God Damned America To Hell!

Religion? In America? Hell nah! Because God damned America to hell!
Religion? In America? Hell nah! Because God damned America to hell!

Oh, so, you went to church today and got ‘religion’, did you? Fuck if you did! Ain’t no goddamn religion in these here Divided Snakes of Amurderer because God damned America to hell! You’re a lying piece of filth if you even think that you’ve got an inkling of what religion is all about. You’re fucking clueless because you think that if you bow your head and listen to some stupid ass prayer from some simple ass reverend that you’re good. You ain’t good! In fact, you so ain’t good! Your happy ass is hell bound, motherfucker! You see, you’re just another piece of worthless filth who is trying to pay their way through the pearly gates. Your reverend is a goddamn piece of shit ‘cause you’re paying him or her for services rendered; the service of assuring your worthless happy ass, a permanent spot in paradise once you blow your last breath out. Haven’t you heard? You can’t ‘buy’ your way into heaven motherfucker, oh no! You either get there on your own merits or you don’t get there at all. You go in the opposite direction. And I’ll save you some dough! You ain’t going to heaven, oh not at all. I don’t care what you do. The reason why you ain’t going to heaven motherfucker, and you know why, but you don’t want to admit to it, is because you’re a sorry, worthless, complacent, apathetic, useless piece of shit that ain’t even worth the dirt underneath your Louis Vuitton shoes and what’s more, you ain’t got a merit to stand on. That ant that you stepped on on your way into your ‘holy’ worshipping palace has a guaranteed spot in God’s holy place, but your ass won’t see it because you’ve already been rejected and don’t even act like you don’t know it.

Nothing can save your worthless ass from the hellfire that your reverend, is going on and on about. Oh that’s right, you’re listening so intently and hanging onto every word because you need that hope that once you’ve paid your tithes and bowed your head and repeated after the good reverend, that that is all you’ve got to do. Hell nah, motherfucker! You see, when was the last time that you gave a shit about anybody or anything other than your own worthless hide? I’ll tellya. On the twelfth of never! You more than likely drove by a homeless mother and child and spit and if you didn’t do that, then you looked the other way. When was the last time you actually gave a damn about the fact that children are hungry and are going to bed in warehouses? When was the last time you cared enough to call a prison warden and ask why are prisoners on hunger strikes? When was the last time you gave a thought to those who are without health insurance especially since you know what it feels like to be sick? When was the last time you told your representative that you were damn sick and tired of wars being started in your name over some bullshit? When have you ever realized that the reason why America is constantly minding some goddamn other country’s business is because you’re driving an SUV next door to the supermarket? Have you ever wondered why America’s military is stationed all around the world? Have you ever checked and found that the U.S. spends more on military useless shit than it does on anything else? Have you never wondered why drones are still raining down on the heads of people in foreign lands if Osama bin Laden is dead? Have you even thought to wonder why America does not want to get out of Afghanistan? Have you wondered why America is knee deep in starting shit in Venezuela? Hell no, you haven’t. You don’t fucking care because you’re just so goddamn religious, that shit just don’t concern you. You’ can’t be bothered because that would mean that you’d have to look up and see that it ain’t all mood lighting and sunbeams shining in your stupid, clueless face. You just might have to actually DO something about all the horrors that you see unfolding before your eyes that you just don’t want to see.

