Don’t Worry, We Got This!

economic doom

All around the internet, I see people wondering if Americans will wake up before it is too late. Save your breath because no matter what you say, it will fall on deaf ears. Americans cannot nor will they see that their situation is already beyond help. Even when millions cannot find a job and when food stamps have been cut for millions of Americans, Justin Bieber would have to tell them that the U.S. government tried to fuck up Ukraine and spent $5 billion doing it and still, it wouldn’t even register. The fact that Americans are lied to every single time a politician opens up his or her mouth is of no consequence when they tell Americans that there is no money to fund needed programs and that we must deal with austerity because of the deficit and yet, money can be found to initiate a coup in another country. Americans respond with, “oh dear me, another trip to the food shelf.” When Americans are told that cutbacks in education are necessary, this is met with, “damn, uze gist gawn be dum Jawny!” Translation, “you are going to be a dumb motherfucker Johnny and with no goddamn skills other than burger flipping, so get at it!”

Americans are hung out to dry by their representatives every single damn day and all they do is, “yawn.” You see, it’s just another bright, sunny day in this here fool’s paradise, in this rich man’s dream, in this poor man’s swamp where the needs of the needy are of no consequence and the desires of the rich are catered to. Let me put it this way, homelessness has become so damn much of a norm here that we just make up laws in order to feed them to the for profit prison industrial complex and then we forget about them. You know the old saying, “out of sight, out of mind, problem solved.” That is our solution to everything that we don’t want to deal with. Keep it out of my sight. Do whatever you have to do, but just get it out of my sight. Lock it up. Throw it away. Hide it. Make it disappear. Give me the illusion of Utopia. If I don’t see it, then I cannot become it. Fill my vision with glitter and glamour and all things bright and beautiful. Keep the ugliness at bay. I don’t want to deal with it. Give me a pill to keep me happy. Give me a pill to take away the pain of reality. I don’t want to deal with it, see ‘cause it ain’t hardly no fun. And that’s what it’s all about; fun, good times, laughter, high living, the surreal and not the reality. You see, Americans don’t do reality real well, oh not at all. The real deal, they can’t stomach. So, they must be continuously intravenously fed if need be, lies, half-truths, disinformation and they will eat that shit up and sit down and belch it out and still manage to produce a rose. That is how good Americans are at ignoring what they don’t want to know. Oh, Americans ignore quite a lot of shit. On a good day, Americans couldn’t even tell you what color the sky is, not on their own, that is. They must first check an app and please don’t confuse them by asking them for change. You’d only get a blank stare. And if a remote control can’t get it done, chances are, it ain’t happenin’.

So people, please stop wondering when Americans are going to realize that something is really rotten in America because they never will. Nothing is wrong. It is all in your mind. The lights are on in the gated communities and the lights are on in the prison industrial complex and therefore, all is good! We got this! We’re in control of our own destiny and never you doubt us good old Americans, not for a minute. You outsiders, pfft!, whaddayou know?

Like I said, “don’t worry. We got this!” Uh…on second thought, you might want to worry just a teensy weensy bit!

13 thoughts on “Don’t Worry, We Got This!

  1. Oh Shelby my love, you ROCK! It is problematic that a fair segment of the ‘great American sheeple’ are strangely fascinated with sodomy. The fools do like taking it up the shoot without courtesy of Vaseline. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not strictly against sodomy. It’s just that the mood, lighting, foreplay, and consenting adults in the room, would be prerequisite. And maybe a fresh box of ‘WetWipes’.
    HAH! Oh damn if’n I ain’t about one hilarious old geez…


    1. That you for that glowing comment Skulz! Yep, the problem with America is Americans. We got nobody to blame but ourselves. We just love that someone came up with the saying, “ignorance is bliss!” We want to wallow in ignorance. We don’t want to know the truth. We want to be shielded from all things, unpleasant. We have been led to believe in that great American ‘exceptionalism’ and we’ve taken it and ran with it even though there’s not one goddamn thing ‘exceptional’ about ignorant brain dead, pill popping, ‘zombiefied’ Americans. Oh, we’ve met the enemy alright and the truth is that the enemy is U.S., but we’ll never accept that because we believe the lies when the finger is pointed in the direction of a made-up enemy.

      Americans are some stupid shits and thinking ain’t never been a strong suit of the majority of Americans. Americans don’t have the balls to do what is necessary and what’s more, they never will!

      Again, thank you for stopping in and for your comment. I appreciate it!


  2. Shelby ….. brilliant post! Justin Bieber isn’t stupid ……. even he knows that being brain dead appeals to Americans. It is something they understand even when they don’t have a pot left to piss in! Justin dude, pass me that joint and then let’s go for a ride in that Lamborghini. Cool …….


    1. Thank you Tube! And yes, Bieber ain’t stupid at all because he’s raking in lots and lots of ‘moolah’ from the stupid Americans who would rather worship him and not look beyond the shit that’s meant to entertain them to even realize that what they should have worshipped is gone and that is their freedoms. Americans have no freedoms and the sad fact is that there is NO longer even an attempt at pretending that Americans have any. And what are Americans doing about it? Ignoring the obvious and thinking that if they do, this is as bad as it’s going to get. Who the fuck are they kidding?


