Fuck It Up!

Fuck IT up like you mean it!!!!
Fuck IT up like you mean it!!!!


I want to thank Tales From The Lou for posting this because I am now going to take it and run with it, after having given credit where credit is due, of course.

There are many examples of just how fed up, people the world over are and they are not just sitting around holding a smartphone and sexting like the Americans are. It is good to know that there are some people who are not willing to just keep taking it up the ass without any lube at all, unlike the Americans. Since there are so many perverts in America, it is not hard to see why Americans have no problem taking it up the ass without lube.

The people of other countries are fiercely protesting and they are not just having one day events and marches, they are in it for the long haul because they know what Americans refuse to acknowledge and that is that if they continue to let their leaders get away with stomping their rights into the dust, that matters will only get worse. Unlike the Americans who have Justin Beiber to save them and the ‘stars’ at the Grammys and the Kardashians, you know! Kimye and crew? So, while the rest of the world is fucking it up, the Americans are sucking it up and getting fucked up the ass without the lube and loving life because Americans know what is important, Hollywood! The Super Bowl! Fake nails! Models! Fake hair! Fake lips! Fake ass! Fake like you know that you ain’t got it so low! You see, Americans are a bunch of fake ass nut cases. Americans are busy running around spending money that they don’t have and getting hacked to pieces and wondering why this is happening. Sigh! Yes, Americans ARE that clueless!

You would have thought that when the big hacking event that occurred at Target was finally exposed to the stupid Americans, that they would have realized that it was not only Target that was hacked. Oh no! You see, the Americans aren’t very smart. Even after they found out that Neiman Marcus was hacked, even THAT wasn’t a big enough wake-up call. They went shopping at Michael’s and slid that credit/debit card across the counter and wouldn’t you know, they got hacked again. Now, would you call that smart? In my book, that is just asking for trouble. And guess what? Americans keep getting what they ask for, more and more trouble. And they never learn. They are out right now busy getting hacked and next month, there’ll be another report from yet ANOTHER big box store releasing a statement that Americans credit/debit card information got hacked. You see, Americans have not realized in all this time that corporations hide shit for as long as they can possibly hide it because they believe that once the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, that the Americans will react like sane people would. But even the retailers don’t get it because what they fail to realize is that Americans are so stupid that an employee could tell them to their face that hacking is going on and they will still hand over that credit/debit card thinking to themselves that they are protected and that there are limits placed on their cards that limit their liability if fraud occurs. Such trust, can you believe it in this day and age? Yep, that’s Americans for you. Dumb, trusting, stupid idiots who have been dumbed down to the point that many could not even count out correct change if a computer wasn’t doing it for them.

I, for one am so glad that the people of other countries are not looking for Americans to lead the world in attempting to right wrongs and overthrow oppressors and despots. America’s entire political machine is made up entirely of despots. Corruption, Vice, Greed, Kickbacks, Bribes, those are the names of the Americans political leaders. And yes, I do know that there are 535 pieces of filth that make up the American political machine, but they are all named Corruption, Vice, Greed, Kickbacks and Bribes and the names are interchangeable. So, don’t worry if you call Vice and Vice tells you that you have called Greed, you’ll still be speaking to one and the same. But why bother? Because unless you have a brief case filled with greenbacks, call Ghostbusters, you’ll get the same response. Nothing.

Those of you in other countries, I thank YOU for pushing back against the motherfuckers whose sole aim it is to oppress you and to keep you down and steal your pensions and shove austerity down your throats when you’ve done nothing to deserve it. The so-called leaders are corrupt and expect you to pay the price for their corruption and you’re having none of it. Unlike America’s cities that are going bankrupt. Read up on Detroit, the once great Motor City and also renowned for Motown, is bankrupt and the vultures have descended and are cleaning that carcass down to the bone and those who thought that their pensions were safe, not so fast. Read it and weep:
..and here’s a little excerpt.

Judge Rhodes ruled that Detroit’s pensions would be treated the same as any other contract in bankruptcy, meaning that benefits could be cut.
The judge said he would not decide Tuesday on the size of the city’s unfunded pension liability, which has been estimated at between $3.5 billion and $8 billion. The city’s debts are estimated at $18 billion.

Is it the pensioner’s fault? No, but who cares? Somebody or some bodies mismanaged or misappropriated or just flat out fucked up Detroit’s ability to pay its bills and so now that is going to have to fall on the shoulders of those who have worked, retired and who now may find themselves looking for work when there is none. I just hope they didn’t shop at Target, Neiman Marcus, Michael’s and insert retail stores here–>________________.

And I should not forget that Stockton, California also went belly up!

The Wages of Bankruptcy: Stockton’s Cautionary Tale for Detroit

Here’s another little excerpt:

More than a year after filing for Chapter 9 protection, the California city is struggling with protracted court battles and stripped city services — and that’s exactly what the Motor City might be in for.

At night, Stockton, Calif., becomes a ghost town. Streets lined with boarded-up buildings and rubbish-strewn parks are mostly empty except for drug dealers and their customers, says Dave Macedo, president of the local firefighters’ union. Even in daylight, shootings break out with regularity, and the city of 300,000 was ranked the 10th most dangerous in the country in 2012. “It’s the wild, wild West out there,” says Macedo. Or rather, the wild, bankrupt West.