Church and religion is another escape route for you because then you think that by singing some hymns, that you can keep reality at bay. Sing a hymn and shit don’t look grim. Well, it’s grim, motherfucker, exceedingly grim. And what do you think you’re going to do when the bomb falls into your goddamn lap? You gonna sing a hymn? Is that going to stop your foolish ass from being vaporized? Are you gonna pretend that it’s a big ole smartphone and play with it? Probably, since Americans ain’t exactly displaying any God given sense these days. And you want to know why? Again, God damned these divided snakes of Amurderer. So, motherfucker, keep assuming that you even have a clue as to what ‘religion’ is all about when you don’t know a goddamn thing about religion. Keep telling yourself that religion is what’s keeping people from being homeless. If that were the case, then why are there over a million people walking around homeless in America on any given night? Keep telling yourself that religion is what’s keeping people fed. If that were the case, then why are so many children hungry when they get to school in the morning? Keep telling yourself that hospital emergency rooms are there to treat the uninsured sick. Of course you never heard about poor Anna Brown, a poor homeless woman, who died in police custody because she went to the hospital begging for help only to have the police called on her, taken to jail and died promptly on the jailhouse floor from blood clots in her leg. You didn’t hear about that because you were too busy attempting to buy your way into heaven by handing money to the reverend who will make sure that you pay dearly for your guaranteed spot.

You didn’t hear about the children in Iraq who are now orphans thanks to the good ole USofA. You didn’t hear about the civilians in Afghanistan who have been fucked up by the U.S. military, killed and had their body parts cut off and exhibited for trophies. You were busy trying to pay your way into heaven. You didn’t hear about the drones that have been raining down on innocent heads in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia because you’re just too religious to pay attention! You can’t be bothered by that piddling little shit. What’s that got to do with you? It’s got everything to do with you because it’s done in your goddamn name and what’s done in your name is going to register on YOU motherfucker on judgment day. So, if you think that you are religious, you’d better hop to waking the fuck up, opening your motherfucking eyes and saying, “woe motherfuckers, the shit stops now because I’m religious, SEE and I want my candy ass to get into paradise, I’ve paid enough for it!”

Yes indeed, God damned America and don’t even think that I am going to pretty any goddamn thing up anymore. The time for me to post poems about posies of pansies is long fucking gone, so if you think that you’re going to bring your candy ass in here and read some feel good shit, too fucking bad. It SO ain’t gonna happen. If you can’t handle fire, then stay the hell outta this goddamn kitchen, cause it’s smokin’ in here, SEE! You know about fucking religion, my ass!

25 thoughts on “God Damned America To Hell!

  1. Now see that? My Goddess understands exactly what you’re talkin’ about, and She ain’t afraid to curse a mere human for not understanding that THERE, IS, NO. GOD!


    1. Wolfess, their ‘god’ is money and if you ain’t got it, you’re treated like shit especially by those who consider themselves to be so damn religious! I am sick to pieces of hypocrites and heathens pretending that they’re fucking saints because they run to church, bow head and spew out some scripture that they don’t even believe in. I am sick to pieces of hearing about American ‘exceptionalism’ when ain’t a goddamn thing exceptional about these stupid ass Americans shits who sit up pretending that their holier than thou shit don’t stink.

      Make no mistake Wolfess, there is indeed a ‘god’ and it’s called, ‘money’ by our little fucking religious saints. Those religious shits are going to ‘buy’ their way into paradise with it, ’cause THAT’S how it’s done!

      …and as you can see, no more Miss Nice is sitting all up in here! Hell to da no!

      Thank you for your comment!


      1. “no more Miss Nice is sitting all up in here!” — I love that Shelby! I always get such a kick out of your way with words — thank you!


