To Russia, With Love and to China too!


First of all, I am letting it be known that I am so very glad that Russian President Vladimir Putin is standing his ground despite the threats from the U.S., because they really don’t matter and Mr. Putin knows this because he knows what so many Americans hate to acknowledge and that is that this ship is about to sink without any help from him. Mr. Putin is well aware of the devastation that the elite fucks have wrought here in this shithole called America. How our representatives can even find the time to shout to all and sundry about what Mr. Putin is doing with Ukraine is absolutely mindboggling considering the seriousness of the economic situation in America. How despot Obama can even weigh in on the Ukraine issue when the ground is about to fall out from beneath his very feet, shows just how much he doesn’t give a fuck about what is going to happen to everyday Americans. How any American official can concern themselves with anything other than attempting to right this lopsided barge shows exactly what is NOT important to them and that is of course, the health and welfare of America.

Those shits are the very ones who scream and shout and dance up and down about patriotism and yet, those shits are the ones who are dooming this Titanic and on purpose. Our infrastructure is crumbling beneath us. Our drinking water polluted. Our people are dying from lack of health care. Our children’s education is for the most part, neglected. Schools lack even the very basics in what is needed to educate and prepare children for what they will eventually go up against. Our prisons are overflowing. Our seniors are fighting a never ending battle over food or medicines and the fact that our representatives are hell bent on attempting to end Social Security as we know it. Homelessness is rampant in every city and state in America. Jobs are so scarce that there are thousands of applicants for every one available job. Retail stores are shuttering doors in unprecedented numbers so that even the fallback low paying jobs are soon going to be a thing of the past. And if not for the fact that people must eat, fast food restaurants would be headed that route.

Another sad fact is that the mainstream media is still attempting to make light of the seriousness of this situation in America. We still get bombarded with Hollywood filth and scandals and who the fuck went into rehab for the three-thousandth damn time. We don’t have time for that stupid shit when the light’s about to go out on so many Americans all across this country. And even though mainstream media has tried its damndest to keep us in the dark, it didn’t work. Many Americans are clued in. The sad part is that there is just nothing that can be done about anything at this late date. If a person cannot trade in their greenbacks for gold, well…then, there’s nothing to be done because other countries have the power to take us down even faster than at the rate we’re already going, down. The dollar could be made obsolete and the shits that are at the helm of this barge are well aware of that and THAT is the problem, because you see, they’ve covered their ass and covered it well. US not so much!

So, Russia poke us ‘til we bleed because we deserve it. China, join with Russia and stick it to US because we bought your junk and ran out and bought some more to the detriment of our own skin. Almost everything we own is made in China. So, yes, we love you too China. We love you more than we love America because we love cheap shit and so we sold ourselves out for your cheap shit, so we do indeed love you. But now, we’re bellyaching about it, but we’re still buying it. At least, while we still can.

Oh yes, we here in America, we will bleed! Oh, yes indeed because those in Iraq are bleeding and we did that. People in Yemen are bleeding and we did that. People in Pakistan are bleeding and we did that. People in Afghanistan are bleeding and we did that. People in Vietnam are still bleeding and we did that. People all over the world who have done U.S no wrong are bleeding because of U.S. and now it’s our turn! Sweet, ain’t it? HA! And about damn time, I say!

And don’t come in here with no bullshit because I believe in dictatorship. I learned it from America’s despot. This here blog(like America) ain’t no democratic republic, see! So, don’t even bother castigating me and telling me how wrong I am because I am glad of what Russia is doing and what they have the capacity to do and I am glad that other countries now have us over a barrel. It’s about damn time that we get what’s coming to U.S. Do I mind that I am going to be included in the shit storm that’s due? I sure as hell do! But I chose to bury my head in the sand, the same as the rest of you and now that the shit is about to hit the fan, we want to whine and complain. Too fucking late! Suck it up! This shithole ain’t never meant a goddamn thing to me because I ain’t never meant a goddamn thing to this shit hole. And one thing about falling, when you’re already on the ground, you don’t have far to fall. The shits that are living the high life, kiss your soon-to-be worthless ass goodbye because you’ll soon be jumping. I don’t have to because I’m already on the ground!

Here’s to Russia, with love! And to China too!

It’s fucking economic war, motherfuckers! So Jump!

12 thoughts on “To Russia, With Love and to China too!

  1. Tubularsock always loves your positive views ….. should I send you a flag to put on your front porch on the 4th of July?

