The Little Things In Life

winter scene

Today was overcast and the air was crisp and cold.
I let the cares of the world slide and off my shoulders roll.

There is beauty to be found if only we will look.
Snow was falling softly and I laid down my book.

I glanced up as a bird landed to be fed.
And then a hungry squirrel perked up his little head.

The world may be in chaos and headed who knows where
But there is beauty to be found if we become aware.

So, I’ll not focus on the bad and forget that I’m alive,
just from the little things in life, some pleasure I’ll derive.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

9 thoughts on “The Little Things In Life

    1. Thank you! I just needed to help myself out of this bad news funk! And so I took the day to just commune with myself, nature and all things small and wonderful! ‘T was cold, but it was a crisp and clean cold.

      Thanks again Jeff!


    1. Oh, your words ring loud and clear, like a bell resounding over rolling fields and the wind picks it up and carries it forth. I threw a lot off today, to be sure and it felt wonderful. Everyone, I believe, just needs to take a bit of a breather and just get up from the awfulness that surrounds us each and every day and just leave it! Because it will always be there, but if we can escape for just a little while, every now and then, it will help.

      Thanks Skulz!


    1. Thank you Dom! That means a lot to me coming from you. I shall attribute the stark contrast to my multiple personalities. Shhh! Don’t let that harridan that wrote that other poem know that I’m out! She’s a real humdinger, wouldn’t you say? LOL! Thanks again!


    1. HLJ, I am so glad that you were able to just enjoy the beauty of the ‘little things in life’. It makes all the difference in the world if sometimes we just commune with nature and like I said, “let the cares of the world slide and off our shoulders, roll.”

      I thank you for your comment!


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