I Am Sick Because I Don’t Want To Fuck!

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Seriously? Yes indeed! If you are female and your mate says, “honey, let’s fuck!” And you say, “fuck off!” THAT is an ILLNESS!!!

“A drugmaker working to develop a pill to boost sexual desire in women says regulators are demanding more studies on the experimental drug.”

Apparently, psychiatrists have determined that females not wanting to fuck are diagnosed as having, “hypoactive sexual desire disorder, described as a lack of sexual appetite that causes emotional distress.”

Ain’t that sweet? I get so emotional when I can’t service the cock! And that shit should qualify more females for disability because if a lack of sexual appetite causes emotional distress, how the fuck(no pun intended)can I go to work and fucktion? My mood swings are just so fucking off the charts, a pendulum has nothing on my mood swings due to my inability to hype up some damn desire for a cock. I want a check for that shit! And I want it now, goddamn it. Can’t you see how emotional I am over all of this shit? I can’t fuck! I can’t work! I can’t sleep! My mate is trying to crawl all over me and I am having none of it see, ’cause my libido is no mo, Joe! Didn’t you hear me the first 25,000 times I told you that? Tell the FDA to approve ‘flibanserin’ so that I can service that there cock of yours because my non-existent libido has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that I am tired out of my goddamn mind since I’ve worked a double shift, drove the kids to soccer practice, picked up the dry cleaning, cooked a sit down dinner, washed three loads of clothes, balanced the checkbook, walked the dog, fed the cat, gave the kids a bath, read them a bedtime story and then dragged my tired ass into the shower and then proceeded to crawl to my bed, only to have to get up in two hours and press the damn repeat button while the only thing YOU did was work an eight hour shift, head home and pop Viagra.

Doctor, doctor, I am emotionally distressed at the fact that I just cannot find my libido! Give me a pill for that. There must be something that I can take to make me want to sexually satisfy my mate who is just so ‘put out’ by my inability to have sex and when I can’t have sex, I turn into a she-devil and we all know that I suffer from PMS, so now throw in ‘hypoactive sexual desire disorder’ and that makes me, a basket case, for damn certain and THAT is disabling!

Oh, indeed, it is most definitely an illness that I am suffering from and not just my ass being so goddamn cross-eyed tired that I can’t even see your damn cock much less have anything to do with it. Are they for real? Women are having to do it ALL and when we are perceived as ‘falling short’, in one particular area and when that area is in the region of a man’s holy and sanctified place, ‘cocksville’, why we’d better get a pill for that and get well quick, goddamn it! If my man takes Viagra, well hell, it should not be a stretch for me to be needing all up and down on some ‘flibanserin’ for my libido no show.

Now, if they could only make a pill to relieve my fucking loss of ‘desire’ for doing the dishes, grocery shopping, washing clothes, cooking, cleaning, bathing the kids, running errands and for everything else on my never ending to-do list because we all know that life doesn’t just stand still because my libido left the goddamn building. So, ladies…not servicing the cock is now an illness. We’re mentally ill! Go to the doctor and claim that shit as a disability and sit your ass down and say, “AHHHHH, this is the fucking life!” And when your mate asks you if you’re feeling all frisky and shit after having taken your meds to increase your libido, open up your nightstand and show him the wear and tear on his replacement, the ever so handy and perfectly ‘fitting’, dildo!

For the love of…!!!!!


32 thoughts on “I Am Sick Because I Don’t Want To Fuck!

  1. This is beyond ridiculous! I call this yet another weapon in the war on women.
    “citing its lackluster effectiveness and side effects such as fatigue, dizziness and nausea.”
    Gee, that will put women in the mood.


    • Leen61, it is so much shit to cover, I am ’emotionally distressed’ over it! Can you believe this mess? They come up with a new stupid diagnosis every day, it seems.

      Oh, you are SO right! Because if I took that drug and developed fatigue, dizziness and nausea, then I would need another pill to stop the fatigue, dizziness and nausea long enough for me to service the cock. So, to ‘cure’ my libido problem, I’ve got to feel all fatigued, dizzy and nauseous and THAT is going to make me want to have sex? Yeah! That’s gonna work! NOT!

