Obama vs. Putin?


This says it all!
This says it all!

My money’s on Vladimir Putin. America’s emperor, despot stupid Obadroner is putting Russia on notice. He held a press conference to tell Russia that the U.S. “is going to, uh…well, let me see, hmmm, uh….I’ll get back to you guys on that. But we’re going to do something just as soon as my handlers tell me what it is.”

The dicks that are pulling stupid Obadroner’s strings are making our little despot look even more stupid by the day with his empty ass threats that are not even eliciting a disdainful glance from the Russians. You see, some countries are just not worried about threats from these Divided Snakes of Amurderer, they’re just not. I really don’t believe that Vladimir Putin is concerned at all that drones are going to start raining down on the heads of Russians, oh not at all. Empty threats from an empty suit are not to be taken seriously especially when what occurred in the Ukraine had the stench of the U.S. all over it like flies on this shitty barge.

Somebody, anybody explain to me why it is that the U.S. is justified in sticking its depraved nose in every other country’s affairs? Why does the U.S. think that it can dictate to other countries what they can and cannot do? What? Is stupid Obadroner going to employ sanctions against Russia? Would that work? Is he gonna arm some rebels and have them storm Vladimir Putin’s residence? Oh, that’s right! Stupid Obadroner is not going to attend the G-8 summit. Wow! That’s telling ‘em!

Yes, stupid Obadroner and warmonger friends, go ahead and start some shit with Russia and if you assholes truly believe that the outcome would be just another Iraq or Afghanistan or Libya, then all of you worthless warmongering shits will finally be shown up for all the world to see exactly what you are, psychopathic rabid criminals in need of some antipsychotics and a straightjacket and a stretch in a hospital for the criminally insane with no chance of being cured because there is no cure for an advanced stage of rabid, insane criminality. That filth that is at the head of this sinking stinking shithole barge deserve nothing better than to get their comeuppance and who better to deliver it to them than Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

Whatever can be said of the Russians, at least they are not hypocrites because they let you know exactly where they stand and how they stand on the issues. They don’t bait and switch, nor are they running around the world declaring war on innocent people, nor are they drone striking innocent people in other countries. If they are, it would be news to me.

Go ahead, emperor stupid despot Obadroner, tell Vladimir Putin just what the hell you’re gonna do to Russia if the Russians intervene in the Ukraine. And by the way, stupid Obadroner, they’re already in the Crimea. So, why don’t you fly your stupid ass back to Hawaii and golf until 2016. Vladimir Putin’s got this!

America, a super power? More like super shit!, because we only go after countries that we know we can subdue, crush, destroy, pillage and dictate to and Russia ain’t one of ‘em.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin has been given authority by the Russian Parliament to send troops into Ukraine.
Oh and, fuck you despot Obadroner and at ALL ‘costs’!

8 thoughts on “Obama vs. Putin?

  1. Russia’s Parliament passed a resolution on Saturday that urges President Putin to recall Russia’s ambassador to the US. Russia’s Parliament also gave President Putin all the authority he needs to put whatever military assets Mr. Putin feels necessary on site to deal with the Crimea and Ukraine. The Russian Spetsnaz troops are already on the ground Crimea. Spetsnaz troops are seriously bad ass.
    Looks like World War 3 is a go. Damn if that’s not about going to fuck up everyone’s day.


    1. Thanks for the heads-up Skulz! Believe it or not, it ain’t fucking up MY day! The champagne’s chilling and my pipeline from here to Champagne, France has been secured. I’m in No-Man’s land, the pantry is full and the generator’s good to go. If the bomb gets dropped, and I end up as toast, I won’t know it ’cause cocktail hour(s) will commence at exactly 1900 hours.

      This was inevitable, wasn’t it? Or should I say, not completely unexpected. Since many already live as though they’re in hell, it may as well get lit the fuck up with an explosive show of nukes. If it won’t do anything else, at the very least, it’ll level the playing field and at the very most, it’ll level us all!

      Now, you try and have a nice day, ya hear?


      1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. It’s a raining buckets a way out here in the Sonora. Holy bucket-jumping frogs it’s a hard rains gonna fall. And is. We’ve been a way overdue. After all the rains move on east ‘o’ here, the toads will dig themselves out the hardpan and it’ll be time for the toad jiggy. Which is pretty dang cool to see. That is no bullshit. We’ve got a couple in our backyard and the ONLY time we get to see them is after serious rainage and then PRESTO, there they be. Curious oh yes tis curious. Pretty damn cool too.
        peace and out,


  2. Now, Skulz, you know that ‘peace’ is a dirty word here in these United Snakes of Amurderer. When we wish to delightfully ‘greet’ someone, we say, “war out!” That’s the new ‘peace’, doncha know!

    Good you’re getting the rains out in the great Sonora. You commune with nature while you and nature still exist and I sure hope that either you took pictures of those nice toads or you’ve got a dang fine memory, ’cause you may not be seeing ’em much longer. But, hey! What do I know, this will probably just ALL blow over until the next crisis that is. Sigh! I hope these crises don’t get too redundant. Oh well, time will tell. And meanwhile the clock inches ever closer to wind down and turn up the volume on some ‘muzac’ time! Ahh! It works for me! Even these 12 feet of snow that’s surrounding me will start looking good.

    “War out!”


  3. Shelby, you truly have a gift for showing up the US political elite for the ridiculous scoundrels they are. This is a wickedly funny post. The only good new here is that US global power is truly slipping. These are idle threats and everybody knows it.


    1. Why thank you Dr. Bramhall! I sure do try my damndest and they give me so much material to work with and it is always my pleasure to denounce those spineless, gutless, immoral, filthy ass criminals for what they are, a bunch of rabid, crazy warmongers who just salivate all over another country as though it is a carcass to be picked, bone clean.

      John McCain has been needing a rabies shot for some time now. That rabid dog and the other GOP dog cronies of his are already wailing and shouting for despot Obadroner to get on with it! Why don’t they drag their ass on over there and do whatever it is they want done. Oh no, that’ll never happen because their scared asses like to hide behind some poor military schmuck who has to feed his family by aiding and abetting and feeding America’s killing frenzy. And just how many ‘boots’ can America put on the ground when our servicemen and women have 9-12 deployments under their belt, not to mention that they’re almost all to a person, knee-deep in mental diagnoses.

      Since we’ve been in everybody’s goddamn business all over this world, when the big shit hits the fan, we got no fucking ‘leg’ to stand on because many are missing one or both. So, I say, send the dregs of congress and stupid despot Obadroner’s clueless ass on over.

      And again, thank you for your comment. You are right, this time, they are pissing in the wind and I hope THIS time, they are made to drink it!


    1. Thank you again for that! It wasn’t hard to find and there were just so many good ones, the only hard part was picking one out of thousands. They’re making fun of our little stupid, desperate looking, clueless despot, all over the world, it seems. Over some of the comparisons of Obama and Putin, I laughed until the tears freely flowed, they were THAT amusing! LMAO!!!


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