Oh How We Take Care Of Our Own!


I read this article with mounting disbelief.

Call me naïve, but I had no idea that ANY military family qualified for food stamps and didn’t congress just recently gut the hell out of the food stamp program AGAIN? We all remember last November when the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) expired and this resulted in a food stamp benefits drop for nearly 47 million Americans. And with the recent signing into law, by Emperor Despot Obadroner, of the new Farm Bill, this put even more of a hurting on families who were already suffering food shortages and who were going hungry or lining up at food banks.


Somebody, ANYBODY tell me how in unholy hell can those rats in Washington go to sleep at night and not see visions of gaunt faced Americans, moaning because their stomachs are growling and many of them have, are or did serve in the U.S. military? Seriously? Is this how you ‘thank’ someone for their ‘service’ to this fucked up country? By sending them a message that they can, “go eat cake?” I cannot wrap my head around the unmitigated hypocrisy that is displayed by our so-called representatives. Did those of you with TVs not notice what a huge round of applause an injured serviceman with limbs missing, received at the SOTU by the same shits that basically told him to “go eat shit?!!!? We’re done with you and even if we’re not, you can still just go eat shit!!
As for Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, are they not on a mission to ‘help’ our military personnel? Well, aren’t they?

“So in April 2011, the first lady and Vice President Joe Biden’s wife, Dr. Jill Biden, decided to act, forming “Joining Forces,” to bring attention to the unique needs and strengths of America’s soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines.

I won’t be satisfied — nor will my husband — until every single veteran and military spouse who wants a job has one. All of you deserve nothing less. Nothing less,” Mrs. Obama said.”

Uh…Mrs. Obama? They did indeed receive LESS and less is not the new MORE. They got less food stamps because congress decided they didn’t need them and your husband the emperor, signed it into law. So, if as you say, you “won’t be satisfied—nor will YOUR husband, Despot Obadroner be satisfied—until EVERY SINGLE VETERAN AND MILITARY SPOUSE has a job,” then why is it that if they do(and I don’t think they do)have a job, they still need food stamps and they’re even now getting LESS of those? You got some ‘splaining to do, see, ‘cause this is what I read today.

“Military families, military retirees and others with shopping privileges on military bases redeemed nearly $104 million worth of food stamps at commissaries in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30. That’s a 5 percent increase from 2012 and the highest it’s ever been.

Operation Homefront, a nonprofit that provides financial and emergency assistance to some of the country’s lowest-paid service members received 2,968 emergency requests for food help, nearly three times the number in 2008.”

New soldiers earn about $20,000 annually(Wow! Put your life on the line for your country and you can expect to get paid TOP dollar, oh yes you can. This is ‘change that will land you in the food stamp line after which you must then head to the food shelf line.)

The unemployment rate for military spouses ages 18-24 was a whopping 30 percent in 2012. (But, but I thought that the unemployment rate stands at 6.6%. Thirty percent, six percent? Somebody’s lying like a rug.)

Congress recently cut funding for the food stamp program — which impacts military and civilian families. Meanwhile, Military Times reports that the Pentagon is considering raising prices at commissaries.

Raise the prices at the commissaries? Raise the prices at the commissaries? Are they for real? Has anybody at the Pentagon read a newspaper? They don’t know that food stamps have been cut? And signed into law by Despot Obadroner-in-chief? Stop the goddamn presses! Oh, my bad, somebody obviously did!

Servicemen and women and to your spouses, your government thanks you so very much for your sacrifice, we do indeed, and we show you just how much by spouting bullshit about how we’re going to make sure that each and every one of you has a job although 30 percent of you are unemployed and we are going to make sure that you have everything that you need which is why we are going to cut your allotment of food stamps and then we are going to raise the price of that food that you buy on the base.

Now see how much we care about you? We care deeply about our cannon fodder, we really do. We are so sorry that you have missing limbs. We are so sorry that many of you have lost your mind. We are so sorry that you have been on endless deployments but that cannot be helped because as you know, we must depose legitimate rulers in foreign lands and we need you while the CIA is training those rebel forces better known to you as the enemy, al-Qaeda. We need boots on the ground, everywhere. And if by chance you come back home, please remember to bring any and all of your rations because we’ve cut your food stamp benefits and the cost of food at the base stores is going up! Thank you for your service! Ain’t American ‘exceptionalism’ fucking grand??!