      I just can’t make this shit up! And yep, the war on women continues!
      Thanks for stopping in Leen61. I appreciate it!


      • They come up with a new, stupid diagnosis every day so big pharma can make more money….and make us feel bad about ourselves or get us killed taking this shit!
        Thanks for the heads up about this!
        “Thanks for stopping in Leen61. I appreciate it!”
        Anytime, Shelby! 🙂


  2. Another factor you will be surprised about is the fact that your health care won’t provide coverage for this new “pump-it-up-drug” just like many health plans don’t cover contraceptives. BUT THEY DO COVER VIAGRA! (I wonder who makes the laws?)

    And then you’ve got to wonder …….. in our society men have to have a constant hard-on and women have to be supper thin with large breasts and hot-to-trot all the time or you are not like all those air-brushed models (both male and female).

    And all those movies ………….

    Does anyone ever think for themselves any more?


    • Of course you were just being facetious when stating that you ‘wonder who makes the laws’. Oh, indeed we know as I’ve already pointed out, in another blog post, that the penis pump is covered by Medicare so that those old shriveled peckers can perform, perfectly. And yet, seniors who need teeth pulled had just better find a free clinic somewhere and wait a year to get seen because although we’ve got money to pay double for penis pumps and pay for all the Viagra a man can down before a heart attack takes him out, well hell, we’ll do just that. Priorities, priorities, we’ve got and baby it’s all about the male sex organ. And when he pokes you with that pumped pecker, and by golly when Little Peter pops out, whose gonna pay for that play, eh? Little Peter and Paula cost money and we ain’t got none, or so they say. My bad! We do! It’s just got to go to the war machine.

      Are they not always claiming how over-populated we are? With that being the case, you would think that contraceptives would be covered. Nope! The only thing covered is anything to do with sexually gratifying the male. Fucking wow!

      …and yeah you’re right again! We’re supposed to ALL look like a plastic Barbie and Ken and if we don’t, hell, we just don’t cut it. And lord help us if we get ‘old’. Head to that plastic surgeon fast. Get implants, injections, lifts, liposuction, suck it up, suck it in, get it out and do it again, but just do it!

      Thanks Tubularsock, I can see that YOU think for yourself as this mess that is attempting to do our thinking for us is trying to lead us all to the psych ward and into bankruptcy court for buying into all of their bullshit nonsense.


      • Shelby, Tubularsock does recall the penal pump discussion you were on awhile back. I do admit that if was extremely humous to Tubularsock. I can only picture Senator Jones in the heat of passion having to pull out his penal pump and activate it. What could be more romantic than that?

        An older friend of mine, just a week ago, showed me these new pills he’d paid $146.00 for seven pills to get a “hard on”. I said, are you fucking insane? Have you read the side effects?

        He hadn’t. So I read them to him ……….. could create a hard on that WON”T go down without medical intervention, could create heart rate increase (which he was taking something to prevent that). He threw them away on my recommendation.

        I really don’t get it. I like sex just like the next person but for christ sake use your fucking brain!

        I agree with Leen61 it is another war against women but I also think it’s a war on the “ego” of men. Who in the fuck says “you have to be a stud at 85? Give Tubularsock a fucking break!


  3. The deal is: we are so inundated with sex and sexuality until we don’t care about the act anymore. I read a report that came out in Japan that said, young people there are no longer interested in sex. They aren’t having it and don’t want to, some even say it’s gross.

    What’s driving it here at home is the white birth rate or lack there of. They can now get you all hopped up some concoction and let the baby making begin.


    • I hear you HLJ and that is why I just use the word,’ fuck’ because not many people are actually making ‘love’ anymore. It is all about sexual gratification with as many people as you can get sexual gratification from. That is why you hear so much about ‘friends with benefits’ because people are all about fucking, just like animals. And we’re supposed to be so above animals, well I can’t tell with the way we carry on. Glorifying sleeping around even in this age of incurable sexually transmitted diseases all over the damn place. That hasn’t put a damper on the sexual revolution. Now, if they could just channel all thoughts of sex into caring about how the world is going to hell in a hand basket, then maybe we could get something done.

