Enough With The Hypocrisy, Already!

climate change

So, we’re dealing with climate change, are we? Yes? No? The climate change bloggers and doomsayers are out in full force with warnings of dire consequences if we don’t somehow put an end to everything that we are doing to enable climate change and get with the program that we’re all going to die if we don’t accept the fact of climate change and do something about it.

Now, with that having been said, “What do you want me to do about it?” “What do you want my neighbor to do about it?” “What are YOU doing about it besides telling me, over and over again that we need to do something about climate change?” How about you storm the corporate boardrooms of the oil companies and demand that they stop with their “drill baby, drill, already!” How about you chain yourself to a tree at a fracking site, get hauled off to jail, get bailed out and go right back out and chain yourself to another tree? Too much trouble for you? Is it more important for you to sit at a keyboard and preach to us about the horrifying shit that’s coming down the climate change pike? Eh? And by the way, what are YOU driving, climate change doomsayers? Are you flicking a whip over a horse as you drive your buggy to the grocery store? Are you hand cranking your computer because you’re off the grid? How are you heating your home? How are you cooling your home? Are you about to spontaneously combust because you have been holding in your farts for years? Have you sold your house and built a lean-to in the forest because if not, then you are contributing to climate change to an extreme degree(no pun intended), you know, that which you’re going on and on and on about? So I guess you’re not leaving a carbon footprint? No? Yes? Indeed you are! And don’t get all holier-than-thou and say, “Well, somebody’s got to man the store and let you guys know that we’re in for some serious shit. We get it! The oceans are rising. The earth’s people are in deep poo poo. And? What? How much have you changed what YOU are doing?

Here’s an idea. Gather your forces together and storm British Petroleum, Exxon Mobile, Saudi Aramco, National Iranian Oil Co., PetroChina and Royal Dutch Shell among many others that are into both natural gas and oil and don’t forget the fracking industry. Climate change doomsayers, you really need to get off your duff and get cracking ‘cause according to you guys, we ain’t got a lot of time. So, make like Superman, Wonder Woman, Bat Man, Spiderman and go out there and get those oil company executives in line with the understanding that we are all doomed if they don’t reconsider and realize that their greed and our lust for oil and gas and electricity and fast cars and SUVs and all things electronic is just gonna get us into some serious trouble. We’re all fucking hypocrites and the climate change ship has sailed. It has sailed because if you think for one damn minute that some greedy ass oil barons are going to fuck up their bottom line by listening to some hypocrites who are themselves, contributing to climate change, then you all need your head examined and you need to take a look in the mirror and repeat after me, “I am a goddamn hypocrite because I want everyone to stop driving, get off the grid, live in the woods and go back to the basics before it’s too late, but I need to continue driving, stay on the grid, live in my house with all of my creature comforts so that I can continue to tell you guys how fucked you’re all going to be if you don’t DO something about climate change.” There, now that’s telling us!

Get out there and start practicing what you preach and you can’t hardly do that while still pumping gas into your vehicle. You can’t hardly do that while still connected to the grid. You can’t hardly do that if you intend to survive next winter by turning the thermostat up. You can’t hardly do that while cranking the AC up. You can’t hardly do that because you’re a hypocrite. So, I suggest that you sit back, smoke a blunt, if that’s your thing and if not, try a nice chilled glass of wine. And don’t forget, scotch and soda is great on the rocks and you need that icemaker to get that done and to get that done, you’ve got to stay ON the grid, hypocrite! You either go all gung ho about this climate change shit or you just keep pissing in the wind.

17 thoughts on “Enough With The Hypocrisy, Already!

  1. Shelby you bring up a good point, awareness is the key. We can all do our part to reduce our carbon footprint, but I feel it’s too little too late. I’m fortunate to live in NYC, where I don’t have to depend on a car, when the weather warms up I’m biking everywhere. Now I’m stuck with taxis but don’t mind sharing the fare or carpooling. We can prolong the day of reckoning IF we collectively think and actively participate in reducing global warming, and yes make sacrifices along the way. Just talking about it doesn’t change a damn thing. I pray we all wake up in time!