And god damned the United Snakes of Amurderer because we are exceptional!

6 thoughts on “Oh How We Take Care Of Our Own!

  1. When I was in the Air Force I would go over to the houses of friends who married and in the Air Force as well, and they would barely have food. These men were married with children, and I was single and we made almost the same amount of money. I lived in the dorm, and though most lived in base housing they had children to take care of. We worked on nuclear weapons, and they could barely make it to the next pay check. I have often wondered why it is that enlisted people had to struggle when they committed themselves to their country. Why are they having to take out loans to pay bills and even go and apply for food stamps. My only conclusion is the government doesn’t care who you are, you have your place and that’s where you gonna stay. I tell people now only a fool would enlist in this military. They tell you all the things you can do, but leave out the fact that you’ll be making less money than if you’d stayed a civilian. In most cases.


    1. Ain’t that just some god awful shit to get down? I mean, who can eat a meal made up of lies, hypocrisy and bullshit! I have never known of a bullshit ‘samich’ solving the problem of hunger.

      HLJ, I am not making fun of anyone but it used to be a saying about the “blind, crippled and crazy.” I wonder if it came from the military turning people INTO the blind, the crippled and the crazy, because that’s all I see coming back from these endless deployments. They could not prod me with a bayonet into signing up. First of all, in MY book, it is patriotic NOT to fight some rich man’s war. It is quite obvious that many of the so-called “army grunts’ aren’t making a killing, they’re just getting killed or being starved to death if they have the audacity to make it back from nine deployments.

      How in the world can someone who has been on endless deployments finally make it back for good and act like a sane human being after what they’ve more than likely witnessed? It is just not possible to not be affected by what they see and experience and then just be able to turn it off like a faucet. And then to get back home and get shitted on too. That would just be the very end of enough.

      It should be a no-brainer whether to enlist or not, even in these tough economic times. For the love of …!!! We’ve got some real shits at the helm of this lopsided barge!

      Thank you for your comment!


  2. Shelby – No wonder I grind my teeth. We’ve never done that well by our military, but
    it gets more disgraceful by the day. I go ballistic when they run the tear-jerker ads for those ‘wounded warrior’ charities. Collectively, we ask people to serve the country, so we have the collective responsibility to provide for them. This is what government is for, what taxes are for, to meet our collective obligations . Military families and veterans should never have to beg for what they have earned! Looks like this is what we get when we let the financiers run the damn world and the damn country. Gotta hack away at all those inconvenient expenses — what some of us might call meeting human needs. What soft-headed, sentimental nonsense — there’s no profit in that! And if they won’t even take decent care of our military people — what can the rest of us expect? Even less, I guess.

    It reminds me of aristocrats in all those English novels — their “debts of honor”, gambling debts to people of their own class,were sacred. But their bills? Not so much! After all, Those groveling low-class tradesmen should have been grateful for the unmerited favor of their custom! Pay them? What an idea!

    But does no one study history, have they no awareness of what can happen when you don’t pay your armies? If it were me, even if the immorality of it didn’t bother me, I’d be uneasy about such policies. Cheat people you have trained to fight together, cheat people you have trained to use weapons and kill other people, cheat people you have trained to de-stabilize governments perchance? Does that seem prudent to you?

    I suppose it’s like everything else — they count on sheer audacity and heartless indifference to carry them through, to short-circuit any natural consequences of their outrageous actions. As long as there’s enough money for weapons, bribes and propaganda — they can get away with stiffing everybody else on everything. So they think — and for the moment, it seems we let them get away with it. For how long? I have no clue. Thanks for another fine biting post. – Linda


  3. Yes Linda, it IS getting more disgraceful by the day. Those worthless shits who run this government don’t give a goddamn about those they send in harms way. They’re expendable, just as we ALL are. Those whose complexion is like mine, know the goddamn score ’cause it’s been all up front and in our face and we don’t need no goddamn history book to clue us in even though, it’s only a passing paragraph in the fucked up watered down version in the goddamn history books. “Lawd-a-mercy, dat thar Leencun done gawn an saved us awl! Thanky Geezus! Massa, suh, you kin stop whippun me naw!”

