What Will It Take?

When times have gotten tough,
words just aren’t enough.

And when congress spits on you,
what if anything, will you do?

If you’re unemployed and old,
you are lazy, so you’re told.

If you’re hungry and you’re weak,
they say, you’re on a losing streak.

If the best that you can do, doesn’t land you on your feet,
the next step that you take will be out onto the street.

When the ones who represent you are well fed and doing fine,
they’re pissing on your children and you still won’t draw the line.

They always make it seem as though your plight is all your fault.
And you just close your ears and starve and keep taking their assault.

When will you learn that things won’t change if you just wish them all away?
Will you ever figure out that hard times are here to stay?

No, words are not enough and though you hold onto hope,
our future looks too bleak for most of us to cope.

What will it take to stir you up and get you all to see,
that those who make the rules will never care about you and me?

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

As I continue to ask the same questions relative to what is the American populace going to do about the fact that extreme poverty and hard times are the new norm thanks to their congressional ‘representatives’ pissing on them while insisting that it is merely raining, the American electorate is either in a catatonic state or in a comatose state. In the face of overwhelming poverty that is being inflicted upon millions of Americans, there is not a peep, not even a feeble cry from the afflicted, the affected and the impacted.

Yes, I know that America is the pill popping capitol of the world so that would account for the catatonic state of many and since the general consensus is that many are brain dead, then that would also, account for what’s left to be in a comatose state. So, never mind then, carry on!

4 thoughts on “What Will It Take?

    • Stuart, once again, I must bow to your unique wisdom and education in the field of psychiatry and common sense. I don’t know why I keep forgetting that since the U.S. is the pill popping capitol of the world, it would make perfect sense why Americans act catatonic and brain dead. That is because they are and it is done deliberately. Americans are their own worst enemy because they know that they are being dragged down in more ways than I can count and still they ‘fall’ for each and every new diagnosis, each and every new ‘happy pill’ that is shoved at them by big pharma and their doctors, of course, play along with the shit because they are receiving incentives for pushing big pharma’s products onto their oh so susceptible patients. It is easy to step on people who are walking around in a ‘happy daze’.

      It is a revolution all right and not one shot had to be fired because all they had to do was to hand Americans another pill and another distracting toy and mission accomplished. Their rights are going, going, gone along with any pretense of posturing over the severe economic decline that so many Americans are in right now. “Don’t worry, Americans, be happy, homeless, broke, jobless and full of disease from which you will get another disease while they never cure the original one!”

      I thank you for your comment Stuartbramhall.


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