    1. 1EarthUnited, yes, it is too late because with greed running amok, who the hell believes that those who are in the oil and natural gas and fracking industries are just gonna wake up one day and an epiphany is gonna hit the motherfuckers and they’re gonna go, “hey British Petroleum, over here at Amoco, we’re gonna commit bottom line suicide ’cause we’re fucking up and causing climate change, dude. So get in line with me and let’s deny this shit that’s fucking up the planet with their lust for oil and gas to heat their homes and power their vehicles. Let’s cease and desist with THAT shit ’cause the buck should literally stop with U.S. see! You ‘feel’ me, homey?”

      British Petroleum says, “Oh hell yeah, dude, I feel ya man. Let’s stop this climate change bullshit right now and shut down all deep sea drilling operations and let’s all go out and get a horse and buggy and some shit scoopers and end this climate change fucking nonsense! Are we good?”

      Now, the entire oil and natural gas industry along with the fracking industry choruses as one. “We’re fucking onboard, man. Game over for our profits, dude, game over for profits. We love this fucking planet more!”

      “Oh damn, now everyone is whining, crying, complaining and begging for fuel ’cause they’re so cold and their food is spoiled and they can’t hardly go anywhere and the cellphones ain’t working. The riots have broken out and all hell has been let loose. Get ta drilling AGAIN for oil and gas dudes!”

      So, in essence, pick your end of times scenario, door no. one or door no. 2. Exactly!

      My point is that there ain’t a goddamn thing that we ARE going do at this point because like it’s already been stated, the climate change ship has sailed and can no longer be seen on the horizon. So, the only thing I can suggest is that we start living that song by Prince:

      I was dreamin’ when I wrote this
      Forgive me if it goes astray
      But when I woke up this mornin’
      Could of sworn it was judgment day

      The sky was all purple
      There were people runnin’ everywhere
      Tryin’ to run from the destruction
      You know I didn’t even care

      ‘Cause they say two thousand zero zero
      Party over, oops out of time
      So tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1999

      I was dreamin’ when I wrote this
      So sue me if I go too fast
      But life is just a party
      And parties weren’t meant to last

      War is all around us
      My mind says prepare to fight
      So if I gotta die
      I’m gonna listen to my body tonight

      Yeah, they say two thousand zero zero
      Party over, oops out of time
      So tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1999
      Yeah, yeah

      Lemme tell ya somethin’
      If you didn’t come to party
      Don’t bother knockin’ on my door
      I got a lion in my pocket
      And baby he’s ready to roar, yeah yeah

      Everybody’s got a bomb
      We could all die here today, uhh
      But before I’ll let that happen
      I’ll dance my life away

      They say two thousand zero zero
      Party over, oops out of time
      We’re runnin’ outta time
      So tonight, we gonna, we gonna (tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1999)

      Say it one more time
      Two thousand zero zero
      Party over, oops out of time
      Yeah, yeah
      So tonight we gonna, we gonna (tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1999)

      1999 (1999)
      Don’t ya want to go (1999)
      Don’t ya want to go (1999)
      We could all die here today (1999)
      I don’t want to die
      I’d rather dance my life away

      Read more: Prince – 1999 Lyrics | MetroLyrics

      So, I’m just gonna get ta dancin’ ’cause I ain’t hardly getting off the grid and I like my wine chilled!!


      1. Hey I feel ya, like the tube man chillin, pass the J around & party like Prince cause the end is nigh.
        And still we gotta keep spreading the word and wake the fuckers up, because that’s what we do, we follow our hearts till the end, no matter what.

        Like Buckminster Fuller said, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
        To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

        FUCK BIG OIL, we go gangsta and their bust their operation with new tech.
        People are stepping up, grassroots movement for free independent energy, unplug from the system. Check it:


        I really hope they get it up and running soon, it’s new tech based upon Nicola Tesla’s overunity designs for tapping into quantum energy field.
        We’ll need a little “alien” assistance with the fucked up climate change, but if we can show we give a damn about our own fate and at the very least make an effort to change for the better, then perhaps our sorry asses are worth saving after all. To be determined…


  2. Shelby – Yes, we do need to put up or shut up. Reminds me of Eisenhower so earnestly warning us all about the dangers of the ‘military industrial complex’, as he retires from a lifetime in the military, and a presidency of enabling and expanding … the very same military-industrial complex.