    You do realize that it’s time to shop ……….. and there is always football.


    1. I know one thing! I hope this shithole positively crashes and burns BIGTIME! I can’t fucking wait! I can’t wait for the next Wall Street collapse. I can’t wait for the motherfuckers to lose their goddamn shirt. I hope the countries that make up BRICS get their act together and stop using the dollar as their currency and then there WILL most definitely be hell to pay. That is one reason why Washington is trying to ‘bottleneck’ the BRICS because Washington knows it spells utter and complete doom for their greedy ass!

      Fuck shopping! And fuck football! Fuck that shit! That’s partly why we’re in this mess. We’re not buying anything American made because hell!, what’s American made? And why the hell would I want to watch some grown ass men chase a goddamn ball around on a field and receive millions for doing it while the sports franchises are getting my tax dollars to fund those gladiator arenas that they fucking play games in while people are walking the goddamn streets, homeless and lacking health care. Fuck it all!

      Oh, and thanks for your comment!


  2. Oh, show me around your snow-peaked mountains way down south
    Take me to your daddy’s farm
    Let me hear your balalaika’s ringing out
    Come and keep your comrade warm…
    Well said Shelby.


    1. Thanks Skulz! You’re ALWAYS welcome in here because you don’t come in here with some bullshit about my being politically correct and all. I’m a fucking lady, but I’m also fucking pissed off, fed the fuck up by all the bullshit that’s being pounded into us by the those whores that cater to Washington and call themselves the mainstream media. I am tired of all the lies and hypocrisy and the killing and the calls for war. Who in America is left standing to fight a goddamn war, what with the ‘warriors’ mentally fucking ill?!!! Oh, my bad! We’re gonna fight a war using drones. Yep, that’ll work!

      And thanks for the vote of confidence Skulz! Much appreciated as you know!

      And by the way, I loved your latest post. That filthy skank Hilary Clinton will never get a vote of mine, nasty ass bitch that she is. She’s another warmongering piece of filth that needs to just shut the fuck up and go away! Damn! I’ve gone and got started again! See? This is why I take a break, ’cause I’m likely to explode from sheer rage!


  3. LOL!!!! GIRL!!! you gonna mess around and get deported or some such thing.
    I’m kinda glad Putin didn’t back down either but if those sanctions go into place Putin will have all kinds of pressure from Russian who can’t do business on his neck.


    1. Let ’em try and deport my ass! I was motherfucking born here. The only goddamn accent I got is a southern one, so if they’re gonna deport Scarlet Motherfucking O’Hara than it’s fucking fine with me. I want outta this shithole any fucking way, but they’ve got to pay me first, see, ’cause my ancestors helped build this goddamn country. So, I’m owed and I ain’t going until I get paid for services rendered. So, they can just deal with me and kiss my ass from a distance or pay the fuck up for me to leave. It’s that fucking simple. What the fuck should I be scared of? A drone strike? Yeah, right! I’m shivering, I tell you!

      Putin’s got us by the balls, doncha know. If he cuts off Europe’s supply of gas, they’re fucking frigid and they don’t want that. It’s still winter, ya know. Colder than a motherfucker outside, even in Europe. So, if they know what’s good for their ass over there, they’ll get in line alongside Putin and shut the fuck up and tell America’s whores in Washington to shut the fuck up and stop starting shit all around the world that could adversely impact their cold, frigid ass! Putin ain’t a former KGB agent for nothing. Never think he don’t know what he’s fucking doing. It’s our little despot that’s got issues ’cause he don’t hardly know what he’s up against.

      Oh, and thank you for your comment HLJ! Always a pleasure to see ya!


  4. Yeah, they do ME and they expect us to eat it up and pass it along. And indeed, it is official, America ain’t never had no problem with Nazis and this should be quite obvious to even the ones who insist on hiding underneath a rock in an attempt to escape notice by the Gestapos that are now patrolling our streets with military equipment, ready to tear unholy hell out of us if we have the audacity to look cross-eyed.

    We’re descending into a state, alright and it would most certainly make Hitler proud to know that he is ever so popular in this here 21st century.

    “Evil never sleeps and a human, I can’t find.”

    Thanks for your comment ME!


    1. You are welcome!
      I think i will pull out 10 seasons of Stargate, so i dont have to eat more crap from our so called “freedom” news stations.


      1. I don’t blame you because “freedom” is looking very poorly these days. It looks like the ‘plug’ is being pulled on “freedom” and they’re hoping we don’t notice.


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