      Actually, I can go along with what you say about the ‘white birth rate’ because I’ve read often enough about how whites are upset that in a few years, they will become the minority and many ain’t happy with THAT shit, no way, no how. So, it all ties in.


      • Tubularsock is not sure about all this “white vs black, brown, yellow, purple, what have you” stuff.
        People are people and they all seem to be influenced by the same advertising image of how one should be.

        Fear and division is what is being propagated here. Until we realize that we really are all one person we’ll continually but played for the fools we are!

        Tubularsock, for one is just tired of the bull shit!


  4. “could create a hard on that WON”T go down without medical intervention, could create heart rate increase (which he was taking something to prevent that).”

    Cialis comes with a warning stating that if you have an erection lasting for longer than 4 hours, see a doctor immediately. Viagra comes with a warning relating to causing heart attacks. So number one, a man could end up in the ER with his zipper undone because his ‘willy’ is stuck up and screaming “keep fucking, you dimwit, you wanted it, now you got it, now fuck it up!” Or number two, he could end up at first in the ER and then down in the basement in the morgue after having died of a massive heart attack.

    People just listen to what’s shoved down their throats even though it is not in their best interest to hear that shit and act on it. They will kill themselves to keep up with the dictates of a fucked up society. Sad, but oh so true!


  5. “Fear and division is what is being propagated here. Until we realize that we really are all one person we’ll continually but played for the fools we are!”

    I am not trying to promote fear and division. That is being done without ANY input from me. I remember reading about the fact that whites are indeed upset because as this article states “Hispanic women tend to have more babies than women of other races.”

    He explained that there are now more Hispanic women of prime childbearing age in the US, who tend to have more children than women of other races.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1257110/America-nears-tipping-point-babies-born-minority-parents-outnumber-whites-time.html#ixzz2t6MXXETS

    The numbers highlight the nation’s growing racial and age divide, seen in pockets of communities across the US, which could heighten tensions in current policy debates from immigration reform and education to health care and Social Security.

    Tensions are already heightened by the immigration debate and I am not stirring the pot because as you know, there are a great many Americans who are extremely upset about so-called ‘illegals’ taking their jobs. So-called ‘illegals’ cannot take jobs if some corporation wasn’t hiring them. They’re being exploited and many of them take jobs that most Americans have thumbed their nose at in the past. But with untold numbers of Americans unemployed, now all of a sudden, it’s a problem. You know that there is an immigration debate going on.


    • Oh, Shelby, Tubularsock has done it again, not explain himself clearly. I did not mean YOU were promoting fear and division I was speaking about the system and how it works.

      Or as Linda explained so much better than I, ” Deceive + Distract + Demoralize + Divide = cheap and easy CONQUEST AND CONTROL”.


      • My bad! You must forgive me because I am ’emotionally distressed’ and therefore, my ability to ‘think’ has been somewhat compromised because I am just SO emotional and all, see. They haven’t ‘approved’ that new libido pill for me yet and until then, I cannot concentrate on what I’m doing. There is a pecker somewhere in need of my solace and I am unable to gratify that Tom Cat and I am all het up about it.

        Ordinarily, I would have been ‘upset’ over HLJ’s comment because even though the so-called ‘elites’ are doing one helluva great job in dividing us and we’re falling for it, I am also aware that people really should have given a goddamn when others were suffering but they chose not to and now with the onslaught of recent downturns on almost ALL fronts, people are understanding poverty, job loss, a lack of benefits and a diminishing safety net and they are just now figuring out that we have been in the same sinking boat all this time. But it took another Great DEPRESSION that is unrelenting to get many to open their eyes and some have yet to do so.

        Yes, many of us are aware that ‘control’ is what it’s all about. The only problem I have is that yes, so-called minorities have often been cast in the role of shiftless, lazy and wanting hand-outs when in fact, it has been quite the opposite. But now that millions who make up the ‘middle-class- are suffering, it’s now time to make a big stink when we should have been making one all the time.

