Black History Holds No Fame

black history month

Dragged from your native land,
on a floating barge of death.
You built paradise for a thief
who then plundered all the wealth.

Your name was not your own.
You would never again be free.
To know such hate from them,
as they hung you from a tree.

They say that slavery’s over.
Go forth and earn your keep.
And though you labor long,
you’re valued much too cheap.

You were denied so many rights.
And the vote was not for you.
Though many marched and died,
the court bid that adieu.*

Some think you’ve made great strides
in the face of all that’s wrong.
Yet they herd you into prison,
because they hate that you are strong.

Be wary of their smiles,
for they mean you so much harm.
If you’ve a talent, they’ll exploit it.
All over you, they’ll swarm.

They’ll use you and they’ll kill you.
You’re nothing but a thing,
and when your candle’s burned
you’ll feel ole Massa’s sting.

Don’t ever let your guard down,
and it doesn’t pay to trust.
Shield from them your weakness.
Always show them your disgust.

Black history holds no fame.
And it certainly gets no cheer.
Times have never changed.
They still look at you and sneer.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

*June 25th 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned a key provision of the Voting Rights Act, removing a critical tool to combat racial discrimination in voting.

Black History Month, eh? What’s to celebrate? Double digit unemployment in every Black community all across this rotten ass country. The Black people who aren’t getting their brains bashed in playing football or who aren’t rapping about thugs and hos are receiving wages that wouldn’t keep a hamster in food. Public Education in inner cities is shameful and woefully inadequate, to put it mildly, in preparing Black children for this high tech society we live in. Black children are being herded from the classroom straight into the penitentiary and they haven’t a prayer of making it out of the nightmare of poverty, hopelessness, gangs, violence and despair.

But we’re celebrating some goddamn bullshit! The Civil Rights Movement? We haven’t moved. The ‘white only’ entrances and water fountains are still there and so are the ‘colored only’. Now, it’s called affluenza and povertenza. Keep the poverty stricken Black people away from the affluent. Gate those communities, build high-end developments. Those poor Black people can’t afford that. Hinder their education. Keep them ignorant. It worked back in the day and if it works, why fix it if it ain’t broke?

There is not one damn thing to celebrate. Yes, Rosa Parks refused to relinquish her seat. Good on her! The Reverend Dr. King and all the others marched and protested and had dogs let loose on them and were sprayed by high powered water hoses and for what? So that the ever so helpful Supreme Court could just come along and gut THAT shit! Oh, yes! Let the goddamn celebrations begin!!!! Again I say, fuck THAT shit!!!

17 thoughts on “Black History Holds No Fame

  1. Wow. Excellent shelby. But didn’t you notice the bone Obummer threw out to the black community in the State of The Union Address? He’s a black in white face ………… (now breath ….. count to ten and remember …….. don’t shoot the messenger, Tubularsock!)


  2. I’ve told you too many times to count, that I don’t got no damn TV(notice the double negative, it’s my inner city public school misedumacasion an all, doncha know!)so, I didn’t watch that lying, depraved, blood thirsty, murdering, drone striking son of a bitch Obadroner throw a bone to any goddamn body. I only read bits and pieces of his bullshit speech. It was the same ole lying shit!

    ” Work hard, oh and Jackie White employed 8 million Americans, however, those of you who are the long-term unemployed, we will assist you in setting up a savings. We’ll work out the details as soon as you find a job at Micky Ds and since you owe on college loans, pay them off first, but remember, HARD work is what got ME MY job, so get on with it! Hard work, work hard ’cause hardly working don’t hardly work. I must be harsh with you people needing food stamps as I’ve just signed the legislation that cuts the hell out of food stamps for you hungry, unemployed, non-working, fucked up Americanos! Suck it up!…oh..and work HARD at it!!! And meet my friend John Military here who thanks to me and my constant war machine, has lost his limbs but he still wants to serve, but he is of no use to us now except for when I need a standing ovation due to my bullshit speech not getting it done!”

    That cocksucker Obadroner, is a goddamn useless bastard and I ain’t gonna pretty up words just to be politically correct. Fuck that shit!

    And how the hell are ya Tube? Where the fuck YOU been? Ain’t seen hide nor hair of you in a month of Sundays. Just had muh first taste of the bubbly, awaiting that ‘feel good’ warm glow ta hit! Well..hell! Bottoms up and all! Cheerio!

    …and thanks for the fucking thumbs up and all and as you can see, I’m mellowing with age! HA!