  2. 1. I posted a funny story about Fred Phelps that I found on the internet today — I think you’ll get a kick out of it b/c it sounds a lot like what you’re saying in this post; and
    2. When our second son was 6 years old the fundamentalist church that we were going to at that time decided to have a choir made up of very young kids so I asked if Jon could be part of it since he was within the age guidelines, and they welcomed him with open arms. Until the first time the choir sang in front of the congregation; the next day I had a visit from all 3 ministers suggesting that until Jon learned how to sing better (right, like the 3, 4, and 5-year-olds in this choir actually sang), maybe he should just practice with them and not join them in the front of the church. So, being a ‘good christian’ I agreed to that, and everything was fine until one sunday eve when I didn’t get out of sunday school until late to find a high school girl holding Jon’s arms behind him while he was sobbing. I took him and went home and prayed about it A LOT, and in the end what I was told were 3 different verses that were apropos — as in; Suffer the little children to come unto Me and forbid them not, for such is the kingdom of God — I wrote a letter and included the verses and showed it to my husband. He told me to add one thing: cc:atty at the bottom. The next night I handed this letter to the 3 ministers and the board members, and again the next day the 3 ministers asked to meet with us. The first thing out of the senior pastor was “We never meant to discriminate against Jonathon ….” I had said NOTHING about discrimination, but they KNEW that’s what they were guilty of! So they allowed him to come back and sing in front of the congregation one more time, and then b/c they couldn’t stand to fucking lose, they disbanded the choir just to keep one little retarded child from singing to his Maker! So yeah, if God is real all these so-called Christians are giving him one helluva bad name and I’m better than that so I won’t associate with religious scum b/c I don’t want to get dragged down to their level!


    1. ..and Wolfess, I don’t blame you and your family if you never stepped foot back inside one of those heathen dens of iniquity where the hypocrites gather to pretend that they’re the ‘saints’ come marching in. Those filthy fucks make their own devil blush.

      Hell! By now, their hell’s got a sign on the door, “NO VACANCY!,” because the ‘christians’ that have already passed onto their ‘reward’ have bust hell wide open and the goddamn gates are bursting at the seams.

      Well, I am sure that it goes without saying that I don’t associate with religious scum. Not hardly. I wouldn’t ‘soil’ myself by hanging out with hypocrites, oh no indeed!

      I am so very sorry that those hell hounds disbanded the choir to keep your little son from singing, but ‘religion’ is just SO great, ain’t it? Yeah, right!


      1. Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about! Hypocrites indeed! 🙂 I’ve got enough stress in my life, I don’t need the added stress of trying to deal with a bunch of retards who think their shit doesn’t stink! Thank you for being a true sister in arms! 🙂


    1. Tube, how many times have I told you that you cannot ‘buy’ your way through the pearly gates? Preacher man, stop yer beggin’ and get a regular job! I hear tell that there are always openings for warmongers. Dick Kiss My Ass, I’ll Buy A Heart Cheney is always handing out applications. Just sign on the dotted line. You know your place is in the ‘war’ room. Amen!


  3. “I always get such a kick out of your way with words — thank you!”

    …and as always, you are very welcome! You can see that this is a no holds barred zone. Indeed it is. Maybe, I need to put a sign on the door, “enter at your own risk, killer attitude ahead!”

    Thanks again Wolfess!


    1. “enter at your own risk, killer attitude ahead!”
      That is perfect Shelby! 🙂 You know it’s gonna be a good week when you get a laugh first thing Monday mornin’! I’m a postmenopausal witch that ENJOYS playing with dolls — we’ve been thru too much to bother with the niceties!


      1. Wolfess, you are SO right about that. We have been through too much to worry about niceties. I ain’t hardly gonna be nice and as you can see, my vocabulary has taken a severe turn for the worse. And I quite actually like it! I am SO bad!!

        I am most heartily glad that YOU got off to a good start on this here Monday morning as I had quite the shock upon coming onto my own blog, but oh well! These things will happen especially in cyber world.

        Take care,


      2. Wow, yeah I’d say you had quite a surprise! For some, I think the anonymity of the internet frees them to leave their normal inhibitions at the door. I think you have the right attitude — bypassing the shit means you don’t have to clean off your shoes, but being the ‘mother’ of 4 schnauzers, when I go in the backyard it’s damned near impossible to bypass it! 🙂


      3. Speaking of being “SO bad” — sometimes when we go to a nice restaurant to eat we ask for a table in the corner b/c it’s private, and the way I ask for it is: “I’ve been really bad and need to be in the corner for awhile!” And then there was what I always said in HS — I don’t care if I get positive or negative attention … as long as I GET attention! 🙂


  4. I guess I didn’t know you when you wrote poems about posies of pansies. I would get seriously worried about you if you started doing it again. I like it better when you write in what sounds like your real authentic voice. I’m really amazed you can find the words to describe how agonizingly dreadful mess the corporate oligarchy that rules the US has got the country into. I can’t find words. I just get this horrible sinking feeling in my stomach when I think about it.

