Why America IS Going To Hell!


America is going to hell because the people on whose land we stand had genocide committed against them and the remaining survivors are living foul and filthy to this day and we simply do not care.

America is going to hell because Black bodies were enslaved, lashed, whipped, raped, shackled, mutilated, considered three-fifths human, denied the right to vote, denied a decent education and are now enslaved in the prison industrial complex.

America is going to hell for killing the Mexicans to steal their land from Mexico.

America is going to hell because of the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment.

America is going to hell because of the Guatemalan STD Experiment.

America is going to hell because of the Vietnam war and for tearing unholy hell out of Vietnam and leaving devastating destruction in the aftermath.

America is going to hell for using WMDs in Vietnam.

America is going to hell because America embraced the Nazis but denied the Black Tuskegee Airmen the right to enter officer’s clubs while entertaining German Nazi prisoners of war as ugly ass racism will forever rule the day.

America is going to hell for dropping bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

America is going to hell because of The No Gun Ri Massacre.

America is going to hell because of the My Lai Massacre.

America is going to hell for atrocities committed in Puerto Rico.

America is going to hell for the mutilation of the Japanese war dead.

America is going to hell for the U.S./NATO bombing of Yugoslavia.

America is going to hell for the hell America has wrought in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Venezuela and the list goes on and on.

America is going to hell for committing war crimes thanks to shits like Donald Lying Filth Rumsfeld, George Stupid WackaBush, Dick Kiss My Ass, I’ll buy a heart Cheney, Condasleeza BushWhore Rice and Colin Lies to the U.N. Powell, not to forget, Despot Barack Insane Bush Dark Obadroner.

America is going to hell over Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse .

America is going to hell for the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

America is going to hell for using WMDs in Iraq and yeah that would be us; white phosphorous was used in Fallujah but we also wanted to bomb Syria because of their supposed WMDs use. But we’re NOT hypocrites, remember?

America is going to hell for the Invasions of Afghanistan.

America is going to hell for backing Israel’s relentless murdering of innocent Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

America is going to hell for the drone strikes that have killed so many innocent people in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia.

America is going to hell because innocent men are languishing in Guantanamo without due process.

America is going to hell for jailing people who have a conscience and who witnessed war crimes, hypocrisy and unspeakable acts committed by the American military.

America is going to hell for initiating the crisis in Ukraine and Crimea and for again, engaging Neo-Nazis of which America has always been in bed with because America is a nation founded on the belief that there is indeed, a master race.

Now, you can crap a goddamn attitude over this all day and night, but the facts speak for themselves. How many other countries have wreaked this goddamn much havoc all across this entire goddamn planet? Not a goddamn other country, other than this fucking shithole has gone and disturbed the balance of nature and mother earth, nor has any other country coveted every single goddamn thing in sight from the tiniest mineral to the peoples of the planet. Now, I do understand that other countries are coveting and exploiting the richness of Africa. Why am I not surprised? But by and large, America is the extreme pillager of this here earth and in ways too numerous to count.

Many other countries have managed to live in simple harmony with this planet. Not so with these divided fucked up snakes of Amurderer. Oh, no indeed. America has just got to have it all and damn the goddamn consequences and here is your ass handed to you and make me a ‘samich while you’re at it! Goddamn it!

America is going to hell because America created hell.

To the rest of the world, the only way that you will ever live without the threat of drone strikes or war is by the complete and utter annihilation of America. Do you have the will to live because America will not let you live? And Russia, do not back down, if America calls your bluff, engage! Engage America’s sick ass with everything you’ve got! And never let up! America is a parasite and it will latch onto another host and suck it bone dry. America must descend into the hell of America’s own creation!

The shits that rule America truly believe that if WWIII starts, America will somehow, remain unscathed. Call their bluff!

source for just a few of America’s war crimes

24 thoughts on “Why America IS Going To Hell!

    • Thanks Tube! I’m glad you were gentle with me on this one as I am still residing in the land of the weak, drained, tired as hell sick. Still fighting the sick fight, but I got the ‘call to arms’ and had to give it a go. In case I left anything out, people can certainly feel free to add-on as there are so many atrocities, it would take me years to name them all.

      Again, thanks for your comment Tube!

      This IS war! Ain’t no goddamn peace!


      • Shelby, take care of yourself. Hope you can throw off this sickness. Tubularsock would send you chicken soap laced with champagne but has found out from past experiences that cyber-chicken is fowl! Oh well, back to the drawing board. Get well ……..


  1. Thanks Robert for clearing that up. When I reread Shelby I realized that Tubularsock got hung up on “Dick Kiss My Ass, I’ll buy a heart Cheney” and focused there.

    Got to admit that that entire paragraph rings nicely as a summation of the Bush reign of error!


    • Thanks for the ‘get well’ message Tube. If I could only stop sounding like I’ve smoked 10 packs of cigs a day for 30 years, especially since I’ve never smoked a day in my life. Heading back to the doc tomorrow, so hopefully between this being the 4th goddamn time I’ll be looking in the face of one our quacks, who the hell knows IF I’ll ever get fucking better!

      Hell! Even your ‘fowl’ sounding cyber chicken ‘SOAP’ sounds good to me right about now! Must clean my ‘foul’ mouth out with some ‘fowl’ chicken, ‘SOAP’ musn’t I? LMAO!! I am such a fuckin’ LADY, I am I say! Send that goddamn ‘fowl’ SOAP right on along now, ya heah?