Read more: The Wages of Bankruptcy: Stockton’s Cautionary Tale for Detroit | TIME.com http://nation.time.com/2013/07/25/the-wages-of-bankruptcy-stocktons-cautionary-tale-for-detroit/#ixzz2rW29IgiB

Just devastating isn’t it? Not really because if it was, it wouldn’t be business as usual or should I say, bankruptcy as usual. But that’s how Americans play it. Remember the Wall Street debacle and how the criminals of Wall Street brought business as usual to its knees and had to get bailed out by, you guessed it, those good old stupid Americans? Well, the Wall Street players are back at it and they’ve upped the ante and it ain’t looking so good for Main Street Americans these days, but you couldn’t tell if you’re looking from afar. But close up, it’s a different story, just ask the people of Stockton, California and Detroit, Michigan and don’t forget to check the bridges and underpasses. You’ll find plenty of homeless people and if you like to gamble as apparently so did the managers of the funds of both Stockton, CA and Detroit, MI, head on over to Las Vegas, NV, you’ll step over a lot of homeless folk there too. Don’t forget Atlantic City, they’re knee deep in homelessness also.

But to those of you in other countries who are trying to fight back, more power to you! And if you should by chance look towards the West and think that you see that Rome is burning because Americans woke the fuck up and fought back, think again. That will just be another California forest fire. It’s ALL good!

10 thoughts on “Fuck It Up!

    1. Tsk! Tsk! Now you know that just ain’t true Skulz! Americans are exceptional, doncha know! And Americans are not interconnected to the rest of the world. America is in stupid ass class all by her lonesome being exceptional and all. Americans are connected to their smartphones, gas guzzling SUVs, McMansions, swimming pools, gated communities and all things lavish. What do Americans know about hard times and poverty and homelessness and hunger and unmitigated pain and suffering? That shit doesn’t interconnect with Americans. Americans are exceptional and walk on clouds. You mean you didn’t know this?

      But I can forgive you for not being all in the know, seeing as how you’re out there in the desert and all. So, just check in here every so often and I’ll keep you up to speed on just how interconnected Americans feel they are NOT!


      1. I’m American and I meant every word I said. I can’t speak for “other” Americans. “Other” Americans have voices and speak out or don’t speak out or just stand there mute and overwhelmed, mired in the blister of ignorance.


  1. Reblogged this on The Secular Jurist and commented:
    When institutional corruption reaches a saturation point, as it has in America, it triggers an angry backlash from concerned citizens often replete with coarse language and colorful metaphor. Such is the case with this contextually accurate post which captures the raw essence of populist angst in a most profound way.

    The author’s assertion that Americans don’t care about what’s happening to them is perhaps only partially true. She is living proof that at least some Americans care a great deal.


    1. Robert, I’ll just say “thank you,” for the reblog since my obvious anger is so obvious, not to mention that it is also quite obvious that I still do give a rat’s hindquarters. See, I’m trying to control my propensity for vulgarity when I am this angry. It’s a stretch, but I am trying. Again, thank you!


      1. Be yourself, Shelby. Vulgarity is in the eye of the beholder. Richard Pryor was a genius at satirizing taboo subjects with casually-delivered profanity. You have a similar, although harder-edged talent. Embrace it.

        Besides, when you write from the heart it shouldn’t matter what other people think. Especially fucking assholes like me… lol!



  2. Dear Skulz, we can argue until the chickens come home to roost but the sad fact is that there IS such a thing as ‘American Exceptionalism’, Despot Obadroner said so and we ALL know that HE wouldn’t lie and so that means that only Americans belong to THAT particular club. Now, with your being an American, you too, are exceptional and you just accept that and get with the program. Exceptionalism has its perks. You can ignore that the world is in chaos, so long as the smartphones are working and the bright, shiny gadgets are still managing to hypnotize you. Now, take your ‘happy pill’ and play all day! Everything is going to be okay since your great savior Justin Beiber is out of jail. Praise be! We can ALL sleep soundly in our warm boxes underneath that overpass whilst searching for a Wi-Fi hotspot after dumpster diving for food. ‘American Exceptionalsim’ is grand, I tell you!

    Skulz, I hope you know that I am being totally sarcastic. Of course, we are all interconnected.


  3. You go, girl. You’re really on fire today. You’re right. It’s definitely much easier organizing in other countries. Part of the reason I emigrated to New Zealand was because I got sick of having one-woman protests on street corners.


    1. Stuartbramhall I hear you, loud and clear! And that is the reason why I developed good sense quick, fast and in a motherfucking hurry because I figure why should I go out on the streets, stand somewhere by myself looking stupid, holding up a sign and get run over by some shit that’s not looking up because they’re busy sexting. I know what I’m dealing with and I have no problem putting it out there. Americans ARE stupid and Americans will always BE stupid because that is what Americans do best, be stupid. If Americans weren’t so stupid, Americans wouldn’t be in the mess that they are in now and most don’t even know that they are fucked and are about to get fucked up even more.

      You can’t lead this stupid shit anywhere when you’ve got nothing to work with. People in other countries are going the fuck off over what is happening to them, but not Americans, oh no!! They’ll only go off when the Super Bowl is on or when some Hollywood slut has a wardrobe malfunction or when Justin Beiber is jailed. That’s what’s important. I am not going to waste my time attempting to go around enlightening this stupid shit. They like being clueless, doped up and hypnotized. So, to hell with them!

      And I thank you so much for your comment, it made MY day!!!


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