  3. I’d like to be able to join tubular and skulz by liking this article, but I can’t; I can’t b/c I don’t like it; I can’t b/c it’s just TOO. FUCKIN.’ TRUE. and liking it would mean I’d have to realize that the sky isn’t in fact, blue — and no, I didn’t check my phone apps to see if that was the correct color! 🙂 Hell, truth be told, I don’t even HAVE a phone with ‘apps’!


    1. It’s alright Wolfess, I understand. I don’t like this either. I really don’t. I just felt the need to say it. I was watching a video on another blog today and the guy was practically begging Americans to do something before it’s too late and the idea for this came from that. I just want people to stop even bothering to wonder or to implore Americans to come up out of their apathetic and complacent swoon and get with the fucking program. It SO ain’t gonna happen. That is NOT the American way. Our ‘plan’ is to ignore and play, at least until the lights go out. Who knows? Maybe then, we’ll get a clue. But then again, I am speaking of Americans, so nah, ain’t gonna happen!

      And don’t feel bad, I don’t have a phone with apps either. I’d trash it if I did.

      Thank you for your comment!


      1. What a marvelous way to start the day — with comments from Shelby!!!! 🙂 And why are the US peons like that — ignore and play till the lights go out? We have gone back to our English roots: stay calm and soldier on. I can’t stay calm and pretend all is well b/c it’s not, and I’m getting damn tired of watching this country go down the crapper — it makes me want to shake some people sense-FULL (b/c they’re already sense-LESS)!

        Pwr 2 the AWARE peons!


  4. Wolfess, that is why I get so frustrated so often because we are just so fucking apathetic and complacent, I think that we actually invented apathy and complacency. In countries all over this world, people are anything but apathetic and complacent and those two adjectives are THE best descriptions of what is going on in America. We are practically asleep! We’re that fucking apathetic and complacent. We flinch at our own damn shadow, we’re that fucking scared of every goddamn thing! When the goddamn government says, “BOO!,” we fucking jump out of our damn skin, we’ve become such chicken shits! Americans are fucking useless and don’t I know it! Just look down at the millions of Americans who are literally crawling on the ground and still they refuse to get up because there’s not a goddamn spark left in ’em. Sad and Pathetic, that’s Americans, SAPs.


  5. “America may be unique in being a country which has leapt from barbarism to decadence without touching civilization.” –John O’Hara

    “Either the United States will destroy ignorance or ignorance will destroy the United States.” –W. E. B. Du Bois

    “The corporate grip on opinion in the United States is one of the wonders of the Western world. No First World country has ever managed to eliminate so entirely from its media all objectivity — much less dissent.” –Gore Vidal

    Shelby, Another fine post, thanks. You remind me of the O’Hara quote here. Smug self-satisfaction is not exactly a new thing for this country, sad to say. It’s bound to make us feel like Cassandras now and then. And yet. When you see your neighbors sleepwalking, heading for a cliff, you just have to yell and try to get their attention, whether or not they pay any heed. What kind of shits would we be if WE succumb to that level of apathy, cynicism and despair, and stop even trying? – Linda

    “What you need is sustained outrage…there’s far too much unthinking respect given to authority.” –Molly Ivins


    1. No. 1, barbarians ARE what’s running this shithole country.

      No. 2, ignorance IS destroying this country.

      No. 3. I agree with Gore Vidal

      ….and Linda, the problem with “yelling to try to get the attention of our neighbors if they were sleepwalking and heading for a cliff,” is exactly what has happened. We can call out to this apathetic and complacent shit until the cows come home and they will still walk right over the goddamn cliff. That is what is happening.

      We lock-up more people than the rest of the world combined and that’s okay with us.
      We do nothing when our elected fucked up representatives tell us that because of our deficit, austerity is put into play and we just lap it up as if that will feed the hungry people whose food stamps just got cut, AGAIN!
      We know that there are serious discrepancies in education and we do nothing about that.
      We know that an entire ethnic group is being groomed for the schoolroom to prison pipeline and we’re okay with that.
      We know that the Indians on whose land we stand are living foul than a motherfucker and we’re
      okay with that!
      We know that over a million if not more people walk the streets, homeless on any given night and we’re okay with that.
      We know that cities are going bankrupt and people are losing their pensions and we are okay with that.
      We know that age discrimination is keeping older workers from being employed and we’re okay with that.
      We know that corporations are getting tax breaks that are just ridiculous and we are, through our tax dollars, paying for their low wage workers’ food programs and medical care and we are okay with that.
      We know that our government is fucking up countries all over this goddamn world by deposing democratically elected leaders, by drone striking innocent people, by installing Neo-Nazis to further our fucked up agenda and we’re okay with that.
      We know that we are aiding and abetting Israel in its filthy ass murdering of innocent people in the Gaza Strip and yet, we’re okay with that.

      …and there is much more where that came from and again, we are more than fine with everything because what have we done about any of it? Not a goddamn thing and we won’t because we are THE world’s most complacent and apathetic motherfuckers. “God damned these Divided Snakes of Amurderer!

      ..and the sleepwalking motherfuckers are, as I type this, heading for the goddamn cliff, one by one like the good little ignorant sheeple they are!

      Thank you for your comment.


  6. Great post! You made some excellent points. It’s hard to wake up these damn sheep! They love living in ignorance. Trust me,ignorance is NOT bliss.


      1. I know it’s hard but stay vigilant. We win in the end. Although we can’t save everybody.


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