Pay My Goddamn Claim!


I don’t give a damn about this country.
And hell no! I never will.
So, you say that I should leave.
I’ll leave when they pay my bill.

These motherfuckers owe me.
And the account is way past due.
If the Jews got paid for the holocaust,
why didn’t slavery earn some revenue?

Oh that’s right, I’m a Black sheep.
And not the anointed chosen one.
I’m descended from slaves in the field
And from those kissed by the sun.

What was wrong then is wrong today.
And the game is still the same.
Forget about hearing me praise this shit.
Just pay my goddamn claim!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

I refuse to let this shithole forget who built it. Built on the backs of my ancestors who received not a goddamn dime in payment for services rendered. It’s past time to pay up. They’re dead, but we’re here to collect. Every goddamn body else can receive compensation for wrongs throughout history except for the slaves and their descendants. Our ancestors did not come here willingly to build this godforsaken shithole and then the descendants get treated like dogs and jailed and killed, indiscriminately. This country don’t mean shit to me and it never will. And I have no problem making this fact, well known. I would never take up arms in defense of this shit. Defend what? The slaughtering of innocent people all over the world? Hell! It started with the Indians and then just continued to present day. What’s changed? Not a goddamn thing! This country started out with blood on its hands and has had no problem with maintaining the status quo ever since. Who are the shits that initiate and instigate this? Oh, yeah! You know! We ALL know! The truth is ugly and that’s why it always gets ‘whitewashed’. Well this is a ‘whitewash’ free zone. And it’s also a bullshit free zone. I don’t pretty shit up. I tell it like it is!

And don’t hand me no bullshit about what’s going on in Africa. I’m in America, goddamn it! Whatever’s going on in Africa, they didn’t drag my ancestors to America and now we have the classroom to prison pipeline called, the new ‘slavery’? Exactly!

Make sure to read the announcement real good. One hundred and fifty Negroes in fine form, for sale. And today, there’s over a million of them for sale to the prison industrial complex. What the fuck’s changed?

12 thoughts on “Pay My Goddamn Claim!

  1. Hey Sister! I feel your pain. I know that must sound hollow, but I mean it. I agree with all you’ve said. Justice is hard to come by in America. I can’t pay the debt with money, because I don’t have enough to cover the huge debt owed, but I can pay it with respect and an outreached hand.

    Your feelings are valid.


    1. Thanks Blue! It just pisses me off to hear that John Kerry is attempting to run a billion dollars over to Ukraine( in the form of ‘loans’ which Ukraine is not in any position to even make an attempt to pay back. Meanwhile, Detroit is bankrupt with pensions of hardworking people on the chopping block and inner cities all across this fucked up country are in full blight and we’re told how broke we are. We’re only broke when it comes to our own. But since we’ve got a billion dollars to ‘loan’ to Ukraine, they can damn well pay MY fucking claim. We’ve been waiting too damn long!

      And thanks Blue, good to see you! As you can see, I’ve got smoke coming from me today, I’m so fucking fed up!


  2. It’s been reported that the U.S. has invested $5 billion in destabilizing the Ukraine through NGO’s and non-profits. Same story, different continent where the state department is trying to undo the legacy of Hugo Chavez. All while Americans are told there’s no money for schools, healthcare or affordable housing. As you stated, this country was built on the backs of slave labor. Reparations are most certainly in order and past due. Keep on keepin’ on, Shelby.


    1. Thank you Jeff! I will! It is way past time that Black people stopped taking this in our face, fuck us, bullshit! We know this goddamn country ain’t fucking broke. They pull money out of their ass for every goddamn thing else, especially when they’re attempting a takeover of another country. They have no problem with the never ending revving up of the war machine, goddamn warmongers, one and all!

