12 thoughts on “Go to hell, America!

    • Isn’t he though? In fact, he’s a guy after my own heart! Of course, I could add many more atrocities, war crimes, crimes against humanity and whatnot that could attribute somewhat to the reasons why “America Should GO TO HELL, straight TO HELL and not collect anything on the way!!” “As in no more bodies of the innocent, no more lands confiscated and plundered, no more indigenous peoples slaughtered for their land and the natural resources on it, no more slaves to build the empire, no more, no more, no more!”

      Thanks for your comment Tube!


    • HLJ, we cannot blame it all on the government because we help in the election of said government and if most Americans are aware, then why are the same shits elected, year after year after year? We have not declared that enough is enough. We put up with the bullshit and blindly go about our business as though what our government does will never affect us when we all know that it will. Many times, there have been recent announcements that Americans should leave certain countries that are fed up with our shit and may retaliate against American tourists or workers. We have deposed legitimate leaders and yet, how would our leaders feel if someone deposed their sorry ass because they need to go, but like I said, we re-elect those shits every time they go up for re-election. So, yes, we too are to blame and we are complicit! We don’t get a free pass on this because we turn a blind eye and pretend that we see no evil and hear no evil when evil is being perpetrated against innocent people all around us!


  1. “Go to hell, America!”
    Many of us in these Untied Snakes of Amurderer (hat tip to Shelby) are already there b/c watching what is going on and doing our best to wake the peons the fuck up isn’t doing anything! I am a witch, and I have been casting curses on our elected terrorists, but they’re still here, and they’re still acting like retards; in fact, I think they are getting more retarded by the day! I want some country to bomb DC off the map, preferably TONIGHT! And when that’s finished they can send another bomb to Wall St please!


    • Hear! Hear! Because goddamn it, enough is enough! If that shit got wiped off the map, it would be NO fucking loss!! In fact, we stand to gain and not lose a goddamn thing except some shits that don’t give a damn about this fucking country! I wish to hell it would happen because it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of lousy ass filthy corrupt slithering snakes!

      Thank you for your comment Wolfess!


      • “… it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of lousy ass filthy corrupt slithering snakes!”

        I have a family of garter snakes that have been ‘occupying’ my garage for most of the years we have lived in our house and I welcome them b/c we have never had a bug problem — thanks in large part to them dining on them, so I actually appreciate what they have done for me. Concerning our ‘lousy ass filthy corrupt slithering snakes in DC — it is my own opinion that ‘elected terrorist’ fits them to a ‘t’ and doesn’t insult my garter family. 🙂


  2. Wolfess, my apologies to your garter snakes. I stand corrected as of right now!

    ….it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of lousy ass filthy corrupt slithering terrorists. There, that’s getting it done! I always appreciate good advice and that was most excellent! The shit that’s crawling all over Washington is lower than a snake’s belly!


    • Goddess Shelby I love the way you think, and the way you put your thoughts into words gives me hope for this worthless Untied Snakes of Amurderer! Keep up the most excellent rants!!!! 😉


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