    “Are you about to spontaneously combust because you have been holding in your farts for years?”

    Sorry, but that’s such a gruesome/wonderful image. Methane martyrdom perhaps. If only we could use that energy source to power our computers and such. Didn’t I read about an experimental battery running on urine? At least those wouldn’t require strip-mining or fracking. Thanks for another fine post. – Linda


    1. Yes indeed Linda. We should have put up or shut up eons ago, but like I’ve stated over and over again, that fucking ship has sailed. Now that we’ve royally fucked up the planet, we’re all for ceasing and desisting. Well, it’s too fucking late! And I for one am fed up with ‘in my face do something about climate change’ shit when there ain’t a goddamn thing that I can do at this point. This fucking shit was put into play long before I was born and the shits who know this and are preaching to me and others know exactly who got us to this point and why, but they’re too chicken shitty to come right out and say it. Who the fucks been tearing unholy hell out of this entire planet from the goddamn git-go? Yeah! We ALL fucking know!

      Dr. Bramhall posted a link on another blog about a family over in New Zealand that’s applying for asylum there based on the fact that they were basically underwater(from whence they came) due to climate change and they’ve hired an attorney because the New Zealand officials are saying that that ain’t no basis for claiming asylum since those who are left on the ‘islands’ are going through the same thing.

      Here is the link:http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2013/oct/01/climate-change-refugee-new-zealand


  3. It’s too late. The global climate is in full collapse. Anything that might have been done SHOULD have been initiated about 75 years ago. However, it is a damn fine idea to pester the bejeepers out of ExxonMobile, BP, Dutch Royal Shell, and that ever so evil Caterpillar Corp.
    Remember Rachel Corrie…

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    1. Damn right! It’s too late, much, much too fucking late! And I for one am fucking tired of hearing about it because who can get this shit that’s been pampered for so damn long to give up the majority of their creature comforts for the sake of the planet. There would be riots in the goddamn streets all over the world if the gas stopped flowing, electricity was shut off, heating and cooling systems were unplugged. When mass food production started, that put paid to any kind of local sustainability and even with urban gardens on the rise, everybody can’t have access to that and nor will many people even go that route. Hell! The U.S. imports damn near everything! So, what the hell!

      Oh yes, I remember reading about Rachel Corrie.

      Rachel Corrie Memorial Website


      Dedicated to a 23 year old peace activist who was killed on March 16, 2003 when she was crushed by a bulldozer on the Gaza Strip.

      ….more than likely crushed by a goddamn bulldozer made by the Caterpillar Corp. May she finally rest in the peace that she so sought on the Gaza Strip. But at least she wasn’t just sitting at a computer and typing on a keyboard about what needs to be done. She went out and tried and wasn’t just hypocritical about it.

      Thanks Skulz!…for your comment and also for reminding us about Rachel Corrie!


    1. LOL! Tube, you are ALWAYS a riot, man! YOU DA MAN! Yeah, what fucking environment? What’s THAT shit got to do with me???!!!!

      In the words of Tupac Shakur,

      “Don’t blame me! I was given this world, I didn’t make it!”

      Put heavy emphasis on “I.” “So keep ya head up!” Yeah, I keep MY head up!

      …and thanks Tube and keep ya head up(in the motherfucking vapor clouds)! LMAO!!!!


  4. So what’s the possibility that if all we peons decided to grow a marijuana plant in our backyards, mind you I’m not talkin’ a whole crop, just one or two plants, what would that do to our climate? We already know that if this fucking government of ours legalized and TAXED pot our deficit would be gone in 2 years; but what would happen to the climate if we all decided to grow a couple of pot plants (so the bees would have something to pollinate)? I seriously think we old hippies need to start shouting this idea from the rooftops as it sure as HELL wouldn’t cause as much damage to the climate as that FUCKING FRACKING is doing!

    Pwr 2 the POT-GROWING peons!


