremely low income people. Well, I gave the homeless guy his number and in a couple of days, the poor homeless guy came to me and said that the landlord was trying to get him to abate asbestos and that he would reduce his rent if he and some other tenants would go into old buildings and remove asbestos WITHOUT any type of mask. Of course I reported him and then had to find homes for the other tenants who were being used as human asbestos absorbers and get this, the ‘slumlord’ was actually engaging his own brother in getting rid of the asbestos and paying him a mere pittance for doing so. Being a sleazy shit has been all the rage for centuries MisBehaved and unfortunately, there is no moratorium on sleaziness, more’s the pity!

    I wish your father well. I truly do. Bless your heart! You guys try and stay strong!


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