    Damn! Linda, I’ve gone off on another rant. For the love of ….!!!! Please excuse me Linda, me fucking brain’s on overload, it’s called ‘bullshit overload’! We shouldn’t be looking at ‘tear jerker’ ads for wounded military personnel, the gummint should be taking good care of them. I’ve got MY hands full doing all that I can for the insane homeless veterans that are wandering around with their wits gone. And since they take my taxes, what the hell are they doing with the money if not helping those who they put on the front lines? Why the fuck are we supposedly broke if they’re still placing more orders for souped-up weaponry?

    And I remember those English aristocrats well. I’ve read about them often enough. Indeed they refused to pay the lowly shopkeeper, but would either flee to France or blow their goddamned brains out when they couldn’t pay a so-called ‘debt of honor’. There weren’t nothing hardly honorable about those English shits who went around treating their ‘scullery maids’ with contempt when they weren’t getting them pregnant. Oh yes, the ‘under stairs’ maid was always getting pregnant and ‘cook’ had to find somebody to take her in because the ‘master’ couldn’t look at his ‘below stairs’ brat looking just like him. Honorable? Really? I beg to fucking differ with their notion of honor. Hell! Don’t get me started on that shit!

    Now speaking for myself Linda, I would not hardly stiff those who I know have the knowledge to man the torpedoes so to speak because I for one would not be able to watch my fucking back every single minute of every single goddamn day. I would pay the motherfuckers who are supposed to fight the goddamn endless wars of mine and pay dearly, indeed I would. But of course, there are some who feel that they are just so above THAT shit. They obviously think that it is prudent to neglect your gunners needs. Well to that I say, “may the warrior eat his chief!(so to speak)” …and” Bon Appétit!”

    Thanks for your comment Linda and as usual, it caused a rousing response from me which is ever stirring beneath this calm exterior.


  4. Very enlightening post. I had no idea things were so bad. It’s common knowledge that our current “volunteer” army is essentially a poverty draft. With the deepening recession, and 25+% unemployment of young people under 25 (40-50% for African Americans and Hispanics), enlisting is often the only alternative to homelessness.


    1. But, but, Dr. Bramhall, even AFTER they serve and come back fucked up, many end up homeless. If I’ve got to be poverty stricken and homeless, it’s not going to help matters if I am also suffering from PTSD or some other mental illness that is a direct result from having seen others being blown to smithereens right next to me in battle. It is bad enough to be homeless, but when you throw in the added baggage of a mental illness, then it gets even more problematic in stabilizing people because of the trust factor and the paranoia. Many veterans have flashbacks of war time and loose their wits. Now, try talking this over with landlords when I get a call saying that such and such went off and busted up the place. That has happened, quite a few times.

      I would rather NO one be homeless and I can certainly understand why people join the military and I realize that I should not use myself as an example, but I have been homeless and that is why I am overzealous in my struggles to house the homeless. So I do understand poverty and what motivates people to do what they feel they need to do, but with the knowledge that if you serve your country and you come back fucked up and your country is NOT doing enough to see to it that you even have the basics, then I’m just not going to go that route. And I also understand and acknowledge the fact that every homeless person that has a mental illness is not a veteran, but many are. And if ANYONE is out on the mean streets of every shitty city in America, chances are if they did not start out with a mental illness, they’ll soon have several.

      I do know what the answers are to solving the problems, the problem is I am not the one who holds the purse strings. The purse strings are held by the shits that just don’t give a goddamn about ANYONE, veterans or anybody else! The solution is there, but like I said, the shits that are slamming this fucking Titanic into an iceberg, just don’t give a shit!

      Who are homeless veterans?

      The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) states that the nation’s homeless veterans are predominantly male, with roughly 8% being female. The majority are single; live in urban areas; and suffer from mental illness, alcohol and/or substance abuse, or co-occurring disorders. About 12% of the adult homeless population are veterans.

      Roughly 40% of all homeless veterans are African American or Hispanic, despite only accounting for 10.4% and 3.4% of the U.S. veteran population, respectively.

      Homeless veterans are younger on average than the total veteran population. Approximately 9% are between the ages of 18 and 30, and 41% are between the ages of 31 and 50. Conversely, only 5% of all veterans are between the ages of 18 and 30, and less than 23% are between 31 and 50.


      Thank you so much for you comment. And believe me, I had no idea either that those in the military have to even make use of food stamps. I was flabbergasted, to say the least! That shit is just beyond ridiculous!


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