      I am sick to pieces over our own people dying on the mean streets of this shithole. I am so tired of fighting tooth and nail every single step of the way to try and house someone who shouldn’t be homeless in the first goddamn place. I am so sick and tired of looking into the eyes of poor homeless children who are in a shelter with their grandmother who is working two jobs and the mother is who knows where and strung out on drugs. These are people that we are trying to help, daily and no one is offering a billion dollars to help us aid them. I am just SO fucking fed up! Goddamn it! It’s past happy hour. But what the fuck is that? I’ll just call it “turning the dimmer switch on so that I can chill the fuck out” hour!

      Thank you for your comment! It’s a goddamn war, man!


  3. My Dear Shelby, Greetings. And Thank You for sharing what is So deeply felt by You. Yet, right at the beginning, may I ask You to Cool down! …I speak from the experience of Long years of Rejection! Shall be sharing that some day! What I learnt is, it never pays to dwell on that.

    Just to put things into perspective, I hate the leaders of countries like russia, china, cuba, etc, where they Enslaved their own peoples. Can they even ‘Write’ what You have written? In my own country of India, it is Slavery without the name. We are given a lot of rope, but We can move about only this much. In all this, I found that it is almost impossible to fight the system. We have one Arvind Kejriwal and the AAP party, which, hopefully, will bring about changes. In about 20 years, if not 50.

    I have learnt to make my own life. Celebrate the Friends I have. Appreciate and Enjoy Beauty. Do the things I can. Things like that.

    Wish You all the best, and Much Love.


    1. Swami, I appreciate your comment, I really do and please don’t take this the wrong way, but I am not about to cool down. It is quite obvious that you have not read much of what I have posted or you would know that I am out in the trenches trying to put the humpty dumpty’s of this fucked up shithole back together after they have been fucked up and fucked over by this here bullshit country. I have to house homeless veterans who are suffering from PTSD and a number of other mental disorders associated with having witnessed unspeakable shit. We ain’t got 20 years, much less 50 years to wait for an epiphany to hit the motherfuckers who are causing chaos all over the fucking world.

      I will not calm down! That is part of the problem. People have been calmed down via pill popping factories all over this godforsaken country and I for one, will not go that route. I’m not mentally ill. I’m fucking fed up! I am out on these mean streets and I see the hopelessness, the anguish, the suffering, the tortured souls who have lost it all, including their mind and it need not have happened. I have seen the victims of police brutality. This shit has to end and somebody has to stand up for these people. We can’t all just calm down and take it easy. This shit ain’t calming down and taking it easy on people. If I can’t change the world, so be it, but I refuse to ignore the cries. I refuse to turn away and I refuse to sit and wait. Wait for what? If I’m hauled off, so be it. But while there is breath in my body, I refuse to sit idly by while my brother or my sister is in pain and do nothing.

      Oftentimes, a movement was started by a mere ripple in a pond that spread. People are waking the fuck up and they’re not going to keep taking this shit, whatever the powers that be may think. People will eventually say, “enough is enough!” And if I can help that along, I most definitely will. So, you sit this one out, I refuse to!

      But I thank you kindly for your comment!

      This is war! Ain’t no goddamn peace!


      1. Shelby, Thank You for Your comment. …Calming down does NOT mean quitting, or taking drugs for that. To me that would mean More Planning, and Losing Energy! You think I am not angry?! You have not read my writings! …I read the one I commented on fully.

        If You are helping Veterans like that it is GREAT work. I appreciate that very much.

        As for 20 years or 50, HOW do We make things happen, in a jiffy? I am 66. Have been fighting the system right from my Youth. A Catholic Priest, had lost my Faith in God along the Way. Got back my Faith, but have been pushed out of my diocese!

        Am still fighting. As for the Victory, I do not think it is anywhere Near. Reason:

        People Allowed all this to happen. If the US or the West is like this today, it is bec ppl did not bother, did not take enough interest. And even today, Except for the Few of US, is it not easier to post pictures on face book, write a few holy things, and go and have lunch?

        Let us keep fighting, my Dear, without losing our Energy. The Fight is Long.

        Love and Regards.


