She Doesn’t Want Your Nasty Ass!


The Homeless Prostitute has been viewed so many times,
she could retire from prostitution and pay off all of her fines.

She’s been called a ‘cock sucker’ and a ‘homeless horny slut’,
and she gets unwanted ‘looks’ from every single nut.

Oh you men should get a life and stop searching for a whore.
She doesn’t want your nasty ass, so just head right for the door.

She’s too good for Johns and Pimps and she’s had enough of you.
So if you peek at her again, she just might slap you with her shoe!

Sit your randy ass down and don’t come this way again.
She’s had it up to here with the sleazy ways of men!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

The poor homeless prostitute cannot catch a break. Not a day has gone by that someone has not searched for the homeless prostitute. If I never get another viewing for anything that I might post, I’ll sure as hell still get views thanks to that poor homeless prostitute that I wrote about. If I had only known that the poor soul would get so much ‘unwanted’ attention, I never would have exposed her to the Peckicare pumped peckers, formerly known as the pickled, puckered peckers before Peckicare pumped the pickled, puckered peckers. All you sleazy ass Peckers out there looking for a homeless prostitute, fuck off!!! Giver ‘er room to breathe, willya????

7 thoughts on “She Doesn’t Want Your Nasty Ass!

  1. Prostitution is legal in New Zealand, thanks to the Green Party (I’m a member). Our 2 local whorehouses, Hearts and Armor and Harlow’s Bordello are listed in the Yellow Pages under brothel. Because both do call-outs, all our prostitutes have somewhere to live.


    1. Well, that’s a step in the right direction, I would think Stuart. And thank you for your comment. I can’t figure it out. The porn industry is legit but prostitution is illegal, and Nevada allows for some legal prostitution. Porn is prostitution, so what gives? They’re engaging in sex for money, that is prostitution and so I’ve never understood the double standard. It’s another WTF moment. Sigh!!! We just don’t make no goddamn sense at all and trying to make sense of ANYTHING these days will drive a person up the damn wall!

      Thanks again Stuart!


  2. Blogname: MisBehaved Woman. Search results…make my frickin’ head spin & my stomach queasy so I don’t even look anymore. Wouldn’t surprise me if someone thought the poor homeless prostitute MisBehaved…but I can’t bear to go look and see. People…blagh.


    1. LOL!!! I’m SO sorry MisBehaved! But I had to laugh because I never imagined what search results YOU would get with the name ‘MisBehaved’! My goodness, you must get every single creep that is living in his mama’s basement and then some that are underneath the basement! You poor, poor dear!!! I just need to shut up then about what the poor homeless prostitute is encountering. LMAO!!! You hang in there! And thanks for making me laugh! It’s been a ROUGH week!!!


      1. Things I never freaking thought of when I created the snazzy title/persona. Oh me, oh my. Not sure I would have chosen anything different but I seriously could’ve gone the rest of my life without needing to know the sicko kinds of stuff people want to see “Misbehaving Women” do. One of my favorite searches is this one – “what did u use to dealt with pigs women if their misbehave”.
        Say WHAT? I don’t even want to know how long dude has been in his basement…


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