        Regardless of who is declared to be a minority, the sad fact is that we will ALL go down in this shit storm that the powers that be put into the works so many eons ago. We’re just now starting to feel the effects and like you stated, it isn’t going to matter if we’re white, yellow, blue or purple, it is going to affect, afflict and impact every single one of us in an adverse way.

        I thank you for being understanding that since I am ’emotionally distressed’ over my libido problem, I misunderstood your comment. I’ll get that pill for this issue, never fear, but until then, my flag’s at half mast!


      • Shelby, don’t be upset now. Really it’s not your bad ……… I’ve heard that there is this new experimental drug that will cure all your emotional distress AND make you want to fuck like a rabbit. Could it get better that THAT?


  6. Shelby – Thanks for another fine post. You know the deal … Deceive + Distract + Demoralize + Divide = cheap and easy CONQUEST AND CONTROL. It’s a tired, profoundly cynical approach to ruling the world, but we are finding out the hard way how damn well it still works. If you don’t give a shit about the suffering it causes. But they’ve gotta have all those omelets, obviously.

    War on women? That’s always popular, it never really goes away. Women are simply easy targets, still mostly having lower status and less clout than men. It’s nothing personal, just business. Well, it’s also personal. What’s more personal than hate and fear? And who do people hate and fear so much as those they know they’ve treated like shit? Gotta keep all those women, other races, all minorities, native populations, immigrants, poor folks, and whoever’s left over!! in their place, or there’s an end to power and privilege. THEN how could they tell how superior they are — and more to the point, how would they make sure everyone else knew how superior they are?

    It’s all heartless, and it’s all obvious. Adding insult to god-damn injury. But it works for the bastards, well enough.

    Sometimes it all reminds me of computer glitches, and web page problems. Whenever something won’t work, they start out Subtly! suggesting it’s my own fault, saying _I have a problem, and listing dozens of elaborate shit _I can go through to try and fix it. Stand on my head, and recite Act Four of The Tempest, while completely reconfiguring my hard drive. I’ve finally learned to just wait. Much of the damned time, eventually, they will concede, in very small print, that the freaking website or whatever is down, something like that. But it’s typical — the problems are all ours, the profits and power are all theirs. Bah!

    (Calm down Linda, or they’ll decide you need another chemical fix for that.)
    Let’s just hope they don’t go back to the good old Victorian practice of slamming women into asylums any time we’re not sufficiently compliant. – Linda


    • Linda, I love it when you let go! I really do and it is so easy to do here because I don’t think anyone can let go more than I do. Every single post of mine gets more ferocious than the previous and it is no accident.

      I have no problem calling bullshit, “bullshit!” And what we have here is more bullshit!

      What is this problem that men have when women say, “NO!?” I don’t get it! If I don’t want to have sex, I should not get raped and I should not get psychoanalyzed and put on some bullshit medication because I am considered to be ’emotionally distressed’ that I told my mate to “Fuck off!,” instead of “let’s get it on!” I am beginning to think that Lorena Bobbitt wasn’t such a bad egg after all!

      To the men out there! Your goddamn penis ain’t the Holy Grail and it ain’t a goddamn GOD!!! You might worship that little appendage of yours to hell and back but I don’t!

      Oh, damn! Linda I completely got caught up in my own anger flare-up and went off on a tangent but I will say that ‘Bedlam’ ain’t ready for me! If they try and haul my ass off to Happy Pill Farm, it ain’t gonna be pretty and it ain’t gonna go smoothly. They can go Victorian if they like, but I’ve got something for their happy ass, never you doubt it! And I don’t mean 18″stiletto heels! Fuck that shit!

      Linda, thank you so much for your contribution and remember, the door is ALWAYS open, just step right in. Just remember to duck because I’ll already have started the fight!


  7. Linda! Tubularsock thanks you.

    “Stand on my head, and recite Act Four of The Tempest, while completely reconfiguring my hard drive”. So THAT is what Tubularsock has to do when his computer goes to shit on him. Damn! So easy.

    You are such the techie! And Tubularsock is going to let Apple know that I now know the inside secret! Thanks!