    1. Wolfess, the possibilities are that we smoke some good shit and sit back, higher than a motherfucker while awaiting these here end of times. With damn near decriminalization of ‘MaryJ’, we shouldn’t get bothered by the ‘PoPo’, you know ‘5-O’. Crime would probably go so far down, it would be unreal because the pot smokers that I know, get high and can’t stop laughing. My fucking kind of party, where everybody’s happy at nothing and it don’t hardly matter.

      But what I would like to know is where are all the ‘climate change’ heroes? They can come right on in and tell us in no uncertain terms just what CONCRETE shit that they, themselves are DOING, other than typing, “climate change is here! Climate change is here!”

      Where are you ‘climate change’ heroes? Are you chained to a tree? Pull out your smartphone and send us a pic. Are you in the process of getting arrested after having stormed the office of British Petroleum? Give over! Get us a picture. Are you sitting in jail, awaiting arraignment because you refused to leave the corporate offices of ‘Fracking Unlimited’? Let us know. We’ll stand beside you in court. But we need to know just what are YOU doing ‘climate change’ heroes other than typing about ‘climate change’?

      Oh, and Wolfess, thank you so much for your comment. Let’s all just get high ’cause the climate change heroes are silent than a motherfucker!


  5. @1EarthUnited, over here, someone wants to go hippie and over where you are, we’re going ‘gangsta’. Hey, by doing both, we’d be doing more than the ‘Climate Change Keyboard Depress’ crew is doing. But I must remember that their job is complete because they’ve typed into their computer, the information to us that we are in the midst of ‘climate change’. So, that is the end of their responsibilities. Now, it is up to the geritol crew and the gangsta scene crew to storm the barricades and breach the corporate boardrooms all across this climate challenged planet.

    Power to the hippie gangsta peons and let’s lead the charge of the light cavalry brigade ’cause we’re gonna stop climate change right now! Motherfuckers, get ready ’cause here we come! Yep, we’ll get it done! Executives of oil and gas companies and the fracking industry all across this world are quaking in mortal fear!


    1. Hells yeah girl, we need to cap them wells like yesterday, while we at it – cap their fat asses. They should be quaking, u know they startin’ earthquakes with all that crazy fracking. Politicians and oil execs should be forced to live on fracked lands and see how they like the water. Drink up fucktards, times up!


      1. 1EarthUnited, at this rate, we’ll all be drinking gas what with flammable water spewing from taps all across America. That gives a whole new meaning to “firewater,” don’t it? Our drinking water has so many pollutants, it’s unreal.

        If any executive of the oil, gas and fracking industries is getting a cap popped in their ass, I ain’t hardly heard about it since from what I can understand, this is THE most silent revolution in history. I don’t think ANY oil executives have to worry about ‘Marie Antoinette syndrome’, oh not at all ’cause we just don’t have it in us since things just ain’t as bad as they were back when the French called for a revolution. This one was over before it even got started. Wait! Strike that! My bad! It never did get started. We’re still in the waiting phase, waiting on or for what, I don’t hardly know!


  6. It’s true that climate change has already started but there are still things we can do to limit the damage. An increase of 4 degrees Celsius will kill a lot of people. An increase of 6 degrees will wipe out the human species.

    The only possible solution I can see is for people to take back control of their governments from corporate rule – by any means necessary.


    1. “but there are still things we can do to limit the damage”

      “The only possible solution I can see is for people to take back control of their governments from corporate rule – by any means necessary.”

      Now, Dr. Bramhall, with all due respect, you know that the latter just ain’t gonna happen. You’ve said yourself that you ‘got tired of standing on corners as a one woman protest rally’. So, you know what we’re dealing with as that is one of the reasons you gave for leaving these murdering states in the land of the oppressed and the home of the afraid. We ain’t hardly got nothing to work with and these people would rather get radiated in order to board an airplane, they would rather be detained without due process, they would rather be drone struck at random, they would rather be homeless, hungry and unemployed than put up a resistance and their government, the world’s terrorist organization, has stripped away whatever freedoms this complacent and apathetic shit ever had. But regardless, that great American ‘exceptionalism’ is fed to the stupid sheeple and they eat it up and drink their flammable water until it kills them, but “taking control of their government from corporate rule,?” yeah, like that’s gonna happen. Their Jesus Christ stands a better chance of coming back than any of that shit happening and we all know it!


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