      And even though, I’m sick as all get-out, Ima gonna pop a cork tonight, fer shur! Hope all is well with you! Oh, and stop trying to give Robert all MY thunder! I caught that! Bad, bad Tube!


  2. I think you’ve made the case for America going to hell without a get out of jail card.
    That’s a royal vent/rant indeed. Careful, the pressure cooker inside your head and heart might not take such a load all at one time.

    Nicely done.

    By the way, have you done much looking into the ways and means of Mr. J. Edgar Hoover during his long term rule of the FBI? I had cynical and dark thoughts until I started reading The Burglary by Betty Medsger. Now I have tragically darker and more cynical thoughts due to confirmation of vague notions with specifics.

    Hello.As for the smoker’s voice–have you tried swallowing a few tablespoons of raw, unfiltered honey by itself–no tea?

    As for the Bush cabinet-they’re not alone. Sadly.


    • 47Whitebuffalo, I touched on that J. Edgar Hoover criminal and I just hadn’t the heart to continue. That much corruption, filth, dirt and deviousness just left me feeling unclean. Some things even I can only stomach in small doses, J. Edgar Hoover and his FBI stint, being one of them. But thanks for the heads-up and all.

      And as for the honey, I’ve tried the tea with honey, brandy with honey, Courvoisier with honey, lemon with honey and so now, I will just try it RAW! Thanks for the advice! I’m willing to try ANYTHING at this point.


  3. I think the most important point you make is about America being founded by people who think they are the master race. Chickens always come home to roost. Malcolm X tried to warn us of this in 1960s. A pity no one listened to him.


    • Thank you Dr. Bramhall for that most enlightening comment. That is a problem when people who make so much sense are not listened to simply because people don’t like the complete message of the person delivering it. Just because Malcolm X made this statement among many others, “it’s got to be the ballot or the bullet,” that meant that people just perceived him as too militant and that he was attempting to state the need for force as opposed to nonviolence which has gotten us where? In this hellish nightmare we are in today. America has always stood for corruption, greed, hypocrisy, plunder, pillage, rape, decimation, white supremacy, white supremacy and white supremacy. Black people should have known better than to ever believe the lies of the government of these fucked up divided snakes of Amurderer. Black people have been trod on, used and abused since first being dragged over here and it will continue. The Indians have been beaten, the Blacks have been beaten, killed or imprisoned and so now it is time to do likewise to the rest of the world. The empire has demands and will not stop until even every blade of grass on this planet bows in subjugation. It must be stopped! Can Russia and China succeed? I can only hope!


  4. Shelby – Amen. And if there is no hell, someone really should invent one to kick America’s hypocritical ass into. And then throw THAT into a black hole … no, they suspect that might spew things out into another universe, and America’s caused more than enough trouble already.

    Bad as we are, I think I might snarl and swear slightly less if we just didn’t brag and posture so about being all righteous and humane and holy — that really sets me off! Who the hell do we think we’re kidding?

    Wish I had a magic throat cure for you. I make a god-awful hot tea with ground ginger, cayenne, dried thyme, sage, and lemon peel for a bad cough and clogged sinuses. But honey tastes way better, and may do as much good. Take care, and defer the primal screaming until you really feel up to it. – Linda


    • Linda, what a wonderful contribution you have made! Yes, I would fear that even if America fell into a black hole that somehow, someway there would be a remote possibility that it could find its way out in at least half a piece and go from there. This shit has to be annihilated, decimated, destroyed without a chance of a weed’s root remaining. The planet would be all the better for it. Because America will NOT stop until it has consumed everyone and everything in sight and yes, America’s filthy whores in Washington have the unmitigated gall to speak of America’s benevolence, humanity, and ‘exceptionalism’ as though America is not drenched in the blood of millions upon millions of innocents screaming for vengeance after having been torn to bits by our war machines, trampled on democratically elected leaders as we overthrow them and install our own puppet governments that will kowtow to America’s demands, thereby creating intense hardship and austerity for their people to endure. It is no accident that country after country is getting its ass handed to it by U.S. We have so much blood on our hands and the only thing I can say is be very glad that our ears cannot hear the cries and moans of the slaughtered sacrificial lambs.

      The shit may not hit the fan this go-around but at the rate America is going, it must happen and the sooner the rest of the world realizes that, the better off the world will be. America is a slaughterhouse, a whorehouse and the whores of Babylon will never be satisfied until all the world is in bondage where no free man or woman will roam this earth.

      And thank you for giving me your recipe for controlling horrific coughing and a horribly hoarse voice, sneezing, and all the yucky stuff that accompanies it. Bless your heart!


    • Well, you’re here now and I must say, likewise. You’ve certainly given me food for thought on many occasion. I love your blog and as you can see, I read that post from yours and ran with it.

      ..and please, stop in anytime!


    • Actually, last night my husband fell (one of the dogs bounced off the back of his knees and down he went) so he’s been stuck in bed all day b/c he really can’t move without hurting — I told him that if he’s not moving by 2moro I will have to call the Rescue Unit to take him to the VA. The last time that happened was a little over 4 years ago and that time he broke his hip and spent 6 weeks in rehab at the Grand Island VA and came home just in time for the furnace tech to burn our house down! Thankfully, we don’t need this new furnace in our new house checked so my brain says there’s no chance any of that will happen again, but my heart just isn’t so damned sure! 🙂 But other than that everything is fine and I am finally over my bronchitis — it takes forever, but you will start feeling more like yourself soon Shelby; and thnx for letting me vent. 🙂


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