    They were running a news story on Fox News for awhile that MH 370 had been hijacked into the Taliban area of Pakistan and was being refurbished to do a small nuclear strike on the US (by flying under the shadow of another 777). The idea was not to kill that many people but just to wipe out US electronics and end the political control of the current elite.

    In my mind this was clear wish fulfillment fantasy, obviously shared by a lot of people. This horrible evil has got to end.


    1. Now, Dr. Bramhall, I cannot believe that you failed to read my post, “The Little Things In Life,” as that was essentially about appreciating the birds and the bees and all things small and wonderful, but that shit is over! As you can see, so don’t worry, I won’t get started on THAT shit again!

      And yes, this post is indeed, the REAL me because this is exactly how I feel and I am sure that some people would think that my vocabulary has taken a distinct turn for the worse, however, I quite like it! In fact, I love it! I consider it to reflect the new and improved me, feistiness with attitude and smokin’ hot! Too hot to handle, that’s for sure, by some anyway!

      I know about sinking feelings, Dr. Bramhall and about actually sinking because as you know, America is the new and unimproved version of the Titanic and we are sinking fast and there ain’t no life boats in sight. These fuckers over here barely got their head above water and according to them, it’s ALL good! As long as they can hold that smartphone above their head, ain’t no worries. Praise the lord!

      So, now the Taliban has hijacked a plane, eh? Sigh!!! Here we go again! Well, something needs to wipe the so-called ‘elite’ fucks out! If the Taliban can do it, more power to ’em, I say! And the sooner they get at it, the better off the 99% will be! Hell! They should join up with Russia and China and put paid to the plans of those leech fucking suckers! And you are so right, Dr. Bramhall, this must end, how it will end is anybody’s guess but it SO ain’t looking good for us!

      I would thank you for your comment but it may be misconstrued.


  5. @Wolfess, you are right! It is ALWAYS best to try and sidestep shit and so from this day forward, I will keep that in mind! And I want to thank you so much for reminding me of that.

    …and LOL! I hear ya about the attention, positive or negative, it don’t hardly matter, as long as we’re getting it!

    Thank you again, you are a well of wisdom!


    1. Why thank you dear friend! And ain’t it just outstanding that we bloggers have the ability to erase/eradicate/off those comments that aren’t quite up to par … it almost makes me feel like that goddamned fuckin’ obadrone! 🙂


      1. Yes, having the ability to wipe out ‘shit starting’ is a wonderful thing. I have attempted to keep this blog about social issues and not turn into a soap opera, nor a boxing ring. I’ll leave that to those who love Facebook and Twitter. I did not start this blog to attract drama and as you can see, I will let shit stew until I’m ready to get it out of here and then out it goes.

        People say that men are the reason why this world is going to hell in a hand basket. I disagree because of all the people who have commented in here, I can honestly say that I have never had knockdown drag-outs with any man and I have not been easy on the fellas, no indeed. But it has always been a female that has pissed on my parade. Now, I ain’t saying we’re ALL bad, but I’m just sayin’. Something ain’t right and that is why that hell no!, I wouldn’t want Hilary ‘won the dead buzzard lookalike’ contest Clinton ascending to the presidency, ’cause women got issues too.

        In my entire life on this here planet earth, I have received more grief from women than I’ve ever received from a man and I don’t make that claim lightly and, again, I’m just sayin’. Women can be some real ugly shits too! And that’s a fact! We ain’t ALL made of ‘sugar and spice and all things nice’ and that’s for damn sure! And of course, it should go without saying that you’re not included in the aforementioned statement, Wolfess, believe me.

        You’re an absolute breath of fresh air that is sorely needed in here! And I thank you for it!


