Hell No!

fuck the world

I neither forgive,
nor do I forget.

What was done in the past,
affects the here and now.

So, you say that I should
move on. Hell no!

If your people are
still abused,
tell me, would
you move on?

I didn’t think so.

Keep your shit
to yourself.
And I mean it
when I say,
“fuck you!”

Written by
Shelby I. Courtland
© 2014 Shelby I. Courtland

Are the Indians any better off for forgetting? Hell no! They make up about two percent of the population when once there were millions upon millions before they were all but wiped out by the blue-eyed devils. And still the blue-eyed devils make excuses for what they did. “The Indians were warring with each other,” they say. And how many Indians crossed oceans to enslave others?The Indians have descended into hell on earth!

Are the descendants of slaves any better off for forgetting? Again, hell no! “Oh, well, the Africans sold other Africans into slavery!,” is the blue-eyed devils take on history. Oh really? Could they have sold them if there was no one to buy them? Why were the blue-eyed devils even in Africa? Oh, that’s right! Spreading ‘christianity. We know how well that shit worked out. “Yeah, let’s ‘buy’ some slaves since we’re here in Africa. Why should we take the ‘high’ road when we need free labor to build this new country?” “And today, let’s sell them to the ‘for profit’ prison industrial complex.” So fuck you and your fucking re-written history to suit your fucked up conscience that you pretend to have. The whole world now knows that America ain’t shit! God damned America and for good fucking reason!

5 thoughts on “Hell No!

  1. Wolfess, stop trying to hone in on my special edition shoes made especially for me! I’m like despot Obadroner, I’ll tolerate no usurpers on my territory. LOL! Yep, the finger is the best part! That ‘shoe’ is SO me!


    1. You know that would make a great avi too!!! No, I won’t take it from you … I do love me some high, spikey heels, but at my advanced age I’d probably fall and break my hip if I wore some shoes like that! I guess I’ll just have to come over here oftener and gaze upon their beauty! 🙂

      And your article is spot-on … the ‘blue-eyed devils’ (I’m not one of those b/c I have green eyes) :-), anyway as I was saying — they’re the garbage that dreamed up ‘manifest destiny’ and what a load of crap that was; they have the ?right? the ?RIGHT? to go anywhere they want to go b/c their gawd ordained it? The only thing ordained was their evil stupidity in thinking their shit don’t stink … wouldn’t surprise me one bit to find out their ungodly stink is what’s causing global warming!


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