    1. Well now there you go again shelby — a peon after my own heart! I had a little climax just readin’ your right proper description of bush-dark, the great and powerful obadroner! I am truly impressed with your right booful way with words! 🙂


      1. Wow Wolfess, thank you so much for stopping in! As you can see, I should be foaming at the mouth and needing rabies shots because just hearing Despot Obadroner’s name makes my eyes roll back in their sockets, I am that filled with rage! How I could have been taken in by that smooth as silk, slick talking Chicago filth, I’ll never know. I was war weary and sick of that damn simple ass looking Bush and along comes Mr. Fresh Two-Faced here telling me what I wanted to hear and the next thing we know, we’ve got Bush in Black face on steroids! I mean WTF!!! Talk about being had! We’ve been had! And I could just kick my own ass for being taken in not once, but twice by that lying, depraved snake.

        I honestly did not think for one second that we would be where we are now when I cast my vote. To see so many people homeless, hungry, unemployed and that shit in Washington continues to do everything possible to make misery more miserable. Something has just got to give! Because what is going down is untenable and most definitely unsustainable.

        Again, I thank you so much for stopping in. Come back anytime, that is if you can stand my potty mouth.


      2. Like I said Darlin’ you are a peon after my deepest, darkest most depraved heart! 🙂 I sure as hell voted for that damned obadroner in 2008; in fact, I was so enthralled with him that I even campaigned for him! Yes it’s true, I had it baaaaad! And like so many others, I so badly wanted to believe him and what he said, but b4 2012 arrived I had come to the conclusion that he really was just another politician: How can you tell when a politician is lying? His lips are moving. Anyway, when you get goin’ with your most intelligent way of looking at him I just wanna reach out and hug you! It does my heart good to read the words of a like-minded soul. 🙂


  3. In the 1970s and 80s we used to call it cooptation – when the corporate elite took over the struggle of an underclass as its own (and watered it down so it was no longer recognizable). I guess the new term is recuperation – where you win a battle and the corporate elite incorporates your victory to make the capitalist system of oppressing you even better. Sounds like Black History Month fits perfectly in that category.


    1. Dr. Bramhall, I still hear of the Civil Rights Movement being ‘co-opted’. Exploited for nefarious purposes and when it is convenient. I get fed up with the so-called Black organizations dancing to the same damn tune every February whereas the NAACP will host some damn stupid ass awards show touting singers and actors and yet, Black America is writhing in painful death throes. Many sing and dance to Massa’s tune night and goddamn day in and day and night out and they think that we don’t get the fact that they are paid in full for their complete and utter disregard for the plight of millions of Black people who live like they are in a 3rd world country every single fucked up day!

      The NAACP and The Urban League are in cahoots with those who own those organizations and the owners certainly ain’t the Blacks who pay membership dues.

      When I lived in Baltimore, MD, I found that city to have so many societal ills, it was ridiculous and the NAACP is located on Mt. Hope Drive in Baltimore, MD. The NAACP was doing nothing to negate ANY of the many horrific issues in Black communities all across that city. Drug use is and was off the scale as was gang activity, teen pregnancies, homelessness, prostitution, a prevalence of STDs, poverty, government sponsored methadone clinics were all over the place and those people were so strung out on that methadone mess as to just wobble and almost fall asleep everywhere. I looked on in horror at first and then proceeded to roll up my sleeves and get to helping.

      I phoned the NAACP on numerous occasions asking them why were they more concerned about a goddamn confederate flag flying atop the state capitol building in South Carolina when they had to step over crack addicts to head out of Baltimore to go to South Carolina to protest it. Of course, I got hung up on for my troubles. They didn’t want to hear it. It is no wonder that inner cities are full of Black people who have given up because when an organization was founded to help lift Black people out of poverty, hopelessness, despair and anguish, and people see that its doing not a damn thing to try and stop that shit, there goes the hope. Sigh!! That’s all I seem to do these days is SIGH!!!

      Thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall. Much appreciated.


      1. I, too, had similar problems with the Urban League when I was in Seattle. I was part of the support committee for the longest public occupation in North American history. Some friends occupied an abandoned school after the mayor promised they could have it for an African American Museum and Cultural Center (with a basketball court, afterschool program and art classes) and the mayor double crossed them. Eventually the city gave us the building – then they did an underhanded deal with the Urban League to take over our board. The Urban League converted the building into condominiumms and left us one small room for the museum. Not big enough to do anything for the at-risk youth we intended to serve.