  8. “that is why I just use the word,’ fuck’ because not many people are actually making ‘love’ anymore. It is all about sexual gratification with as many people as you can get sexual gratification from. That is why you hear so much about ‘friends with benefits’ because people are all about fucking, just like animals.”

    You nailed it, Shelby! I couldn’t agree more. I’m so glad I’m not a young person in this day and age. When I was in high school and even after I got out, we had no such thing as this “friends with benefits” shit. You were either just friends with someone or you were dating someone. That was it!
    I’m so glad I can honestly say my husband and I make love and we are so glad we are from a different time. Same thing with music. When is the last time you heard a LOVE song? All I hear today is that rap music and that throbbing beat and women are bitches and hoes. WTF?!
    This is truly a sad state to be in. Thank you for posting a story about women’s issues. I will always sound off!


    • Leen61, I am with you! I would not trade my age for all the corruption on Wall Street and in Washington, DC. I would not be wanting to be just starting out and when I see pregnant women, I just want to ask them, “seriously, with a world writhing in the agony of death throes, you and your mate want to bring a child into this?”

      I have quite often said that I feel sorry for the youth of today because they will NEVER know what I experienced when I was growing up because we didn’t have the internet and Facebook and all the shitload of bullying. I mean we had some bullies, but not like they are today, so bad that people are committing suicide and all over it. What we have ‘devolved’ into ain’t pretty and it’s getting worse. Maybe that is why we’re having such a problem accomplishing anything as a collective because just take a look around and people have quite gone off the deep end on each other. Yes, there are many of us who still look out for one another and give a damn, but there are still so many who just don’t and never will.

      And don’t even get me started on that rap shit! I am so fed up with rappers using the ‘N’ word and claiming that they’ve stolen the sting from it when that shit is just NOT possible and never will be. I am so sick of them demeaning women and women demeaning themselves by participating in that shit. There was a time when we thought more of ourselves than to nakedly gyrate all over the damn place and think it’s cute. We’ve come a long way and we’ve come the WRONG way! Yes, love your husband, love one another because what you two have is dying out!

      If the truth be known, even though I write about sex and sexual relationships, I haven’t been in a relationship nor had sex in so long, I doubt whether I even know how to do it. I don’t trust ANY of this shit out here because I’ve seen too much. Since I help with agencies that try and house homeless people and I counsel people, I am privy to much of what is ‘out’ there and it is a horror! In fact, I have a chastity belt on and I am SO not kidding! Ain’t no need for a ‘willy’ to even half way salute me ’cause it ain’t happening!

      Leen61, you are a ray of sunshine, keep shining!


      • “seriously, with a world writhing in the agony of death throes, you and your mate want to bring a child into this?”
        Do I hear you on that! My husband and I are child free by choice.

        And I so totally agree with the rest of your post!

        “Leen61, you are a ray of sunshine, keep shining!”
        Aw….thank you Shelby for all your kind words.

        I like you because you tell it like it is and you really care about people.
        You rock! 🙂


  9. You are welcome, Shelby! May I add this to the discussion. When my husband got home from work today and I showed him your post and the link to the drug company’s site, his reaction was “What would Rush Limbaugh say about this?” My husband mused that according to Rush and Mike Huckabee and those of their ilk, if a woman wants to use some sort of contraception they are sluts. But now we’re supposed to take a drug to make us want even MORE sex. As my hubby pointed out, is that with or without contraception that these stalwarts of the right are so appalled by a woman wanting? As he sees it, as long as it benefits losers like themselves, it’s all good. Just don’t be doing it on your own time with others, then you’re just a cheap slut needing their “Uncle Sugar”. Nice to get an intelligent man’s perspective, isn’t it? 🙂


    • “Nice to get an intelligent man’s perspective, isn’t it?”

      Absolutely!! If only there were many more out there like him, but alas, apparently, that is asking for too much!

      Hmmm, Rush Limpballs, I’ve never listened to him but I did catch when he called Sandra Fluke, a slut and the firestorm that resulted from that. Many people thought that he would just go off the air with so many calls for advertisers to drop his ass, but I told everyone that his brand of hate and intolerance and ignorance is what they want to drum into people to keep us divided and that I would indeed, purchase a hat and eat it if Rush Limpballs was brought down. I have yet to purchase a hat and eat it because I knew that that was a safe bet to make. How he can point the finger at ANYONE and name call is beyond me especially after his oxycontin addiction which resulted in his running into a rehab facility. Oh the shit that live in glass houses and yet, throw stones!