  4. @ Swami. I hear ya! I do! It’s not gonna be easy and it’s not going to happen overnight whatever changes that need to take place. And yes, we did allow this to happen. We fell asleep on the job and the motherfuckers took advantage of the fact that we were lulled into a false sense of security and we’re only just starting to wake up and take a good look around and figure out that we are fucked. But that doesn’t mean that we should just roll over and play dead. Even if we cannot do much damage to the fuckers who are hell bent on eliminating us, we should still try. I’ll rest when I’m dead, but right now, I’ve got too much to do than to just lie down and say, “I give!” Hell no! Ain’t gonna happen. I understand that you’re 66 and you feel that it’s been a long haul, but you’re still alive and while you’re alive, there is still hope. If you’ve nothing left, then cling to that. If not, sit this one out, and myself and others will do what we can. I understand that people get tired. Hell! I’m tired. Never let it be said that I’m some sort of ‘wonder woman’, I’m not. But I care too much to keep seeing the outrageous shit that I see each and every day having a profoundly negative impact on people who are just trying to survive. It ain’t right and I will continue to do what I can. It may not amount to much, but I am going to try and give it all I got.

    And yes, I know, the fight is long, but OUR fight is NOT wrong! Remember that!

    Again, thank you for your comment and you never know, it ain’t over ’til it’s over. And it ain’t over, at least not yet!


  5. I believe you’re right – that people are waking the fuck up. You’re right that slavery didn’t end. You have to call it slavery when corporations are exploiting prison labor for as little as 17 cents an hour. Jim Crow never ended either. From some of the awful things they do, it seems like the US government is at war with African Americans, just as Hitler was at war with the Jews. When I lived in Seattle, I saw the federal and state government collude with the city father to route an interstate through a thriving black community – destroying at least 40 successful African American businesses that employed hundreds of people.

    This was followed by Weed and Seed with arbitrary street sweeps that arrested innocent people for simply being outside on the sidewalk and confiscated the homes of black seniors if their grandkids were caught using marijuana. And the driving while back problem. We had one black city councilor who was stopped by police and forced to take down his pants. And then you have all the innocent black men who have felonies on their records (and can’t get jobs) because some public defender forced them to cop a plea.

    It seems more urgent than ever to me that white people start to speak out about this. We haven’t quite got to the place where they round up African Americans and ship them to concentration camps – but perhaps they don’t need to – because so many are in prison.


    1. You’re goddamn right about everything, as usual Dr. Bramhall! And I do so thank you for your comment because it is ever so spot on!

      Just as I pointed out during Black History Month, what the fuck’s to celebrate? There ain’t a goddamn thing to celebrate when the Blacks that do have a bit of money are ignoring the plight of the millions who don’t because they are ‘favored’ by Massa just as though this is still the field slaves vs. the house slaves. People often wonder why Black folks can’t seem to get their act together. Well, when you’ve been taken from your native land, had your identity stolen from you and pitted against one another, what the hell did people expect to happen? That is why so many Black people are looking to others to identify with. That is why we buy into any and everybody’s bullshit because many just don’t know who the hell they are!

      And you are right, they are rounding us up and sending us right into the new slave pen now known as the prison industrial complex. That is why schools in inner cities are being set up to fail Black children so that they will step right from the schoolhouse door into prison. Many of us are waking the fuck up and we’ve just had a school walk-out here because people are finding out that that there is indeed, a classroom to prison pipeline and we’re fed the fuck up with this bullshit!

      Innocent Black people are being arrested every single day and not a goddamn thing is being done about that shit. Many are sitting in prison and have done not a damn thing wrong but apparently, being Black is wrong. And the sad fact is that many Blacks have been indoctrinated into mistreating other Black people just so they can conform and fit in with the status quo. That’s some filthy shit too.

      And people have the nerve to tell me to cool down or calm down, with all of this shit going down, that’s not bloody likely to happen! Goddamn it! Enough is enough!

      I am of course, not surprised at anything in your comment, appalled, yes. Shocked? No! Another sad fact is that I should be!

      Again, thank you Dr. Bramhall!


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