For every…..

Five years and sixty-five days of evil and it shows!
Five years and sixty-five days of evil and it shows!

For every drone strike that you authorize,

For every detainee denied due process,

For every country that you sanction,

For every coup that you initiate,

For every hungry child in America,

For every homeless soul on the street,

For every senior choosing medicine over food,

For every whistleblower imprisoned or in exile,

For every death that is the result of your policies,

For every person who went to the polls and voted

For hope and change and for a better America,

And got screwed, here’s looking at you, MURDERER!

And may the dead continue to plow deep lines into

Your motherfucking punk ass bitch puppet face!

Now Fuck YOU!

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

15 thoughts on “For every…..

  1. Ouch!!! You really don’t hold back,do you?lol How you been? I know I’ve been gone for awhile. My computer was down. I had to get it fixed.


    1. No, holding back ain’t never been one of my strong suits! And welcome back! You have been missed and I must say that I’ve just got to “thank you” because your blog has increased my stats by leaps and bounds and as I can see, you didn’t even know that you were sending folks in my direction since your computer was down. I am SO very glad that you are back up and running.

      And as you can see, I’ve become more of a militant since you’ve been gone. LOL!

      Again, welcome back! And thank you for your comment! Good to see you!


      1. Really?? Well I’m glad I could help you out then. Not that you need I see you’ve been getting much more aggressive in your posts. I know where you’re coming from. I a lot of it comes from frustration. There so many sheeple out there that refuse to wake up. Some bloggers have quit altogether. But I push on regardless. I’m trying to wake up as many folks as I can. Your blog is definitely one of the bright spots out in the blogosphere. Thanks for the kind words as well. It’s good to see you too. It’s always nice to be missed.


  2. It appears there are quite a few like-minded souls out here in the blogosphere! Nice to meet you Kushite Prince!
    And Shelby … the last few lines of your poem gave me a little climax — especially the “Now Fuck YOU,” Priceless! Back when Current was still up and running I got seriously flamed for calling our little dick-traitor Bush-dark — I’d like a few of those candy asses to come over here and read what you call him! 😉 They’d probably have a heart attack, no wait, the things they called me … I don’t think they have hearts, and you have to have one of those to have an attack of it! 🙂 Great poem … would it be ok if I sent the link to Bush-dark so he can see how we really feel about him???


    1. Yes, Prince is the best Wolfess, he really is and he reblogged one of my poems and the hits just keep on comin’ from over there. Every day, I get referrers from Prince’s blog and I so thank him kindly, yes I do!

      Oh, so you like this one do you? Wolfess, call him whatever you want to call him because whatever you say, wouldn’t even do what HE is, justice. Now, I am sure that people take offense when I call him “Bush in Black face on steroids,” and that is what he is! He took up where WackaBush left off and had NO problem doing so. That is quite obvious. Isn’t Edward Snowden in exile? Isn’t Bradley Manning aka Chelsea Manning serving a 35 year prison sentence for exposing the lies, cover-ups, hypocrisy and criminal activities of the U.S. military? Aren’t drones still raining down on innocent heads in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia? Is not the U.S. still fucking up other countries when we have no business in them? Exactly! So, I’ll call our little despot anything I want and people can just like it or leave it, it don’t hardly matter to me!

      And of course, you can link anything in here you’d like to little despot Bush-dark. I have NO objections. Although, I hardly think that he’s reading ANYTHING from the likes of us, ’cause we don’t really matter, see? Indeed we don’t. We just pay fucking taxes out the wazoo and get no return on our taken from us investment in these here murdering states. Hell if I pledge allegiance to this shit! Yeah, and link this post along too. And tell ‘im he can kiss my ass, but only from a distance ’cause he ain’t hardly looking so good these days. I don’t know what he’s got. Can’t be too careful, ya know!


      1. I got such a kick out of your “bush in black face on steroids” I almost wet my pants! 🙂 And then you have to go and say “And tell ‘im he can kiss my ass, but only from a distance ’cause he ain’t hardly looking so good these days. I don’t know what he’s got. Can’t be too careful, ya know!” I laughed till the tears ran down my leg!!!! But you are right, he really isn’t looking all that good anymore — his hair is really gettin’ white, and he looks tired and angry all the time — I guess that’s what happens to a person when his constituents refuse to let him start a war with Syria, and Ukraine, and Russia. I’m kind of surprised he hasn’t thrown a temper tantrum yet, I mean, he sure is acting like a 2-year-old these days! 🙂

        Well Shelby it’s past this old crone’s bedtime so I will bid you good night and go to sleep. Have a restful sleep dear friend.


    2. Hello Wolfess. How you doing? That pic in your avatar? It looks like someone getting there head chopped off!! YIKES!!!lol Is that a pic from the French Revolution? Some say if things get any worse in the US this could be our future? They’re already taking our rights away every other day. I say be prepared for anything at this point. This system is SO corrupt.


      1. About 3 years ago I started trying to incite the ‘peons’ here in the US to riot by calling them peons, as in: “Pwr 2 the SPIED-ON peons!” And following it up with: GUILLOTINE COMPLACENCY! Or GUILLOTINE HYPOCRISY! Or GUILLOTINE INDIFFERENCE! etc, etc, etc Do you think it will EVER work? B/c I’m starting to doubt the will to rebel against our oppressors here in these Untied Snakes of Amurderers (thnx Shelby)!
        I’m not too excited about the possibility of a real, bloody, revolution here, but it is against my religion to go down without a fight! 🙂

        Pwr 2 the FIGHTING peons!


  3. He has been such a disappointment, the least he could do is stand up for his constituents, take a bullet if necessary. At the very least it’ll clear his conscience, or put him outta his misery. 😦


    1. Yes, 1EarthUnited, such a disappointment Obama has been and will continue to be. Even if they had to kill me, I would go against those who pull the strings because if it goes against my conscience, how could I reconcile with my self, the selling of my soul to the highest bidder and to know that millions of people were thinking that I would be the catalyst for change of which I so passionately went on and on about? I just couldn’t live with myself knowing that everything I once stood for is everything I no longer cherish. That’s if he ever cherished freedoms and human rights for all, AT all. I just don’t know anymore because what with liars here, there and everywhere, who if anyone is what they claim to be?

      Thank you SO much for your comment 1EarthUnited. Always a pleasure to see you in here!


  4. @Wolfess, like I told someone else today, I know we’re doomed, because we’re just some apathetic and complacent shits and we don’t really want to have to bestir ourselves to DO anything. We want everything done for us. If a remote control could it get it done, it’d get done. We know that, but since it ain’t so easy to do what needs to be done, we ain’t hardly gonna do it. End of story. But it ain’t gonna stop me from shoving the sheer magnitude of our complacency and apathy all up in our fucking apathetic and complacent mugs. Hell nah, plus I do it for the sheer hell of it!


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