      As you know, women are damned if they do and damned if they don’t and I am pretty sure that Rush Limpballs would prefer that whoever is servicing his nasty, filthy, hate-filled pickled pecker, is up on her game as he would probably administer the libido enhancing drug himself, nasty bastard that he is. Hell if I ain’t gone and got started again! LOL!

      I must say, Leen61, I am so glad that I don’t have a blood pressure problem because if I did, my head would have blown off and landed on the damn moon by now.

      And always feel free to add to ANY discussion here. You and Wolfess are always welcome here!! Always!


      • Shelby, you’re too funny! LOL!

        “And always feel free to add to ANY discussion here. You and Wolfess are always welcome here!! Always!”

        As is the case with you on our blog!


  10. Ooh, Shelby – Rush Limbaugh? The very thought of that grotesque insult to a human being could be a lifetime cure for the sex drive, period. They’ll need more than some damn libido-boosting drug to make that hateful asshole arouse any sane female. (Or male, machine or farm animal for that matter!!) Thanks for mentioning him, I really need to back off the junk food for a bit, and this should help. It’s hard to believe anyone could be so arrogant, fatuous, and spiritually ugly without serious effort. Triple yuck, as my stepdaughter’s girl might say.

    Okay, between you, me, Leen61 and her husband, we’ve ruined Valentine’s Day for everyone. Clearly, sales of roses, chocolates, and prime-rib dinners will plummet alarmingly this year! Hell, we may have triggered that sorely-dreaded double-dip recession. What do you have planned for an encore? – Linda


    • Linda, according to the latest weather report, it ain’t just us that may have ruined Valentine’s Day, have you seen the weather reports from the south and the north east? It’s a real holiday killer. I don’t think ‘forced’ candlelight dinners is what people had in mind. Hundreds of thousands are without power, so unless they step out in the snow and grill, there goes the Valentine’s Day cozy ass meal. And with no heat…uh…hmmm, that just might do it. Snuggle up to keep warm, eh? The godcock may have struck gold.

      …and Hush Limpballs? Apparently, people just never get tired of pompous blowhards who lack substance. Or maybe, he spouts out just what his listeners want to hear; hate vitriol, ignorance, intolerance, you know, that sort of thing. It’s not MY cup of tea but hey!, he’s still on the air or so I’m told, so he’s a cuppa for some bodies.

      I cannot get finished with this one to even start another post because I just came across this little tidbit today.

      Did you notice that every single means to boost the libido is aimed at women? Apparently, we need to heed their 15 suggestions in order to please the cock on a regular basis. The cock doesn’t need to do ANYTHING but be a cock. We’re the problem, not cock, never THAT!

      1. We need to go on a hike with the cock. Put it in the backpack and sit it in the backseat with the rest of the hiking gear and when we’ve finished hiking and eating, we need to service godcock.

      2. We need to exercise often because that will increase our desire for the godcock. The godcock’s owner can have a paunch and he doesn’t even have to have seen his godcock for 15 years, but by golly, we’d better be in shape or else the godcock won’t be happy.

      3. If you begin noticing weight gain, dry skin, hair loss, and fatigue, don’t ignore it, you’ve got a medical condition and since it interferes with your libido and thus your worship of the godcock, go and have it checked out. Not for the sake of your health, but for the sake of the godcock.

      4. If you’ve already been diagnosed with yet another mental illness and you’re taking Wellbutrin for it, well then, they’re gonna just have to find something else to put you on because if it’s interfering with servicing the godcock, throw it out, they’ll just give you yet ANOTHER pill.

      5. Examine your relationship and that is coded to mean, “what the hell is wrong with YOU? Get with the godcock program!” It’s NOT him, it’s you so ask him what the hell are YOU doing wrong. It’s all about pleasing him, remember?

