Eat Shit, You Corporate Swine!


You bit the hand that fed the corporate bottom line.
What comes around, goes around; eat shit you corporate swine!

Food stamps have been cut and no jobs are to be found,
with none to feed your greed, your stock will hit the ground.

You need a human shopper that no robot can replace,
a two-way street it is and you thought you held the ace.

Get ready for a fall, motherfuckers that you are.
And when you bottom out, that fall will leave a scar!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

…and the corporations think that they hold all the trump cards. Well…when people have no money to spend, just what the hell did they think would happen? Exactly what IS happening!–wal-mart-the-latest-sign-retail-is-reeling

fourth-quarter earnings worse than expected
Battered big-box stores
Target has been suffering (I wonder why, like hell I do!)
Macy’s (M -1.32%) saw sales grow by low single digits in 2014 and in 2014, for instance. And don’t even get me started on Sears (SHLD -0.36%) or JC Penney (JCP +2.60%).
Best Buy had another rough quarter after an ugly holiday sales report.

…and the writer of this article thinks that this ‘bad’ news for stores has everything to do with online shopping as opposed to ‘brick and mortar’ shopping. Somehow, I don’t think that’s it. The simple fact is that people are not shopping because they are broke and the safety net has been gutted. The unemployed have given up and the homeless certainly ain’t shopping. So, they can fool themselves until hell freezes over, but the reality is that between the corporate owned asses called politicians and Wall Street, they’ve managed to cause their own downward spiral. And far as I am concerned, they can just eat shit!

15 thoughts on “Eat Shit, You Corporate Swine!

  1. Bottom line is there is no economic recovery. Capitalism can’t co-exist with extreme wealth inequality. There are no markets, free or otherwise, when there aren’t any consumers to buy your products. This is economics 101. Unless something is done urgently about extreme income inequality the whole house of cards is doomed to collapse. According to an article a friend sent me this is a major agenda item at the current World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland.


    1. …and they are trying their best to act like they don’t know why the shit is hitting the fan when America’s entire economy is consumer based. If people have not the means to consume, this house of cards IS going to collapse. And the sad fact is that it all could have been avoided, but when greed is allowed to run amok, everyone is going to face the music and not just the poor. I cannot believe that they thought that extreme income inequality would not present a problem for the corporate bottom line. Did they just think that people could do like the Fed and print their own money out of thin air? Apparently so!
      I found the above link to be very interesting.

      ….and I am quite sure that this left a scar!

      A JP Morgan tech executive fell to his death from the U.S. bank’s 33-story tower in London’s Canary Wharf financial district on Tuesday in what British police said was a “non-suspicious” incident.

      Police were called to the glass skyscraper at 3:02 a.m. ET, where a 39-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene after hitting a lower ninth-floor roof. Witnesses said the body remained on the roof for several hours.

      Other JP Morgan executives stated that they are saddened by this JP Morgan executive’s death. I’m sure they are because as we all know, corporate executives are ALL heart!

      But it’s okay when Jane and Joe Main Street America commit suicide over the loss of their income and their home and with no safety net in sight. What comes around, most definitely goes around.


      1. The first link about most of our taxes going to interest is fascinating. It conveniently doesn’t mention where the interest payments are going – they’re going to private banks. Because governments no longer have the right to issue or control money (97% comes from private banks when they issue loans out of thin air.)

        Perhaps it explains why some IMF economists are getting behind a plan to abolish the right of private banks to issue money. It seems a real about face that a corporate-controlled institution like the IMF would want people to know the truth (about anything for a change). Here’s IMF economist Michael Kumhoff trying to explain the Chicago Plan to a bunch of bankers, stoke brokers and economists:


  2. Fine post as usual, thanks Shelby. It gets harder all the time to feel sorry for these bloated, greedy, arrogant parasites, doesn’t it? They never would be missed!

    However. I do hate even thinking such things, yet I seem to be so cynical at times that I expect these predators to have a backup plan ready when we aren’t sweating out enough blood and money to suit them. Will they move on to exploit the developing world, more than they already are? Will they all board a spaceship and leave the rest of us in the hopelessly toxic rubble that was once a nice little planet?