  4. Oh, Wolfess, bless your sweet heart! I’ve got plenty of where that came from. If you get the chance, read this poem and I think I’ve got him down pat.

    Don’t feel bad about having campaigned for him as you had no idea that we were about to get bombarded with ‘the new face of evil’. My dad’s cousin worked in his campaign headquarters and was giving us tickets to go and see him. I wasn’t able to go because I had other obligations but many of my relatives went and some of them are still making excuses for him, even to this very day. Of course, they have not been adversely impacted, affected or afflicted by this shit storm that has been unleashed and therein lies the problem Because unless people wake the fuck up and realize that sooner or later, they WILL get affected AND afflicted by this shit storm, then it is just going to be business as usual until nobody has any business and there’ll be no need to even look for a Wi-Fi hotspot since we’ll be lucky if we’ve the ability to drag ourselves and a box to an underpass. It is just a matter of time for those who think their luck will hold because it won’t. This mess that is running the world will not stop until we’re all peeping out from a cardboard box. Sigh!!! I keep hope alive. What else can I do?

    I wish I could hug you too as I feel that you are a kindred spirit! Yours and Leen61’s blog ROCK!!!

    Pwr to the peons!!!!! Always!!!!


    1. I reblogged your poem as the obadroner just keeps doin’ that evil that he does so well, so as long as he’s the whore in the WH your poem will be apropos!

      Pwr 2 the WORTHY peons!


      1. Thank you so much!!! I am humbled and appreciative! That evil bastard will go down in history as being one of the worst presidents we’ve ever had. And we thought George Bush was evil. Compared to Despot Obadroner, Bush looks just like a fumbling, buffoonish clown. And the ‘war machine’ continues, revved up and fully funded. And yet, the jobless are without aid, the hungry had food stamps cut and on and on it goes. Again, I sigh!!! Sometimes I wonder will we ever see a way out of this darkness. I hope and hope and hope!

        …and again, I thank you!


      2. I think what makes him even more evil than the shrub is the fact that he is intelligent, therefore he KNOWS what he’s doing and he does it anyway! I also believe that cheney the antichrist was the real power in the shrub regime, and I think the antichrist is comparable to the obadroner, and in fact, it is quite possible the antichrist is still jerking the strings of the puppet in the WH …

        I know exactly what you mean about the war machine — there is so much waste in that organization, and did you know that we now have a military presence in over 130 countries, and from what I understand many of those countries have been added since bush-dark took over! And all these poor souls coming back from war will never be whole again and they deserve not only our respect and admiration, but a decent life as well, but I really don’t see that happening as long as we put the corporations of the MIC first. The only reason we are fighting in so many countries is so that those fucking corporations get their oversized piece of the pie. These goddamned corporations deserve to starve the way TOO many peons are!

        Pwr 2 the WORTHY peons!


    1. Wolfess, yes he knows what he is doing. That is what they pay him for. He is a most willing puppet. And they did indeed pick him very carefully. I mean, he was easy on the eye, a smooth talking, slick ass salesman. Oh yes, he sold us all down the goddamn River Styx alright. He is the emperor by proxy.

      And many countries don’t even want the U.S. military presence in their country. In fact, I recently read that the government in the Philippines has stated that they want America’s military presence O-U-T! People in other countries are sick and tired of being dictated to by this corrupt shit. We’re not ‘liberators’ we are destroyers. If we offer aid, it is in the form of aiding and abetting rebel forces to overthrow sovereign governments and install those who will do the bidding of the U.S. and keep the war machine satiated. We have some real shits representing us all over the world. And on another blog today, I read that over 55,000 female veterans are homeless. That of course, doesn’t include the homeless male veterans. The U.S. has no use for you once you’re fucked up and insane from seeing so many people blown to shit. Now they can just be homeless and fend for themselves.

      Not one person who has served in the U.S. military should be walking around deranged and homeless. It just shouldn’t be. But many times, the homeless are veterans and it is shameful that these people have been exposed to killing, torture, mutilation and mind blowing shit and they’ll never be the same again, only to come back to the U.S. and fall right into homelessness because they are unemployable or if they are employable, there are no jobs to be found. The U.S. certainly knows how NOT to take care of her own, that’s for damn certain!

      As you can see, I’m fired up again! Hell! I stay that way and it ain’t gonna change!

      Oh…and I second Tubularsock! RIGHT ON!!!!


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