The Stars And Stripes Are Diseased!

diseased flag

The stars and the stripes are diseased.
There is danger throughout your land.
They’re there to shove their bold lies
and cash into out stretched hands.

Don’t believe a word they say.
As they speak with guns ablaze.
And when they leave your home,
what’s left is a bomb strewn maze.

Democracy, they do not seek.
Freedom’s a dangerous word.
They will kill it before it takes hold,
and dissent will never be heard.

The world is in danger from them.
They’re a beacon for corruption and greed.
They smile when they raise their sword,
and then poke at the world ‘til it bleeds!

No country is safe from their spies.
Afghanistan and Iraq, they know.
And Somalia and Yemen weren’t spared.
Their scars from the drone strikes still show.

America is shrouded in darkness.
And no ray of light can shine through.
Its people are hopelessly crushed.
Any rights that they had are taboo.

They never once put up a fight.
They gave up and took not to the street.
No protest was made; only anger expressed,
but they never resisted defeat.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

The U.S. will not stop in its grand scheme to ‘scheme’ and rid the world of democratically elected governments that do not kowtow to its demands. The majority of these countries have a Black and Brown population. Is that by accident? Hell no! Lies, lies and damn lies have been used as excuses to get away with war crimes, torture, deposing leaders and the U.S. government’s own spy programs are doing their damndest to bring this about. The only real terrorists in this world are from the U.S. government and its backers, the warmongers, the war profiteers.

And those in other countries, if you are wondering why America is not concentrating on its own citizens and infrastructure problems, it is because the American citizens are of no consequence because America’s citizens are comatose and if not actually comatose then we are shivering in fright in case the goon squad called America’s cops and military could soon be pointed in our direction. America is a nation of cowards, for the most part. Because an 84 year old nun, a 58 year old man and another 64 year old man showed the world just how easy it was to get inside a high security U.S. nuclear weapons complex and with some crude tools, cut through three fences, gained entrance to the complex and then proceeded to:

They hung banners, strung up crime-scene tape and hammered off a small chunk of the fortress-like storage facility for uranium material, inside the most secure part of complex. They painted messages such as “The fruit of justice is peace” and splashed small bottles of human blood on the bunker wall.

Although the protesters set off alarms, they were able to spend more than two hours inside the restricted area before they were caught.”

See, this just goes to show you that the so-called 9/11’foreign terrorists’ didn’t need to go through all of the trouble that they supposedly did in attempting to learn how to fly airplanes and learn how to coordinate flights and head the airplanes right into buildings(undetected by the most up-to-date satellite technology in the world North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)and(STARS) Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System is a fully digital system capable of displaying all aircraft using FAA). They could have just infiltrated Sister Megan Rice’s activist group and went along for the ride and wreaked havoc once they got there instead of doing the little harmless bit of religious messaging that Sister Rice’s group did.

Now, this little 84 year old nun is going to spend the next three years in prison and she is actually glad because now she intends to bring attention to the plight of prisoners who are fucked up on a daily basis for no reason. And get this, Sister Megan has already seen the inside of bars and she actually had the audacity to state that those people who are touted as being the dregs of humanity, are indeed, wonderful people.

And so I hang my goddamn head in shame because a nun, Sister Megan and her posse did what myself and millions of other Americans absolutely refuse to do, she went out and made this government look like a stupid pile of shit and since she had the audacity to do that, she must pay a three year penalty.

Sister Megan ,Greg Boertje-Obed, and Michael Walli, I am not a religious person, but I must say, “May God bless you all as you had to go and show US how it’s done!”

Now, let’s ALL get back to posting and tweeting about how FUCKED we are and all ’cause that’s ALL we’re good for!

4 thoughts on “The Stars And Stripes Are Diseased!

  1. If you haven’t already you should read Sister Megan Rice’s allocution statement, Shelby. It’s up there with Chelsea Manning’s in calling out the TPTB. Now, back to my tweeting…


  2. Great post, Shelby. You’re absolutely right about the US government targeting black and brown nations for CIA/State Dept destabilization and terrorism. Except where it concerns former Soviet bloc countries, like Serbia and Ukraine – as, for example, the recent CIA-backed coup in the Ukraine.


    1. Thank you Dr. Bramhall! You are indeed correct about the CIA-backed coup in the Ukraine and that is why I stated that “the majority of the countries” that the U.S. government fuck up and not all of the countries that the U.S. government fuck up, has a Black and Brown population. I’ve been reading up on the situation in the Ukraine and yes, indeed, the CIA’s filthy paws are all over that situation like flies on shit.

      Even though we here in the U.S. have been effectively, neutralized and incapacitated, rendered useless and therefore are for all intents and purposes, brain dead, that does not mean that governments in other countries like Russia and China are going to keep sitting still and putting up with our meddling in what does not concern US. Has the U.S. forgotten that it is not the only Superpower and that Russia and China have the capabilities of wiping our ass off this planet. Not that they would be wiping off much because what with fracking, a crumbling infrastructure, an epidemic of homelessness and mass starvation, this shithole ain’t even worth dropping a nuclear bomb on. It’s already toast over here. And I am quite sure that the Russians and the Chinese peruse the internet. The fact that we are the new and unimproved version of the Titanic has most likely not escaped the notice of those in other countries. Hell! They’d more than likely figure that it would be an act of kindness to put us all out of our misery. That’s just my observation, but what the hell do I know. I just live in this shithole!

      Again, thank you for your comment Dr. Bramhall, it is much appreciated and I know that you are so glad that you got the fuck up out of this lopsided ass sinking barge when you did. You’re the smart one! The rest of us are just whining and complaining to each other(and anyone else who will read it or listen to it)about just how FUCKED up we are! That’ll show ’em!


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