      2. Well goddammit Shelby I feel the same way about you! 😉 Ya see I’m a Gemini and that means I have 2 sides — and you allow me to let my baaaaad side come out and play on occasion, and I owe you a big debt of gratitude for that!
        Now I’ll tell ya, back when I was workin’ my ass off in jobs that didn’t pay or appreciate me I made a firm decision that I would NEVER work for a female boss b/c we have that ‘monthly’ personality change and you can’t trust a creature that bleeds for decades and survives it every month! (That isn’t actually my thought but I can’t remember who said it.) That said, I wholeheartedly agree with you about Killary, and then there’s poor old John McPain’s running mate — I don’t want that nutball anywhere CLOSE to our bombs — she’d send one out every month!
        Like I said, thank you for giving me the opportunity to let BOTH my twins out! 🙂


    1. …and as you can see, talesfromthelou, I got it bad! My anger and frustration knows no bounds!

      What I cannot figure out is that since we have so many ‘religious’ organizations and groups, why the hell are we always starting some shit with others all over this world when the shit doesn’t even concern us and the religious shits just look the other way? And yet, they have the nerve to always get to spouting off about how they follow their ‘loving GOD’. That shit just don’t make a hill ‘o beans worth of sense. I thought it was all about the “GOD OF LOVE,” not the GOD OF WAR,” which IS the case. And the fact is, it ain’t about no GOD, it’s all got to do with goddamn money because the ‘religious’ shits get rich off war not love and peace! And yes, indeed, the so-called ‘christians’ are hell bent on getting themselves prostituted into their ‘heaven’. What a rude awakening those fuckers are in for!

      …and I sincerely do thank you for your comment!


  6. ” I would NEVER work for a female boss”

    Wolfess, I am SO not kidding. Back when I was working nine to five jobs, I caught so much grief from nasty, skank ass females, both co-workers and supervisors. It was so bad on one job that every FEMALE supervisor on the entire 2nd floor where I worked, headed down to Human Resources to try and get me fired. Now, I heard about the meeting from a co-worker who had had a few shots of purple passion at the hotel bar. According to her, and she was cousin to one of the supervisors who wished to give me the ‘boot’, the head of the Human Resources Department told that shit to head on back upstairs and leave Shelby the hell alone and that if they came back with some more bullshit, he’d fire them! Now, there is a saying, “a drunk speaks a sober mind,” she was indeed, telling the truth. And I must say, after that incident, I had no further troubles from them except for dirty looks. Now, dirty looks, I can handle. Unbeknownst to the trouble making supervisors, I had already spoken with the head of Human Resources and clued him in on a few things. You see, I always believe in getting the jump on the enemy and those bitches were indeed, my enemy.

    And in subsequent years, I have had to deal with this shit in like manner and it has ALWAYS been some female, bitch-like hating shit!

    Thankfully, I don’t have to deal with cattish behavior from any more female skanks because I’m the boss and I don’t play the ‘heavy handed, jealous, fuck you up ’cause I don’t hardly like you shit’. That just ain’t me.

    So, yes, I guess most of us have been there and wouldn’t want to go there again, I know I don’t. And if I had to work for someone else again, I would dearly hope like hell that it would be a man! Females can be some skank ass motherfuckers, shut my mouth! LOL!


    1. Hey now listen, it’s not our fault we’re not afraid to speak up when we see something wrong … and in far too many cases, the ‘wrong’ are the idiot sluts who think their shit don’t stink! And those are the kind of women (I use that term lightly) that can hold grudges for eons and don’t ever forget! I got more than my fill of that shit with my sister-out-law! 🙂


  7. That’s the problem, old timey religion has been tailor made for the masses. They eat that shit up and become hypnotised with promises of a better afterlife. That’s why sheeple are so apathetic, they’ve been swindled from generation to generation without ever questioning… follow the fucking money!! The good pastor or priest tends to his herd like a flocking money-changing shiester.


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