    Or … (ALERT! This one is pretty grisly even by my standards. You may not want to leave it up on your blog, which is your call, I’d never blame you.) Have they been feeding us growth hormones and high-fructose corn syrup for years just to fatten us up … to harvest us for hydrocarbons and calories? I can’t believe the elites would willingly eat our badly-nourished, non-organic, non-free-range body parts. But there’s no doubt some process available to purify our carcasses sufficiently for their delicate constitutions and palates.

    Or they count on one being created for them in good time. We are genetically inferior of course, but still clever enough with our little hands and brains in some ways. Useful. But … often inconvenient. Once androids are up to their stringent standards as slaves, we will be entirely superfluous. At that point, we might look back on these as the good old days.

    And yet, humans are such surprising critters now and then. I hope this grim plan will hit a giant snag and never work out for those heartless corporate assholes. Things don’t seem promising, but life itself is such a long-shot that it’s too soon to tell

    Meanwhile, let’s keep on writing, keep on working, keep on pushing! What the hell do we have to lose? – Linda


    1. Linda, I don’t feel sorry for them, not one bit! Do they feel sorry for us? That would be a resounding “NO!”

      But I haven’t given up as you can see though I state that I am so often, I bet people say, “will she just get on with it, already? Geesh!” LOL! If they want my ass for feed, I’m pretty much pickled because me and the champagne flute are Siamese twins and we don’t intend to be parted. I don’t care much for their GMO foods and since I’ve moved to where I can grow my own garden this year, to hell with their GMO shit. My cousin knows where I can get some ‘GMOless’ seeds. Of course, I’ve got to relinquish my 18″ stiletto heels for some comfortable gardening shoes, a straw hat, knee pads, pruners and trowels and other assorted gardening utensils.

      And I consider those who are without a scrap or even a shred of a conscience to be inferior. They would be doing themselves a favor, by eating those of us who have a heart, a conscience and who give a goddamn about the plight of others. And all I can say is that if they come for us, since I’m originally from the south, WE prepare ourselves for combat from birth. I ain’t got this deep southern, hillbilly accent for nothin’. Y’all better act like ya know!!! LMAO!!

      Hell! Long live the revolution, I say! And power to the peons!!!! Ye doggy!!!

      Linda, I have no problem keeping your post up. I don’t know why you wonder about that. The title of this one is “Eat Shit, You Corporate Swine!” Now, with a title like that, do you really think that I could have a problem with ANYTHING you post? Exactly! Post away!!!

      …and thanks Linda!!


  3. As Stuart and Shelby mentioned, extreme wealth inequality doesn’t seem to be able to co-exist with capitalism until you factor in the role of debt. Americans were acclimated to credit in the 1950’s or so when luxury items such as tv’s and cars were first produced. Yesterday’s luxury items are todays commodities. The notion of easy credit or financing has now extended into the student loan, healthcare and housing industries where people are now saddled with a lifetime of debt while the banks profit off of the vig. Meanwhile, pensions of workers are tied to the stock markets where the hedge fund predators and vulture capitalists roam. Capitalism is a natural extension of feudalism where eventually everyone gets a spot on the global plantation unless your name begins with Lord or Lady. Granted, I am not an econ major so my thinking may be skewed here.


    1. Jeff, I am not an econ major either, but your comment makes sense to me. Hell! Most of us need only look around to figure out that what has been going on was unsustainable. I really don’t need an expert on banking to tell me what my eyes already have. The only question is when, not if this house of cards is going to collapse. With no borrowing power, no jobs, rampant homelessness and the inability to pay down debt, the corporations cannot get blood from a rock. And Moses ain’t here to part this particular red sea of ink on a balance sheet of any entity creating money out of thin air.

      They initiated this extreme wealth inequality and now they can just deal with the consequences like those who are suffering and struggling are dealing with it, as best they can.

      Thanks for your comment Jeff and I would like to state again that you just posted an excellent piece. I highly recommend it!


  4. Stuart, I watched part of the video(will look at it in its entirety during the Super Bowl) and from what I gather thus far, it is just totally ‘surreal’ that this shit has been going on. Mr. Kumhoff stated that “banks fund a loan by creating new money and without debt we have no money.” So, this is why having an indebted society is beneficial to banks because without it, they have no sovereignty and therefore, are redundant. This is why so many banks failed during the Great Recession because they were maxed out in loans and when the loans were not paid back due to many businesses going belly up, the banks had not the actual assets to even cover the losses.

