A Planet Dies!


Demonic possession
Phallic obsession
Occult inference
Dark deference
Masters over slaves
Crooks and knaves
Rituals of sacrifice
lust and avarice.

The powerful wield
Upon a fertile field
Swords and scythes
As freedom writhes
when humanity cries
A planet dies.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
Β©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

This just came to me as I was discussing so-called ‘secret societies’ that are hell bent on using their massive wealth and power to destroy humanity as they crave more and more wealth and power. There has been talk of their Satanic rituals as apparently ‘Satan’ has been perceived as their ‘god’. Their ‘god’ is wealth/power.

One thing that they don’t have that many of us do is empathy. If we can but channel that empathetic nature that we share and spread it and continue to ignite it, we may stand a chance. But we are fast running out of time and there are those who cannot lift a weakened finger as they are far too weary. Call me a fool, but I believe that there are those of you out there who cannot stand what is going on. You give a damn that people are homeless and hungry and jobless and you know that the evil motherfuckers of this world will never give a goddamn about their plight.

I have written on this to the point where my fingers have actually developed a cramp and I have had to pry them apart, but I will NOT give up! There are emerging signs that people are getting fed up, everywhere! Let us hope that we ALL get fed up to the point where we form our own society and it will be no ‘secret’ that we are HUMAN and that our society is called ‘humanity’!

10 thoughts on “A Planet Dies!

    1. LOL! Thank you for that comment! @ ‘is reblog what I post’. Please don’t stop what you’re doing as you know, I quite often find my way over there and after what I read, I get mad as hell. Oh, who am I kidding? I was already mad before I read it, I have semi-spontaneously combusted on numerous occasions. In fact, I keep the fire extinguisher handy and several for back-up.

      Wolfess, I think we’re gonna figure this thing out because we are most definitely not the only ones who are quite fed the fuck up! When I go out, I am busy instigating, agitating and demonstrating. Because we’ve got to ‘git ‘er done’!!

      …and as always, GUILLOTINE THE MOTHERFUCKERS! Pwr 2 the peons!


      1. Your comment made me laugh, and that is most definitely a good thing!!!!!
        I have a t-shirt and a sweatshirt that a poster on Current made for me … the t-shirt has ‘power to the peons’ on the front, and on the back there’s a picture of a guillotine and it says ‘guillotine complacency.’ The sweatshirt has a different guillotine pic and it says ‘guillotine hypocrisy.’ I wear those when I go out, and people come to me and ask what I’m talking about — then I get to tell how I feel about what’s going on in this country! πŸ˜‰

        And I love the “git ‘er done” phrase even tho I don’t like Larry the Cable Guy anymore b/c he advertises for Walfuck. πŸ™‚


    1. Wolfess, I am going to have to get me some of those T-shirts, but for some strange reason, people are just naturally attracted to what I am saying. Of course, when you’re strutting around in 18″ stiletto heels and a black skin tight mini-skirt with a black bolero on THAT would attract attention, so I guess it’s no wonder that people listen to what I have to say when I’m in that get-up.

      And I am certainly glad that you had a bit of fun today what with the world in the shape it’s in. We ALL need a bit of humor every now and then. It’s what keeps me going.

      I must say that I feel the need to thank you once again because since you and Leen61 have come here, you two have got my stats jumping through the roof and that is a good thing for us all. “The New Face of Evil” is getting a lot of attention. So, maybe the hold-outs will figure out that Despot Obadroner ain’t shit and act accordingly.

      I’m getting ready to head out the door as I’ve got some agitating, aggravating and instigating to do! Because we’ve got some shit eating motherfuckers that need to meet Madame GUILLOTINE!!!

      Pwr 2 the peons!


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