      6. Eat aphrodisiacs, you know, plenty of strawberries and avocados and oysters and just get filled up off that shit so that you can do a ‘servicing the godcock marathon! Yeah baby! And, ready? GO! And they’re off!

      7. Make sure that you are eating clean. We don’t want no dirt on the godcock. And the godcock hates cholesterol, your cholesterol, not the godcock’s owner’s cholesterol, see. There’s a difference. Disinfect your steak and salad and everything you put in your mouth because the godcock is always, GERM FREE!! BU-LEE DAT!

      8. Stop being stressed. Tell the kids to drive themselves to soccer practice. Do not grocery shop. The kids don’t need a bath. Let the laundry pile up. Don’t walk the dog. Do not cook and don’t go to work because these may cause stress and that would interfere with servicing the godcock.

      9. Use a lubricant. The godcock must be lubricated so that it doesn’t chafe. This is muy importante. Nothing must damage the godcock, NOTHING!

      10. Add sex to your to-do list! In fact, it is recommended that the ONLY thing on YOUR to-do list is SEX, service the godcock and that is ALL you got to do! That’s it. Everything else takes a backseat!!

      11. Set your room up for romance. Get the kids and the dog and every stick of furniture OUT of the bedroom. The only thing you need in the bedroom is the bed. That way, the godcock will KNOW that it is the supreme god in that there room!! Shove all the other shit out!! Get rid of it, sell it! You don’t need it..uh..I mean, the godcock doesn’t need it.

      12. Divide household chores equally. This means that if you cook on Monday, don’t cook on Tuesday. If you did the dishes on Wednesday, don’t do them on Thursday. Divide that shit up so that you will ALWAYS have time for the godcock. Even though you will only have a half hour to sleep, don’t worry. Tell your doctor and he/she will give you an ‘upper’.

      13. Pop a different birth control pill. They can reduce your desire. So keep switching ’em up. Don’t worry if you get pregnant and can’t afford another babes, just do it!

      14. Plan more date nights. Take the godcock out when you’re grocery shopping and ask it what it wants to eat. Take the godcock to your job and sit it on your desk. Take the godcock along for a ride when you’re taking the kids to soccer practice. Take the godcock with you in the clothes basket and introduce it to the washing machine.

      15. Check your meds AGAIN!! Check your meds AGAIN!! That’s pretty much self-explanatory.
      And then wait for the new libido enhancing drug to hit the market and jump on it.


      Again, the emphasis is placed on the female to do whatever she can to service the godcock. Apparently, they’re not listening. F-U-C-K T-H-A-T S-H-I-T!!!! Get the godcock off the goddamn pedestal, it SO ain’t all that!!


      • Holy phallic feeding frenzy, Shelby! You really didn’t make this shit up? Mark Twain would be dumbfounded. As my stepdaughter says, it’s no wonder polyandry isn’t more popular, what woman in her right mind wants more than one man to put up with! Especially if they’re all this demanding. Sheesh. Some men clearly need more to occupy their time!

        Sounds as if they’re all eagerly awaiting their “perfect” android harems. Which I might actually favor, if that got them off our necks. But you know better – we’d still be stuck doing all their shitwork, if we let them get away with it. And they’d brainwash us to TRY to compete with their machine-women too. Thanks for making me aware of all this stuff … I think. – Linda


  11. “Holy phallic feeding frenzy”

    HAHA! Now, that IS funny!

    A bit over the top, eh, what women need to do to? I just can NOT make this shit up! “All hail the phallus!” Tomorrow is St. Phallus Day! So, Happy St. Phallus Day, everyone!!


    • Yeah, ain’t that shit something Dr. Bramnhall? All you hear about is giving the man a ‘blowjob’. You don’t hear about him ‘going down’ on the woman. Once again, proves my point. It is ALL about servicing the cock. The pleasure women receive from sex is ALWAYS secondary to what a man is to EXPECT and GET! The ladies should have NO problemo going down on the cock, but don’t expect like to be reciprocated. Again I say, fuck THAT shit!!!

      Thanks Dr. Bramhall, I never thought about that. Much appreciated for reminding us about THAT double ass standard!


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