    From what I saw in the video, banks no longer go on the premise of I walk in and make a deposit and the bank has the money. That is just seen as moving an asset around from one bank to another with no real banknote sitting in the bank attesting to the fact that I made a deposit. It is just blown away as soon as I deposit it. They are just playing what Mr. Kumhoff calls ‘double entry bookkeeping and it is up to the banks as to what they post on their assets sheet. That is some scary shit. Who the hell thought that THAT shit could just continue without serious consequences?

    And yet, if I print some money and float it around, I’ll go to prison, but the banks are essentially doing much worse than that and getting a free pass. Why am I not surprised???!!!!!


  5. Great post Shelby, this couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of asses! These corporate bastards and the politicians are destroying the very thing that feeds them and it can’t happen fast enough for my liking. Maybe, just maybe if they fall far enough they will get the message, but somehow I really doubt it. I guess we will have to see what happens.


    1. Dom, thank you for stopping in. Wal-Mart and other retailers who sell food, like Target, are claiming that revenues are down due to the fact that food stamps were cut in November and now with food stamps taking another hit, what do they think is going to happen? Their bottom line is about to take another hit. The long-term jobless were just dealt another blow because their benefits will not get restarted. And millions more are due to have their benefits cease this year. These are the darkest days I’ve ever seen and they’re only going to get darker, unfortunately, for people who are already hanging on by a mere thread.

      And something is going on because bankers have started killing themselves, much like they did back during the Great Depression. No one seems to know why, but if anyone would know what’s coming down the pike, the bankers should. Somebody ain’t happy about something. See below:

      …and you are SO right Dom, this could not happen to a more deserving bunch of bastards and if there IS indeed a Hell, may they ALL meet up and rot in it together!

      Again, I thank you for your comment, much appreciated as always!


  6. “And far as I am concerned, they can just eat shit!”
    And as soon as they have finished that delicious meal could we pleeeeeeze take them directly to the GUILLOTINE?????!!!!

    Pwr 2 the WORTHY peons!


    1. Wolfess to the GUILLOTINE, they go!! I would personally consider it an honor to deposit their shit eating, worthless asses at the foot of Madame GUILLOTINE!!!


      PWR 2 the WORTHY peons!! Hear! Hear!!!

      …and Wolfess, I LOVE your attitude! We’re going to need much more of that in the weeks and months to come and may more of the WORTHY peons get onboard!!!!


      1. YESSSSSS!!!!!! That’s why Leen and I started our blog — we wanted to guide the peons in understanding that this fucking shit has GOT TO STOP! I started using the ‘peon and guillotine’ phrases a couple of years ago in an attempt to get people riled up so they’d fight back — I think it’s working but it sure seems like it’s been slow; I mean, I’m a 60-year-old witch that doesn’t have a whole helluva lot of patience left! 🙂

        Pwr 2 the WORTHY peons!


  7. I hear you Wolfess! I have stomped and moaned and whined and wondered just when would we get this much need revolution of change started. It is desperately needed RIGHT NOW!! Many of us are getting too old to be on the front lines more than once. As you say, we’re not getting any younger here, but we ARE getting more and more fucked and fucked up each day that passes. The shit eating motherfuckers got all the time in the world. We’re the ones who are running out of it and we ALL need to figure something out, quick, fast and in a goddamn hurry because even though over 1.3 million jobless Americans have lost their benefits, there are over 3 million more set to lose them this year and with the recent cutting of food stamp benefits AGAIN, there is going to be an awful lot of homeless and hungry people stumbling around just in this country alone. And from what I’ve read, things ain’t looking that good in most every other country in the world, not for the peons, that is!

    I’ll keep penning poems and you and Leen, please keep up the good work that you both do! And thank you so much again for taking the time to come here. It was certainly wonderful of you to stop in. Thank you!


    1. Well dear friend, I will definitely be over here often as your writing certainly speaks to me! Reading your totally righteous rants make me feel better — thank YOU! 🙂


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